US News Who is Darkside, the gang of hackers behind the cyberattack against colonial pipeline?

18:20  10 may  2021
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Des pirates informatiques ont introduit un « ransomware », un « logiciel rançonneur », dans les serveurs de l’entreprise Colonial Pipeline. © AFP - Nicolas Asfouri Computer Hackers introduced a "Ransomware", a "Ranking Software", in the servers of the Colonial Pipeline.

The American Colonial Pipeline company, which holds and manages the largest oil pipeline, has since been a massive cyber attack, threatening the fuel supply of the east coast. Behind this attack, a gang of computerized hackers well organized: Darkside.

The cyberattack of which is colonial Pipeline is all classic: hackers have introduced a "ransomware" in the servers of the company, a "Rankerboard software". The latter allows the hacker to take control of the data stored in these servers, which prevents the continuation of the operations of the targeted company. Once these data are in hand, computer hackers demand a ransom to unlock them. According to many experts, this type of attack is multiplying in recent years. And it is a gang nicknamed "Darkside", which has become master in this matter even if it is not the most important, which would be at the origin of this cyberattack.

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Who is Darkside?

It was a gang of computer hackers who, if he does not go on street, do not hesitate to boast of his exploits on the Darknet, where he has a website. It is a real company, according to Digital Shadows, a Cybersecurity company based in London following the global cybercriminal groups. And as any company, Darkside has a press center, a mailing list, a victim support line and even a so-called Code of Conduct.

Darkside, which develops its own software to encrypt, then steal the data, also offers training for franchisees. The latter receive a toolbox containing the software, a ransom application email model and training on how to conduct attacks. These franchisees subsequently pay back some of their gain in Darkside. And the company does not hesitate to make its own advertising: last March, after developing a new "ransomware" capable of quantifying the data faster, the hackers published a press release inviting the journalists to interview them.

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A real criminal industry

"Ransomware" attacks have become a real criminal industry today, says experts who talk about tens of billions dollars of losses in the last three years, just for Western countries. The attack on Colonial Pipeline is the perfect example: it alone, it could literally paralyze a large part of the east coast of the United States, touching both Lambda citizens and businesses. Airports could in particular be short of fuel from Tuesday, which would cause colossal losses, not to mention the logistical problems.

No figures were communicated regarding the amount of the ransom claimed, but in the event of non-payment, Darkside threatens to disclose all the stolen data on the Internet (100 GB, according to some media). US forces, cybersecurity experts and the US Department of Energy have been at work for more than three days to try to resolve the situation.

This attack, even if for the moment colonial pipeline has not paid ransom, already expensive US taxpayers since a transportation system by the road had to be put in place on Friday to allow the Fuel routing in regions that depend on its pipeline.

Increased pressure on the group of pirates Cyber ​​attack in the United States .
© Francois Picard The installation of Colonial Pipeline in Pasadena (Texas) May 10 2021 The vise seemed to tighten Friday around the hackers computer From Darkside to the origin of the cyberattack against the colonial American pipeline pipeline operator: experts say that his servers were put out of service and that his messages have even been removed by a large community of Russian cybercriminals.

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