US News New Zealand: the government wants to kill brite, harmful for other species

20:35  10 may  2021
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Budgetibergrenze: Three teams want to accept only fines

 Budgetibergrenze: Three teams want to accept only fines © Motorsport Images Toto Wolff reveals that three teams against sports fees are Formula 1 goes in the season 2021 with the introduction of an budget ceiling new ways. The cost cover of $ 145 million will be monitored for the first time this year. Should a racing team violate the new rules, threaten sanctions. Three teams have now pronounced against just that punishment catalog.

Small animals have almost no predator in the country but eat insects and eggs of animals and deprive other species of food

Un bébé hérisson dans les mains d'un soigneur, ici aux Jardins de Brocéliande, à Bréal-sous-Montfort, près de Rennes. (illustration) © C. ALLAIN / 20 minutes A baby hedgehog in the hands of a healer, here at the Gardens of Brocéliande, in Bréal-sous-Montfort, near Rennes. (Illustration) Environment - Small animals have almost no predator in the country but eat insects and animal eggs and deprive other food species

the authorities are worried more and more of the threat What do the hedgehings represent for the rest of the local Wildlife in New Zealand . Unlike other parts of the world, these small animals have indeed few predators in the country. On the other hand, they devour lizards, bird eggs and endemic cricket species, reports

South Africa wants to prohibit lion breeding in captivity

 South Africa wants to prohibit lion breeding in captivity © Reuters - Staff Tourists interact with a lion in a park near Johannesburg, February 7, 2020. South Africa announced Sunday its intention to put an end to the breeding of lions in captivity, whether for hunting, to make tourist attractions or to sell their bones in the East Asian markets where they are renowned for their alleged virtues medicinal. The country, whose tourism represents 7% of GDP, wants to promote a more authentic experience of wildlife.

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. These insectivores are also a danger to animals that they deprive food, like the famous kiwis. The number of hedgehogs in New Zealand is unknown, but experts evaluate four to eight individuals per hectare. "We are not trying to kill to kill" The government wants to limit its population by attracting small harmful mammals out of the environments that protect them. The slaughter of the hedges, however, faces "a certain psychological barrier", explains Nick Foster, a specialist of this species. Some suggest instead to return them by boat to the United Kingdom, from which they were brought by the settlers.

Calls for controlled, strategic and do not suffer the hedgehogs are also numerous. "We are not trying to kill to kill," Nick Foster explained. "We try to improve things for


species that surround us. We have a duty to take care of things that have their place in these areas. New Zealand has launched a program intended to get rid of all the animal species of predators imported into the country. The authorities are used to hunt, traps and poison. Planetetats: More than 45,000 volunteers for a bison hunt organized in the Grand Canyon

Planetoumania: the "biggest" brown bears would have been shot down by a prince of Liechtenstein

A species of colossal dinosaur and herbivore discovered in Mexico .
This specimen, called Tlatolophus galorum, lived about 70 million years ago. © Provided by FranceInfo It was a priori peaceful and communicative. Mexican paleontologists identified a new species of dinosaur, from a specimen found in northern Mexico, announced Thursday, May 13 the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). The discovery was published in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research .

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