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14:15  12 may  2021
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Expulsions of squatters: Emmanuelle Wargon wants "better protect the owners"

 Expulsions of squatters: Emmanuelle Wargon wants © Europe 1 Emmanuelle Wargon was the guest of Europe 1 Monday morning to return to the new law that speeds up the expulsion of squatters. Prefects can now intervene in 72 hours. But the efficiency of the device is still pointing with the finger. The Minister of Housing has also announced the creation of an Observatory of Squats, because currently no official figure exists on the subject.

Chuck Schumer lors d'une conférence de presse au Congrès américain, le 11 mai 2021 © Saul Loeb Chuck Schumer at a press conference at the US Congress, May 11 2021

Republicans vote Wednesday to decide if they Évincent Liz Cheney of the peaks of the American Congress, after his bright and persistent criticisms of Donald Trump, a sign of the deep influence that the former president keeps on his camp.

The 212 Republicans of the House of Representatives will meet in camera from 09:00 (13:00 GMT) to decide the fate of the conservative elected.

His fault? Relax the "great lie" perpetrated by the billionaire when it says, against obviously, that the last presidential election has been "stolen". And accuse him of having encouraged the violence of pro-Trump protesters during the deadly storm of the Capitol.

California: a governor candidate campaign with a bear

 California: a governor candidate campaign with a bear © Justin Sullivan The Republican candidate John Cox and the Kodiak Tag Bear, 500 kg, at a campaign meeting in Sacramento (California) on May 4th 2021 John Cox, one of the many Republican candidates on the ranks to replace the governor of California, threatened with revocation during a next referendum, made Tuesday by inviting a brown bear to his meeting.

L'élue républicaine à la Chambre des représentants Liz Cheney lors du discours au Congrès de Joe Biden, au Capitole à Washington, le 28 avril 2021 © Jonathan Ernst The Republican Elute in the House of Representatives Liz Cheney During the speech at the Joe Biden Congress, Capitol in Washington, April 28, 2021

While the Republicans will show their divisions, Joe Biden will seek to show himself in leader capable of exceeding partisan lines.

For the first time, he will receive at the end of the morning at the White House the four leaders of the Congress: the Democrats Nancy Pelosi, President of the Chamber, and Chuck Schumer, Chief of majority in the Senate, as well as the Republicans Kevin McCarthy, At the head of the minority in the House, and Mich McConnell, number one of the Republicans in the Senate.

Elise Stefanik lors d'une conférence à Washington le 11 décembre 2018 © MANDEL NGAN ELISE STEFANIK At a conference in Washington on December 11, 2018

Senator for nearly four decades, the Democratic President hopes to focus with his interlocutors "on the points of agreement", according to the spokesman of The White House, Jen Psaki.

In Jerusalem, protesters opposed to an injured Palestinian eviction

 In Jerusalem, protesters opposed to an injured Palestinian eviction © supplied by the point U are not twenty Palestinians were injured in a new event against the possible eviction of Palestinian families for the benefit of Israeli settlers in Jerusalem -It, where the tension rises before a meeting scheduled Thursday of the Supreme Court of Israel on this file.

"This meeting will not focus on the future of the Republican Party," she emphasized, by pinning the divisions that agitate the "Grand Old Party".

- "Personality worship" -

A blows of incendiary, the former Republican President has largely weighed in the expected eviction of Liz Cheney, "a foolish vad-to-war that has nothing to do in the hierarchy ".

The wyoming elected has appeared in recent days resigned to lose its number three party in the room. But not without exhorting the Republicans to turn the back "to the cult of Trump personality".

And Tuesday night, she gave a screwing speech against her enemy.

"Stay silent and ignore the lie" on presumed electoral fraud "Liar", she launched in a practically empty hemicycle.

"I will not participate. I will not remain motionless in silence while others lead our party on a path that abandons the rule of law, and join the crusade of the former president to undermine our democracy".

Two Palestinian attackers killed in the West Bank, Events in Jerusalem East

 Two Palestinian attackers killed in the West Bank, Events in Jerusalem East © Jack Guez An Israeli soldier at the place of attack in front of a military base near Jenin in occupied West Bank, May 7, 2021 Israeli forces killed Friday two Palestinians and wounded a third, who had opened fire on border guards in occupied West Bank, on the background of increasing tensions in the Palestinian territories.

- "gather around lies" -

The daughter of the former Vice President Dick Cheney was among the ten Republicans of the House to vote for the accusation of Donald Trump for "Incentive to the insurrection" during The attack of the Capitol on January 6th.

The former US president was then acquitted by the Senate.

Liz Cheney, 54, had survived a first motion of mistrust in February. But since then, the patience of some colleagues, including Critics of Donald Trump, has stretched.

because in its role of number three, or "Conference Chair", Liz Cheney is responsible for carrying the message of Republicans. But the crucial parliamentary elections of the 2022 "Midterms" approach.

Kevin McCarthy's message is clear: impossible to win without showing a united forehead.

"she lost her ability to be our spokesman," wrote Tuesday Chip Roy, an elected Texas, who had stunned Liz Cheney during the vote of distrust, deploring his "personal attacks against President Trump", Always very popular among voters.

The number three also has supports, but probably too rare to keep it at its post.

"You can not gather around lies," said one of them, the Republican elected Republican Adam Kinzinger.

To replace it, the real estate magnat and Kevin McCarthy support Elise Stefanik, 36 years old.

Arrival at the Congress six years ago with moderate positions, it has since become one of the great pro-Trump voices at the Congress, where it also supports its unfounded accusations of electoral fraud.

The vote to appoint it could nevertheless be repelled several days, under the pressure of irritated conservatives to see this ex-centrist propelled number three without debate.


USA: Elise Stefanik elected number 3 of the Republicans at the Congress, who align behind Trump .
© provided by the Parisien Le Parisien "make America Great Again", the slogan of Donald Trump still has beautiful hours ahead he at the Republicans. Candidate of Donald Trump, the American elected American Elise Stefanik replaced Friday in the Republican Hierarchy at Congress A great enemy of the former president, Liz Cheney , stressing the unparalleled hold of the billionaire on his party.

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