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14:30  12 may  2021
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COVID-19: The EU wants to organize the return of foreign tourists

 COVID-19: The EU wants to organize the return of foreign tourists © provided by the point EU to The approach of the summer season, the European Commission tries to coordinate the recovery of tourism: it recommended Monday To enable entry into the EU to third country travelers who received an anti-covid vaccine authorized at European level. It has also proposed to the Member States, which are competent in this regard, to expand the list of countries whose residents can go to the EU.

Un flacon de vaccin AstraZeneca dans une pharmacie nantaise. © Loic Venance A bottle of AstraZeneca vaccine in a Nantes pharmacy.

Nothing is going to more between the 27 Member States of the European Union and Astrazeneca, the Swedish-British laboratory used as one of the anti-Covid vaccine suppliers. In the center of litigation, delivery delays. On 27 August 2020, the contract signed with the European Commission provided for the provision of 270 million doses of vaccines, plus an option for 100 million additional doses. In the end, only 30 million were provided in the first quarter 2021, out of 120 million planned, and 70 million are scheduled by the end of June, while 180 million were expected. Either only 30% of what had been ordered and pre-financing.

prior to change from the 1.FC Union to Frankfurt: Christopher Lenz sets the lath for its farewell tours high on

 prior to change from the 1.FC Union to Frankfurt: Christopher Lenz sets the lath for its farewell tours high on at Union, Lenz has developed a certain popularity. Now he wants to immortalize himself before joining Frankfurt with Europapokal qualification. © Photo: Imago Images In summer, Christopher Lenz moves from the 1.FC Union to Eintracht Frankfurt. a few weeks ago Christopher Lenz was standing with his teammates on the forest side and looked down through the haze of pyrotechnics on the trailer gathered out there. The 1.FC Union had just managed with a 2-1 against Stuttgart the league - and in the sm

No renewal after June

After starting to protest mezza voce, the European executive has increased to the upper speed. On April 23, the Commission announced the opening of a referral (urgently) procedure against Astrazeneca before the Court of First Instance of Brussels, since past contracts are of Belgian law. And this Sunday, May 9, during a passage on France Inter, the European Commissioner at the domestic market, Thierry Breton, said about the laboratory: "We did not renew the order beyond the month of June. » Finally Tuesday, a spokesman for the European Commission indicated that the institution calls for the delivery of the delivery of the 90 million doses that were not delivered in the first quarter under penalty of financial penalty.

The Biden administration wants to raise the patents of the anti-Covid vaccines, to the fury "Big Pharma"

 The Biden administration wants to raise the patents of the anti-Covid vaccines, to the fury © Copyright 2021, the Obs the United States announced on Wednesday 5 May that they were favorable to the lifting Patents on anti-Covid vaccines, an exceptional position at a time when poor countries are cruelly lacking valuable doses. "This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the CVIV-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures," said the American representative at Katherine Tai Trade.

The irritation is all the greater in Brussels that the United Kingdom did not really have to undergo delays for delivery of the same supplier. Solicited several times by release , the direction of the French subsidiary of Astrazeneca has refused to any answer that it is on the delays of deliveries or the way in which the laboratory intends to defend itself in the procedure of which it is about. According to a good connoisseur of the file, Astrazeneca's lawyers had to play on the notion of "best effort", (do all that is possible) registered in the contract about deliveries. This would not constitute a firm commitment to provide the number of injections provided. A shunned and underutilized vaccine

whatever the outcome of this procedure before the Belgian justice, the vaccine manufactured by Astrazeneca should not miss in France. Far from it. To date, nearly three million doses are stored in the Hexagon after receiving two million there are a dozen days ago. Especially since, according to figures from the Ministry of Health consulted by

release , this vaccine flows much less well than those of its competitors. As of May 5, AstraZeneca has a 54% utilization rate and a stock greater than sixty days of vaccination, when Pfizer, which uses the Messenger RNA technique, has a rate of use of 89 % and only six days of consumption in reserve.

With the enlargement of the campaign, "we can vaccinate all-coming without asking any questions"

 With the enlargement of the campaign, © Denis Allard The Stade de France de Saint-Denis has been transformed into vaccinodrome. Five months after the launch of the vaccination campaign in France, all volunteer adults can be stung from Wednesday, "if there are available doses" and to avoid mess, as announced Emmanuel Macron Thursday . On the front line to inject, health professionals react to the announcements of the President of the Republic.

Philippe Besset, President of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Trade Unions of France, confirms the lowest membership of the Astrazeneca vaccine:

"You have to find eleven people ready to be vaccinated before opening the bottle and it is rather a galley. I would prefer that I am proposed to exchange my stock of doses of Astrazeneca against injections of Pfizer or Moderna. " Vaccination in the 7,000 pharmacies that have agreed to engage in this process is far from turning at full speed: "Our vaccination capacity is 1.5 million doses per week and from the beginning From the pandemic we achieved 886 000 injections, " details Philippe Besset. The non-renewal of orders announced by Thierry Breton may well be to boost the mistrust that appears to have settled with respect to this vaccine.

Coronavirus: Taiwan strives to find vaccines facing an .
health-coronavirus-taiwan-vaccine survey: Coronavirus: Taiwan strives to find vaccines facing a case oration © Reuters / Ann Wang Coronavirus: Taiwan strives to find vaccines facing an case outbreak by Ben Blanchard and Yimou Lee Taipei (Reuters) - Taiwan, one of the countries that had been relatively spared so far by the global pandemic, made Faced with an outbreak of coronavirus infections and strives to obtain vaccines, its stock of 300,000 doses starting to run out.

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