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12:50  13 may  2021
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Near East: Facing the climbing of violence, the international community calls for calm

 Near East: Facing the climbing of violence, the international community calls for calm © AFP - Hazem Bader Israeli security forces take place during a Palestinian event in the city of Hebron, in the West Bank busy On May 12, 2021. International reactions are multiplying against the ever more deadly armed confrontation between Hamas and Israel. The United Nations, afraid that the conflict does not degenerate in total war, brings together its security council this afternoon. But it seems difficult to imagine consensus on the issue.

According to Israeli intelligence, terror groups in Gaza have a small number of Buraq-100 rockets , which have a range of more than 100 km. They also have dozens of R-16, M-302D and M302-B rockets with a range of 100-160 km., which can cover most o From the founding of Israel in 1948, until after the defeat of Egypt, Syria and Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War, Those people were simply called “Arabs”. And they were known as Arabs before the founding of the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948 as well. The non-Arabs born in the British Protectorate of Palestine, as it was known from 1919

The Qassam rocket is the best-known type of rocket deployed by Palestinian militants, mainly against Israeli civilians, but also some military targets during the Second Intifada of the Israeli –Palestinian conflict.[12][13] According to Human Rights Watch, Qassam rockets are too inaccurate and prone to malfunction to be used against specific military targets in or near civilian areas, and. Qassams.[20] The Israel Defense Forces has reacted to the deployment of the Qassam rockets by deploying the Red Color early warning system in Sderot, Ashkelon and other potential targets placed at risk.

Un agent manipule des débris d'une roquette après sa chute dans la ville d'Ashkelon ce mardi. © Jack GUEZ An agent manipulates debris of a rocket after falling in the city of Ashkelon this Tuesday. Question asked by Antoine on May 11, 2021.


Thursday morning, the Israeli army Tsahal announced that more than 1,050 rockets had been drawn to Israel, mainly south and the center of the country, in three days . The communication of the army evokes shots up to 145 kilometers away. The Israeli army clarified that this number includes rocket shots and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip.

In a statement released Wednesday, and then evoking 1,050 rocket shots, the army claimed that 200 shots had not reached Israel and fell on Gaza, while 850 ammunition had crossed the border, and had been intercepted by The iron dome, the Israeli missile shield, either landed on Israel. According to Hidai Zilberman, the spokesman for the Israeli army, the defense system has an interception rate between 85 and 90% of rockets heading towards populated areas.

Conflict Israel-Palestine: several companies suspend

 Conflict Israel-Palestine: several companies suspend © Pixabay Conflict Israel-Palestine: several companies suspend their flights Climbing tensions between Israel and the Palestinians forced several airlines to hang all their connections towards the Hebrew state. The climbing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians pushed Thursday 13 May several airlines to hang their flights to the Hebrew state, after days of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip Controlled by Hamas.

Palestinian militants launched a rocket into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Sunday night, the Israeli military said, adding that the rocket was intercepted. In response, Gaza militants have fired rockets into Israel for three consecutive nights. Israel typically responds to rocket fire with airstrikes on targets connected to Gaza's ruling Hamas militant group. The tensions have been worsened by ongoing difficulties in reaching a long-term cease-fire between Israel and Hamas following the war in May.

Israeli fighter jets struck several targets in the Gaza Strip early Monday — hours after the military’s Iron Dome defense system shot down rockets launched from the Hamas-controlled territory. The Israel Defense Forces reported three separate rocket launches late Sunday and early Monday, saying at Aviv Kohavi warned that the army would “protect the Gaza border and will not accept any violation of [ Israel ’s] sovereignty of any kind ,” according to the newspaper. “We are vigorously attacking for every violation and we will continue to do so, and if they escalate, Hamas and the Gaza Strip will pay a

Look at the air defense system, the iron dome, intercept rockets above southern Israel: pic.twitter.com/jwywn2dqqn

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on their site Internet , the IZZ Al-Din al-Qassam brigades, the Hamas armed branch, published a communiqué unveiling the range of ammunition from Israel. They note that Monday Missiles A-120 and SH85 "during the battle starts on Monday at 18 hours in support of the Al-Aqsa mosque believers and the families of Sheikh Jarrah". Hamas details having used the A-120 missiles of a range of 120 kilometers first "during the bombing of the occupied city of Jerusalem in the evening of Monday, May 10, and [they] were then used to lead A missile shot on Tel Aviv and its suburbs, " killing Israelis and injuring about 30 other people, according to their own count.

Israel-Palestine: The discussions intensify to try to silence the weapons

 Israel-Palestine: The discussions intensify to try to silence the weapons © Khalil Hamra of the Palestinians near a building destroyed by Israeli bombings in Gaza on May 13. For the third time of the week, but the first in public, the UN Security Council must be held this Sunday to discuss the lively tensions between Israel and Hamas. A meeting that will intervene while the Israeli army said this morning have struck the home of the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinouar.

The rocket attacks from Gaza has been going on for years now in the south of Israel (on cities and villages close to the border with Gaza but it's the first time that Tel Aviv was attacked. We have air raid sirens all over Israel . Once a year they test them so you know they exist but the siren sounds As someone now living in the US full time and was just lucky enough to come for a visit a day ago, here are some things I've experienced and found pretty shocking (yet oddly familiar from spending 27+ years in Israel ): You change plans based on news updates on where rockets are currently falling.

2. Rocket fire and mortar shelling first started in 2001, gradually becoming the major threat posed by the Palestinian terrorist organizations, which consider it an asymmetrical, simple, cheap, and reliable solution to Israel ’s military superiority. The rockets , while still having their share of problems and shortcomings, in the terrorists’ view, allow them to disrupt the lives of Israeli civilians within the range of fire, destabilize their social fabric, override the security fence built by Israel along the Gaza Strip, and create a kind of balance of terror that makes it difficult for Israel ’s security forces to conduct.

The Rockets Launched at Tel-Aviv Today ARE The A-120 Rockets We Saw Mention of Yesterday. pic.twitter.com/oxbbzdghe3

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SH85 rockets, 85 km range, were used by al-Qassam brigades "for the first time of the typing that they launched at dawn today, Wednesday, May 12, on Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion [sic] airport, and who made several dead and injured and damaged a large number of Houses ", indicates the communiqué that then reveals the use of Q20 missiles against a tank of a petroleum pipeline south of the city of Ashkelon, and M75 missile shots, J80 and J90, as well as Iranian rockets Sejil.

If these ammunition names are small, the German analyst, Fabian Hinz, missile expert used in the Middle East, realized this document which allows to give an idea of ​​the ammunition used by Hamas and their scope. With the exception of the Sejill missiles, it indicates that all ammunition cited by al-Qassam brigades are made locally in Gaza.

Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire

 Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire Israel-Palestinians / UN (Lead 1, TV, Photo): Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and the Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire (updated with new statements) by Michelle Nichols New York, May 16 (Reuters) - The United States said Sunday to the United Nations Security Council that they had Clearly knowing Israel, Palestinians and other parties that they were ready to offer "if the parties were looking for a ceasefire" to put an end to the violent current clashes between Israel and the Pal

Israel has state of the art passive and active defence systems, israeli population is well trained in civil defence as well and that’s why these rockets cause only relative low number of israeli casualties. 233 views ·. View upvotes. Because Hamas rockets are practically bottle rockets . They are not sophisticated technology. And Israel has the Iron Dome, the state of the art deterrence rocket deterrence system. No rockets can get through.

Israel 's nukes make US aid illegal. SOTT Focus: John Pilger: The Great Game of Smashing Nations. Flashback: The British-American coup that ended Australian independence. China may upgrade existing rockets to speed up plans for a human Moon mission. Amazing Hubble telescope photo shows space 'sword' piercing huge celestial 'heart'. Best of the Web: Enigmatic ancient brown dwarf discovered in solar neighborhood suggests more 'accidents' may be lurking in our galaxy - NASA.

Overview of the Various Rocket Designs Used by Hamas' Qassam Brigades. pic.twitter.com/pxloxobtle

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on their site and via their Telegram chain, Hamas armed brigades unveiled several videos showing the arsenal used to attack Israel. They were republished by Twitter accounts according to the conflict in the Middle East.

#Haß Al-Qassam Have Released A Video of Their Rocket Attacks, Showing A Range of Them. IT ALSO SHOWS WHAT WAS SUSPECTED YESTERDAY IN THE ASHKELON ATTACK. https://t.co/g1ry7wc3kc pic.twitter.com/uozu5zetfh

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al-Qassam Brigades Reveals That The Missile Strike That They Launched at Dawn Today on Tel Aviv For The First Time, Used Sh85 missiles, in Addition to the A120 and M75 missiles, J80 and J90, While Beer Sheba Was Targeted by Missiles from the Sejjil Family. pic.twitter.com/e5gzwgpww

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contacted by CheckNews , nor the Israeli army, nor Hamas responded to our questions. We are not able to know what proportion the different ammunition cited by Hamas were used.

Heiko Maas in Israel: Diplomacy at howling sirens .
Foreign Minister Maas reaffirms Israel's right to self-defense and pushes for the ceasefire. A short visit in a crisis region. © Photo: Ilia Yefimovich / dpa Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas professionally inspects a house that had been hit by a rocket from the Gaza Strip. The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in the middle of the Middle East Conflict.

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