US News A US company wants to mix with a new technology the car market - Elon Musk keeps you for "the downfall", VW invested billions

09:50  14 may  2021
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million grave: Epic gave 2019 for each new user $ 2.40 of

 million grave: Epic gave 2019 for each new user $ 2.40 of that the game conkers give away many games, is known. Now it was revealed how high the use per player and per title fails. © GeBay / 2K Epic paid a three-digit million amount for Borderlands 3 to start exclusively on their own platform. Epic issues billions for new games in the fight against the predominance of Steam. New documents from the Litigation with Apple occupy how high the expenses per game and new customers fail.

Even in 2017, Bryan Salesky Lidar systems held hard more than unproven concepts. But from the crowd of many startups with immature ideas, the CEO of ARGO AI - a company developed for autonomous cars - a company on: Princeton Lightwave had actually developed a functioning prototype. SALENSKY took over the startup from New Jersey, four years later, a finished product has become a finished product from this prototype.

On May 4, Argo AI announced that the LIDAR system was ready for the first commissioning. The prototype originally designed by Princeton now carries the name "Argo Lidar" - and how many of its competitors on the Lidar market will be a technological breakthrough. "With the introduction of Argo Lidar," said the company in an press release , "Has ORGO AI overcome the hurdles that most competitors hinder to commercialize autonomous delivery and driving services."

opinion: Lock Facebook to Donald Trump other politicians?

 opinion: Lock Facebook to Donald Trump other politicians? Facebooks Supervisory Board has ruled to lock the account of ex-US President Donald Trump - and that could also have consequences for other politicians worldwide, says Janosch Delcker. © Mandel NGAN / AFP Provided by Deutsche Welle The verdict had been expected with tension: Facebooks independent supervisory board declared on Wednesday, the company did the right thing when it was Donald Trump's account after the riots in the US Capitol on 6. January locked.

Simplified Measure Lidar Systems Using Lidar Systems From light waves distances of objects, similar to an infrared radar. With autonomously driving cars, they should grasp the surroundings of the car and prevent it from accidents. Many carmakers are convinced that the sensors are an essential tool for autonomous . Only Tesla relies on cameras and radar, Elon Musk holds Lidar sensors for mischief. "Each and everyone who leaves on Lidar is consecrated to the destruction," said Musk at the Autonomy Day 2019 by Tesla.

"Hard to exceed with reach, sharpness and detailed accuracy"

differently Es Salesky and Argo AI. Princeton's prototone impressed the CEO sustainably. "We brought the skills we had at Argo with those who brought the Princeton. Together, this combination revealed the ideal connection, "said Salesky in May 2021 in an interview with business insiders. The Argo Lidar is better than the competition in three ways: reach, sharpness and detailed accuracy.

solar cells for more range in the E-transporter - you cooperate with start-up Sono Motors

 solar cells for more range in the E-transporter - you cooperate with start-up Sono Motors The solar technology of the Munich Start-Ups Sono Motors is still before the Sono Sion goes into series, in a cooperation with the commercial vehicle manufacturer Man Electric transporters tested. © Sono Motors The Munich Electric Car Start-Up Sono Motors limps the own schedule. Production of Sono Sion has not yet started today. At the same time, interest in the integration of solar panels planned for him is growing in the body.

Salesky stressed, the system could recognize objects in more than 400 meters away. Although Argo AI did not have the strongest range - competitor luminar, allegedly comes to 500 meters - but this number is halved for objects that do not reflect the light waves well. For Argo Lidar, on the other hand, a small reflectivity should not be a major challenge, at least the Senior Director of Hardware and firmware, Zach Little, says, in an blog post . The Lidar system of Argo does not need much light, it could even register a single photon. A photon is the smallest unit of light that is measurable. "Compared to other Lidar sensors, with the single photon recognition of Argo Lidar, we can recognize black painted cars on twice the distance," Little wrote.

Argo has tested its autonomous driving system in a total of six large cities, including Miami, Austin and Washington DC. According to Salesky, these cities are one of the most difficult areas for self-propelled vehicles. The company now plans to continue these tests permanently: Together with Ford , Argo wants to start an autonomous driving and delivery service by the end of 2022. Ford is next to Volkswagen one of the two investors of Argo. Both companies each have around 40 percent of the company. Most recently, German car manufacturers had invested just under 2.1 billion euros in the startup and his Lidar sensors. Due to the DEAL with VW and Ford, the number of employees of ARGO is now increased by 40 percent to 700. The assessment of the company is currently around 5.7 billion euros.

'unfavorable market conditions': MeinAuto shifts IPO

 'unfavorable market conditions': MeinAuto shifts IPO The online new car dealer MeinAuto Group has surprisingly canceled its IPO scheduled for this Wednesday. The emission will be postponed. "The reason for this are the currently unfavorable market conditions for growth-strong companies," said MeinAuto on Tuesday in Oberhaching. The decision made the company and the British financial investor and principal shareholder HG. MeinAuto and HG continued to seek an IPO, "as soon as the market conditions normalize".

Argo is confident that the sensor gives the company a lead over the overcrowded field of startups, tech giants and automakers, which try to replace human drivers through computer. "We believe that Argo Lidar is a great competitive advantage for us," says Salesky.

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Blablabus: Bus Travel Again from 10. June .
Under slightly modified name, the remote bus travel company operating as a blablabus wants to offer rides again from the 10th of June. The online ticket sales will be possible again from this Thursday (May 20), the company announced. © Christoph Seder / DPA Under the new brand name BLABLACARBUS, the remote bus travel company BLABLABUS wants to offer rides from the 10th of June. The brand name is changed by blablabus in blablacarbus.

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