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22:50  14 may  2021
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Covid-19 in the United States: Joe Biden targets 70% Primo-vaccinated in adults on July 4,

 Covid-19 in the United States: Joe Biden targets 70% Primo-vaccinated in adults on July 4, © Alex Won, AFP President of the United States Joe Biden, pronouncing a speech on the vaccination program, May 4, 2021 in Washington. US President Joe Biden announced, Tuesday, May 4, his willingness to see more than 70% of his adult compatriots vaccinated against CVIV-19 with at least one dose, by the National Day of July 4th. It also set the target of 160 million Americans fully vaccinated by the same date.

L'installation de Colonial Pipeline à Pasadena (Texas) le 10 mai 2021 © Francois Picard The installation of Colonial Pipeline in Pasadena (Texas) May 10 2021

The vise seemed to tighten Friday around the hackers computer From Darkside to the origin of the cyberattack against the colonial American pipeline pipeline operator: experts say that his servers were put out of service and that his messages have even been removed by a large community of Russian cybercriminals.

According to the Recorded Future Cybersecurity Firm, the hacker claimed a ransom in Colonial Pipeline admitted that his Darkside group had lost access to many of the servers used to host his blog or be paid.

Maldives: Ex-President Mohamed Nasheed in a "critical" state after an attack

 Maldives: Ex-President Mohamed Nasheed in a © Maldives Police Service via Reuters of the police inspect the area of ​​an explosion in front of the family home of former President Mohamed Nasheed in Male , the Maldives, May 6, 2021. The former President of the Maldives and Current Chief of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, is in intensive care, after being targeted by an attack, said Friday, the hospital where he has been operated. The current President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, denounced an attack on democracy.

accessible via the Tor browser on the Dark Web, the illegal version of the Internet, the Darkside site was inaccessible Friday morning.

"a few hours ago, we lost access to the public part of our infrastructure, namely our blog, our payment server and our back servers," wrote in an article a pirate using the pseudonym Darksupp, cited by recorcade future.

Denial of Service (Denial of Service or Back) are aimed at provoking the closure of a website by overloading traffic.

DARKSUPP also indicated that cryptomonnaie funds, used for the settlement of ransoms required by the Hackers Group, had been withdrawn.

A RecoDed Future analyst, however, considers that the confessions of darskide be a subterfuge allowing the group to close his infrastructure himself to avoid having to pay his associates.

A cyber attack causes the closure of the largest gasoline oil in the United States

 A cyber attack causes the closure of the largest gasoline oil in the United States © Karen Bleier The main terminal of the Dulles de Washington International Airport on June 15, 2008 Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest oil pipe operators Americans had to cease all its operations since Friday after being a victim of a cyberattack, said the company that carries gasoline and diesel on more than 8,800 km of pipelines across the United States. "On May 7 The Colonial Pipeline Company has learned that it was a victim of a cybersecurity attack," says the group in a statement.

This tactic is known as the output scam ("exit scam" in English ") in the medium of cybercrime.

- Darskide banni of a Russian forum -

at the beginning of the week, the American president Joe Biden had accused of pirates "based in Russia" for led last week the attack against colonial pipeline without saying that Moscow was directly involved.

Mr. Biden said Thursday being "in direct communication with Moscow about the Need for the countries responsible for taking decisive steps against these ransuiting networks ".

According to researchers of the Dark Shadows Digital Risk Protection Platform, all Darkside publications on the Russian-speaking forum of Cybercriminals XXS have been removed.

On the other hand, the recruitment announcements of the criminal group on another popular Russian language platform, exploit, were always online, but they were not updated depui s April and make no reference to the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Who is Darkside, the gang of hackers behind the cyberattack against colonial pipeline?

 Who is Darkside, the gang of hackers behind the cyberattack against colonial pipeline? © AFP - Nicolas Asfouri Computer Hackers introduced a "Ransomware", a "Ranking Software", in the servers of the Colonial Pipeline. The American Colonial Pipeline company, which holds and manages the largest oil pipeline, has since been a massive cyber attack, threatening the fuel supply of the east coast. Behind this attack, a gang of computerized hackers well organized: Darkside.

According to information from Bloomberg, Colonial Pipeline would have paid $ 5 million to pirates, information that contradicts Washington Post, which says the company has not paid money.

Interviewed by AFP, a spokesman for Colonial Pipeline did not comment, just indicating that there was an ongoing investigation.

The Biden administration also refrained from commenting while highlighting that companies needed to strengthen their IT security.

The attack on Colonial Pipeline's computer systems, which transports nearly half of US petroleum products from the Gulf of Mexico to the East Coast of the United States, forced the operator to close all of its operations.

This caused a panic movement in many motorists, fearing a lack of gas and routing towards service stations.

Colonial Pipeline, however, stated on Thursday night to have relaunched the entire system and restart the delivery of fuels.

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The European Pass Blocked by the Negotiations between Member States and MEPs .
© Damien Meyer / AFP The Sanitary Pass already exists in France via the AllOnTicovid application. New negotiations must resume Thursday. The trilogue is currently blocked by the will of the Member States not to lose hand in the future on possible restrictions at the national level. But a failure of the discussions could also prevent from having a European sanitary pass for the beginning of the summer.

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