US News of the Middle East Conflict and Germany: Safety agencies Fear attacks on synagogues

10:45  15 may  2021
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Synagogues have been attacked in reaction to escalating violence in Israel. A statement from the Interior Ministry on Thursday said that "security agencies expect intensifying protest activities by Palestinians in The incident occurred after a demonstration against "violence in the Middle East ." Attacks on synagogues in Germany . Mainz, 2010: Molotov cocktail attack shortly after inauguration.

German police have arrested 16 men after Israeli flags were burned outside synagogues in Bonn and Munster, and a fire was set at a memorial for a Jewish house of prayer destroyed by the Nazis in Dusseldorf. Some of those arrested reportedly told police that the Middle East violence had prompted them to stone the synagogue . In response to the incidents, the premier of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, said that would step up security in the area and officials “will tolerate no anti-Semitism.”

Israelfeinden planning on weekends 25 demonstrations, most in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia. Israel's ambassador demands more protection.

Die Kuppel der Synagoge in Berlin glänzt golden über den Dächern der Oranienburger Straße. © Photo: Picture-alliance / dpa The dome of the synagogue in Berlin shines golden over the roofs of the Oranienburger Straße.

With growing care, the security authorities look at the announced demonstrations of Israelfeinden at the weekend. "We see a high mobilization and increased violence potential," said a high-ranking expert on Friday the Tagesspiegel.

For Saturday, there are 25 events registered so far, focus is on North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. The organizers would be from the spectrum of the Palestinian terrorist organizations Hamas and Pflp as well as from the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, it was said.

Near East: Facing the climbing of violence, the international community calls for calm

 Near East: Facing the climbing of violence, the international community calls for calm © AFP - Hazem Bader Israeli security forces take place during a Palestinian event in the city of Hebron, in the West Bank busy On May 12, 2021. International reactions are multiplying against the ever more deadly armed confrontation between Hamas and Israel. The United Nations, afraid that the conflict does not degenerate in total war, brings together its security council this afternoon. But it seems difficult to imagine consensus on the issue.

Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned attacks on synagogues and other Jewish cultural institutions in Germany , her spokesman said on Friday. German police on Wednesday detained more than a dozen men in three cities suspected of damaging a synagogue , burning Israeli flags and starting a fire at a Jewish memorial site, with authorities warning there could be further protests over the conflict "The conflict in the Middle East has nothing to do with the Jewish community here. I would urge the German authorities to do all they can to ensure the safety of the community," he told broadcaster ARD.

On Wednesday, German police detained more than a dozen men in three cities suspected of damaging a synagogue , burning Israeli flags and starting a fire at a Jewish memorial site. read more. "Security agencies expect intensifying protest activities by Palestinians in Germany as well as parts of the leftist movement," an Interior Ministry spokesman said. Some of the suspects in the earlier incidents told police the Israel-Palestinian violence had motivated them to throw stones at a synagogue .

to be feared are not only attacks highly emotionalized demonstrators on persons who were held for Jews, but also attacks away from the events. At risk, both synagogues and other Jewish and Israeli facilities are endangered.

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in Berlin are three demonstrations for Saturday and another on Sunday expect. Organizer call for a "re-assignment of the Palestinian fight week" and propagate a Palestine "from the river to the sea". The slogans goes on the extinction of Israel.

Video: Teargas and Blending Grenades in front of Al-Aksa Mosque (Euronews)

"Worry prepare us the riot-oriented teenagers," said the Secretary of State of the Senate Administration for Internal, Torsten Akmann, the Tagesspiegel. It should be feared violence, "if the police have to intervene to prevent the burning of Israel flags and popular slogans". The police are well prepared.

Grants in Airbus and Boeing: the United States want to settle the conflict by July

 Grants in Airbus and Boeing: the United States want to settle the conflict by July © Pixabay Grants to Airbus and Boeing: The United States Want to settle the conflict by July The Biden Administration assured Thursday May 13 that it was doing its best to find an agreement by July an agreement ending the old litigation between the United States to the European Union on illegal subsidies granted to Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

The attempted attack on a synagogue in Halle is not the first in recent years. Even after the horrors of the Nazi era, anti-Semitic incidents occur in Germany — on individuals, memorials and Jewish places of worship. In December 1959, two members of the Deutsche Reichspartei (DRP) right-wing extremist party painted swastikas and the words " Germans demand: Jews out" on the synagogue in Cologne. Anti-Semitic graffiti emerged across the country. The perpetrators were convicted, and the Bundestag passed a law against "incitement of the people," which remains on the books to this day.

While Israel and Hamas signaled willingness to consider a cease-fire, worries grew about further fracturing in one of the Middle East ’s most intractable struggles. Hamas and Israeli officials signaled they were open to discussing a cease-fire amid global calls for peace and frantic diplomacy aimed at heading off a further fracturing in one of the Middle East ’s most intractable struggles. But the violence, which has metastasized with startling velocity compared with previous Israeli-Palestinian conflicts , was finding new footholds and threatening the veneer of Israeli society in ways not seen before.

After new rocket attacks Israel reinforces the counterattacks

Israel's Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff hopes for more protection in view of the enriched anti-Semitic incidents. "I urgently to do the German authorities to do everything for the safety of our community here," said Issacharoff on Friday in the Ard "Morgenmagazin".

Since last week, the number of anti-Semitic attacks in Germany decreases. In Bonn, Arabs supplied the synagogue with stones and burned an Israel flag, in Münster a group laid near the synagogue an Israeli flag. The Jewish community in Hanover was a fire stopped, on the Internet, Jews are attacked with suspensions.

meanwhile, the pressure on Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), to prohibit the Palestinian terrorist organization PFLP . Thuringia's Constitution Protection Chef Stephan Kramer demanded the dissolution of the Pflp on Thursday in conversation with the daily mirror. On Friday, the Central Council of the Jews as well as politicians from Union, SPD, Greens, FDP and AFD.

Integration Officer condemns anti-Semitic incidents in Germany sharp

 Integration Officer condemns anti-Semitic incidents in Germany sharp The integration officer of the Federal Government, Annette Widmann-Mauz (CDU), has sharpened anti-Semitic attacks in Germany in response to the escalating Middle East conflict. "Hate, hate and violence against Jewish women, Jewish symbols and facilities are absolutely unacceptable and never to justify," said Widmann-Mauz the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post" (Saturday issue). "The right of demonstration and freedom of expression end where Jewish Hass begins." © Astrid Vellguth The integration office

A shooting at a synagogue in the German city of Halle on Wednesday was a far-right terror attack , said Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht. Alleged perpetrator Stephan Balliet had four kilos (9lb) of explosives in his car, Ms Lambrecht said in a statement with attorney-general Peter Frank. The head of the Central Council of Jews said it was "scandalous" that police were not protecting the synagogue on the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday. "If police had been stationed outside the synagogue , then this man could have been disarmed before he could attack the others," said the council's president, Josef

The attack horrified Germany . The following day, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier came to pay his respects at a makeshift shrine outside the synagogue door, saying "We must protect Jewish life". The synagogue door in Halle is still scarred and splintered from the attempted attack . It is a reminder of the painful details of that day. Most Jewish places of worship and education in Germany are under constant police guard. The Halle synagogue , even on Yom Kippur, had no such protection.

On Friday night, a solidarity service for the people killed in Israel through the rocket cast of Hamas took place in the Synagogue in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. Ambassador issacharoff, Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) and Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock participated in this.

in the Middle East keeps the violence. After further rocket attacks of Palestinians, Israel's army reinforced the attacks on the Gaza Strip dominated by Hamas. Soil troops are in use, it was said from Israeli side, but they are not performed in the Gaza Strip. The bombardments of the Israelis are very dangling, said Matthias narrow from the UN auxiliary plant for Palestine refugees to the Tagesspiegel. Gaza's inhabitants had begun to "leave their homes. They try to bring themselves to safety. "

opinion: calm in front of a new storm in Israel and Gaza? .
The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip makes people breathe on both sides. But a real step towards peace in the Middle East is not, says Sarah Hofmann. © Amir Cohen / Reuters Nightborn Rocket Coring on Israel's Cities - Here Ashkelon. Israel's army replied with attacks on Gaza , which means the word "ceasefire" , you can probably only understand if you have experienced how loud it is when the weapons do not be silent.

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