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16:40  15 may  2021
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Lead 1-nuclear-large divergences remain between USA and Iran

 Lead 1-nuclear-large divergences remain between USA and Iran Iran-nucleaire / USA (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-nuclear-of vast differences remain between USA and Iran (Updated all of the long, photo Arrangement) by Arshad Mohammed and Humeyra Pamuk Washington, May 6 (Reuters) - American, Iranian and European representatives indicated Thursday that significant divergences remained between Washington and Tehran on a return to the 2015 nuclear 2015 agreement Iranian, even if an American representative said an agreement under a few weeks was possible if Iran was

Ali Larijani, ancien président du parlement iranien, prend la parole lors d'une conférence de presse, le 15 mai 2021, à Téhéran, après s'être inscrit comme candidat à l'élection présidentielle. © Majid Asgaripour, Wana Ali Larijani, former President of the Iranian Parliament, speaks at a press conference on May 15, 2021, in Tehran, after S ' to be registered as a candidate for the presidential election.

On the last day of the registration period for the Junior Iranian presidential election the two main headliners, the moderate preservative Ali Larijani and the ultraconservant Ebrahim Raisse, have officially launched Saturday in the battle.

They waited for the last moment. On the last day of the registration period in Iran , Saturday, May 15, the moderate conservative Ali Larijani and the ultraconservant Ebrahim Raisi, have announced their applications to the Iranian presidential election of June 18, which now seems well part for to reduce to a duel between them.

Guinea: about sixty opponents on the 3rd mandate of Condé will be judged

 Guinea: about sixty opponents on the 3rd mandate of Condé will be judged © John Wessels police officers during clashes with protesters opposed to the re-election of Alpha Condé, on October 23, 2020 in Conakry, in Guinea the Government Guinean announced that sixty people would be judged in connection with the challenge and disorders who accompanied the presidential election and the constitutional referendum that led in 2020 on a third term of Alpha Condé at the head of the State. All these people, including opposition figures, pass to be held for several months.

The former president of the Iranian parliament Ali Larijani, today adviser to the Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei, entered the running at the beginning of the morning to the Ministry of the Interior to file his file.

As for the ultraconservant religious Ebrahim Raisssi, head of the judicial authority since March 2019, he announced his in a statement before reporting to the ministry at midday.

Given their proximity to the Ayatollah Khamenei, the validation of the candidacy of the two men by the guardian council, an unlecked body responsible for saying who can contribute to the election, is no doubt.

Conversely, the Iranian press estimates that the former President Mahmoud Ahmadinehjad, ultraconservative and populist, should be disqualified, as in 2017, and that most reform candidates should not pass the guard bar.

India: controversy around a government site maintained in the crisis of Covid-19

 India: controversy around a government site maintained in the crisis of Covid-19 © AFP - Sajjad Hussain A worker on the site of Central Vista. New Delhi, May 9, 2021. India has been undergoing a violent second wave of CVIV-19 contaminations that hit its capital, New Delhi in the first place. This city is stopped, but a continuing site: the one to replace the main public buildings in the center of the city. An extremely political project and the maintenance of this work is controversial.

The other candidates who could be allowed to introduce themselves do not seem to be able, at present, to be able to make them shade and many could even rally to one or the other.

Disenchantment of the population

after record abstention (more than 57%) to the legislative of February 2020 resulting in a conservative and ultra-conservative tidal wave, the Supreme Guide called in recent months to mass participation for the 'presidential election.

and the candidatures of the two men, who have both already participated in a presidential election (Ali Larijani in 2005, Ebrahim Raisssi, in 2017) could mobilize the electorate.

The great unknown remains the degree of disenchantment of the population while Hassan Rohani appears largely discredited in the opinion, its great achievement, the nuclear agreement concluded between the Islamic Republic and the international community in 2015, threat to cool since the United States withdrew in 2018.

Military Tribune: "Factux and Loose", denounces Mélenchon

 Military Tribune: © Europe 1 Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of France unsuitable and candidate for the presidential election, was Wednesday the political guest of "Europe Evening". In particular, he wanted to denounce what he considers a bidding on the part of the signatory soldiers of two forums in "current values", but also of certain police unions.

against Ebrahim Raisssi, who can count on a solid base (he had obtained more than 38% of the votes in the first round in 2017), Ali Larijani will have to convince the disappointed Rohani administration.

" The main question is the economy"

while the survival of the Vienna Agreement is played in negotiations started in April between Iranians, Europeans, Westerners, Russians and Chinese, the economic crisis and the economic crisis and social, it is always felt in the country.

"The main question is the economy," said Ali Larijani on Saturday, taking his distance from President Rohani, that he supported, however, when he was at the head of Parliament from 2008 to 2020.

supporter. From the Vienna Agreement, the candidate added that "the foreign policy of the country [should] aim to facilitate external relations for the country's economic development".

Faced with him, Ebrahim Raisssi said in his statement that the "incessant struggle against poverty and corruption, humiliations and discrimination", themes he had already put forward in 2017, would be at the heart of his action. 'he is elected.

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The Iran-IAEA Agreement expired, according to the President of the Iranian Parliament .
Iran-Nucleaire / IAEA: the Iran-IAEA Agreement expired, according to the President of the Iranian Parliament Dubai, May 23 (Reuters) - the Iran's nuclear activities surveillance agreement, concluded between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) three months ago, expired according to the President of the Iranian Parliament, cited by the Press Agency Fars .

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