US News Israel bomb the home of a Hamas chef, 7th day of fighting

12:15  16 may  2021
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Israel-Palestine: the dizziness of the political vacuum

 Israel-Palestine: the dizziness of the political vacuum The tensions between the two camps are more and more vivid. Palestinian side, the postponement of the legislative is for Hamas an encouragement to armed action. Israeli side, the lack of a stable majority leads to a failing steering of the crisis. Editorial of the "World".

Israel-Palestinians / (photo, tv): Israel bomb the home of a Hamas leader, 7th day of fighting

* the conflict, which has Started Monday, does not weaken

* US and Arab diplomats plead for a return to calm

* Israel strikes the house of a leader of Hamas Yehya al-Sinwar

* Salves of rockets fall on the suburbs of Tel Aviv

by Nidal Al-Mughrabi and Stephen Farrell

Gaza / Jerusalem, May 16 (Reuters) - Israel bombed the home of the head of Hamas in the early Sunday Gaza Strip and the sirens announcing rocket shots have sounded in several Israeli cities close to The border just after sunrise as hostilities entered their seventh day and show a sign of decline.

Violence in Jerusalem and Gaza. Four questions to understand the Israeli-Palestinian tensions

 Violence in Jerusalem and Gaza. Four questions to understand the Israeli-Palestinian tensions © Anas Baba - AFP Israeli bombings have made at least 28 dead in Gaza on Monday and Tuesday. Netanyahu and Hamas have interest in climbing, at least temporarily. The Israeli Prime Minister not to lose power, Palestinian Islamists to expand their influence out of Gaza. Risk uncontrollable spiral in the Middle East? too early to assert it. But it's the worst outbreak of violence since 2017. As often, it has been enough sparks to engage a cycle provocations / retaliation that makes the flare fear.

At least 153 people have died in the Gaza Strip since Monday, including 42 children, according to health services. Israel enumerated 10 dead, including two children.

A UN Security Council must meet later in the day to evoke this renewed unprecedented violence since 2014 between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres reminded all parties "what to take for target without discriminating civil and media entities is contrary to international law and must be avoided at all costs," said Stephane Dujarric, United Nations Word, in a statement broadcast Saturday.

Israel like Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip, affirmed one as the other they had to continue the fighting.

What kind of rockets are drawn on Israel?

 What kind of rockets are drawn on Israel? © Jack GUEZ An agent manipulates debris of a rocket after falling in the city of Ashkelon this Tuesday. Question asked by Antoine on May 11, 2021. Hello, Thursday morning, the Israeli army Tsahal announced that more than 1,050 rockets had been drawn to Israel, mainly south and the center of the country, in three days . The communication of the army evokes shots up to 145 kilometers away. The Israeli army clarified that this number includes rocket shots and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip.

Saturday, Israel destroyed a 12-storey building in Gaza with the offices of the American press agency associated Press and the Qatari information channel Al Djazira.

The Israeli army asserted that the Al-Jala building was a legitimate target, housing Hamas's military means, and stressed that its civilian occupants had been warned in advance to allow them to evacuate.

AP sentenced the attack and asked Israel to present evidence. "We have no indication that Hamas was in the building or active in the building," said the news agency in a statement.

In what he presented as a response to the destruction of the building, Hamas shot 120 rockets at night, according to the Israeli army. Most were intercepted and a dozen did not go far enough and fell into the Gaza Strip.

Meeting of the Security Council

The Israelis rushed to the shelters at the triggering of the sirens to Tel Aviv and Beersheba in the south of the country. A dozen people were injured by rushing to shelters, depending on the relief services.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Biden Administration has approved a sale of weapons in Israel for $ 735 million

 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Biden Administration has approved a sale of weapons in Israel for $ 735 million This contract has been signed before the start of violence between Israel and Hamas © CNP / Newscom / SIPA US President Joe Biden expressed his support for a "ceasefire" in Israel.

The Israeli army carried out a series of aerial strikes Sunday, bombarding the home of Yehya al-Sinwar in Khan Younès in the south of the Gaza Strip. Released from an Israeli prison in 2011, he directed the Hamas political and military branches in the Gaza Strip.

Another air strike killed a Gaza neurologist and wounded his wife and daughter, according to Palestinian relief and relatives.

The Israeli security firm was to meet early Sunday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday on television that Israel would continue to hit the Gaza Strip as long as necessary.

This renewal of violence is the consequence of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces around the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, where tensions were fed in recent weeks, which correspond to the sacred Muslim month of Ramadan, by the risk of expulsion. Of several Palestinian families of the CHEIKH JARRAH district in Jerusalem East.

US diplomacy has redoubled efforts in recent days to try to put an end to violence.

Hady AMR, president of President Joe Biden, arrived in Israel Friday for discussions. The US President spoke with Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas late Saturday, said the White House.

But mediation efforts are complicated by the fact that the United States and most Western powers do not discuss with Hamas that they consider a terrorist organization.

In Israel, the conflict has also resulted in violence in the country's mixed communities, with attacks against synagogues and businesses by vandalized Arabs.

clashes have also broken into busy West Bank. At least 12 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers since Friday, most during clashes. (Michelle Nichols in New York, French version Gwénaëlle Barzic)

The treasure is in Israel and Gaza .
the truce held Saturday morning in Israel and Gaza after the entry into force of a ceasefire with fragile contours , while the help is organized Emergency humanitarian and the first diplomatic discussions around the reconstruction of the Palestinian enclave ravaged by 11 days of conflict.

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