US News David Prolux (Etienne in the mysteries of love): His return in the soap opera, his years Post Hélène and the boys, his relationship with his ex, Cathy Andrieu ... The comedian confides

12:40  16 may  2021
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David Proux (Etienne dans Les Mystères de l'amour) : son retour dans le feuilleton, ses années post Hélène et les Garçons, sa relation avec son ex, Cathy Andrieu… Le comédien se confie © Philippe Warrin / JLA / TF1 David Prolux (Etienne in the mysteries of love): His return in the soap opera, his years Post Hélène and the boys, his relationship with his ex, Cathy Andrieu ... The comedian confides this Sunday 16 May marks the arrival of Etienne in the mysteries of love. Almost 30 years after his departure, the former Cathy in Helen and the boys is still incarnated by David Prolux. Confidences.

Thirty years ago, David Prolux was known from the TF1 public by lending his features in Etienne, the beautiful brown in love with Cathy ( Cathy Andrieu ) in Hélène and the boys . Party after only six months of coffee and garage, here she arrives - with some wrinkles in addition but always so charm - in the season 26 mysteries of love this Sunday, May 16th. Why this return? What did he do during all these years? With which comedians of the worship saga had he kept contact? David Prolux, well gone to stay in the series, answer us!

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"I traveled around the world, I created video games", tells David Prolux

Télé-leisure: what surprise to see you again 29 years after your departure from Hélène and boys ! Who should you return?

David Proux: Beyond being a successful producer, Jean-Luc (Azoulay , NDLR) is someone very faithful. At each season, whether for the holidays of love , the miracle of love , etc ... He called me to ask me to come back. And every time, I declined because I did not have time.

What has changed since its last proposal?

before, I was very busy. I did a mannequinate, I traveled around the world, I created video games. I have been drawing for 20 years and I imagined coloring books. I like touching everything. Today, the world has closed, I had twice the Covid ... but I always said it would be funny that I come back. I was seeing the comedians on the plateau who welcomed me very well, it touched me. And, for 29 years, I receive messages from people asking me to come back even the time of an episode. I thought it was now or never! Make a 29-year-old comedback 29 years, everyone can not do it because rare are the programs that last so long, I found it funny!

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"With Cathy Andrieu, we have privileged our couple at work", entrusts David Proux

Were you in contact with some comedians of the Hélène band and the boys during all these years?

yes, but what is funny is that I have been in touch with sebastien cumivaud (sebastien) and Laly Meignan that I crossed out of the series because they had replaced us, with Cathy . Sébastien is a friend. The others, for the most part, I did not see them. I have been right left around the world, I had children ... but the reunion made themselves with a lot of love. There is something that unites us and who will always unite us, even if I did not stay 29 years old.

Why did you leave Hélène and boys ?

I was not prepared for the phenomenon it was going to be. This effervescence has changed my relationship with people, even with my friends. We did not talk to me anymore and it bothered me. I preferred to say "Stop" because I did not want to lock me off. I wanted to travel, know the world. I was 22 years old, I wanted to live something else. I'm pretty secret and shy. Today, at age 52, I may be able to redo this job after fling it.

In the band you find, there is Cathy, your love in Hélène and the boys with whom you have had a love story off camera ... What are your reports today?

We get along well, we know each other as ex that have lived up and down and a family life. At the time, we privileged our couple by working together because when you are H24 together, night and day, the couple can explode. It had to leave. We did well since had two magnificent children . Since then, she has redone her life, she had another child, too.

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