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13:15  16 may  2021
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EY Partner: Notes in Wirecard Scandal Not picked up

 EY Partner: Notes in Wirecard Scandal Not picked up In the balance sheet scandal, according to a Wirecard's former DAX Group, it has given hints on irregularities for years before the insolvency. © Peter Kneffel / DPA Red lights light up before the lettering of Wirecard at the then company headquarters of the payment service provider. He has seen in connection with the Wirecard business in India "Red Flags", ie dubious indications of inconsistencies, said the forensic of the auditing firm on Thursday in the Bundestag Inquiry Committee.

Kabarettist und © 2015 Getty Images / Christian Marquardt Cabaret art and "Tatort" actor Matthias Egersdörfer is known for his broad Frankish.

from which region one comes, sometimes easily recognizable at the tongue strike. This is how the cabaret artist and actor Matthias Egersdörfer, Franke through and through. In the interview with the news event teleschau Egersdörfer now revealed, as it is ordered about his High German.

It is the proof that the soft Franconian dialect can sound incredibly grumpy: Cabaret style and actor Matthias Egersdörfer gives on stage the mies-humored cholerics from the francs, and also in the case of the luck in the "crime scene" is potted on Frankish stoic. Born in Nuremberg and grew up in the course, he still lives in the region today and became domestic in Fürth. Since you can quietly ask the question whether the 51-year-old of the high German verbally is powerful. Egersdörfer now answered this in the interview with the news agency Teleschau. "Pure High German?" He repeats the question - "Theoretically this is conceivable."

Guendouzi, disaster for blueberries

 Guendouzi, disaster for blueberries touched on the metatarsa ​​of the right foot this Thursday with the Hertha Berlin, Matteo Guendouzi will no longer play this season. He will miss the end of the euro hopes. © provided by Football 365 Mattéo Guendouzi (Hertha Berlin) No luck for. Despite the important victory gleaned on Thursday by his team at the expense of Friborg (3-0), the International Hope is prematurely released from the match. It suffers from a fracture of the metatarsus at the right foot.

A Draum: Der Kabarettist Matthias Egersdörfer (51) spielt den Mann von der Spusi, Michael Schatz, der im © Br / Olaf Tiedje A DRAUM: The cabaret artist Matthias Egersdörfer (51) plays the man of the Spousi, Michael Schatz, who is responsible for the typical Franconian dry humor in the "Franken Tatort". Also in "Tatort: ​​Where is Mike?" (Sunday, May 16, 20:15).

between theory and practice, however, is known to be a crucial difference. This is, among other things, in the typical-Franconically rolled R, which is difficult to store in the high German, so Egersdörfer. On some distinctive louds "you would always notice where I come from," said the Franconian artist. "The attempt is ultimately futile." Such a dialect can be extracted, is also truly no sugar sheep. Compared to the teleschau, Matthias Egersdörfer, he had come to ears of drama students, was trying to give them "in regular torture chambers of the language the dialect".

"Let's Dance" star Christian Polanc: clear announcement towards jury after dance-out: "Unwanted felt"

 in the past show of " Let's dance " it was about the "magic moments" of the candidates. Everyone should work out his most emotional moment in life and present on the dance parquet. Ex-football star Rúrik Gíslason (33) placed about the mourning around his mother into the center and Boxprofi Simon Zachenhuber (22) danced for his father, which has been severely disabled since a tragic accident.

"I'm glad to spare me the stretch bench for the tongue"

remembered himself this supposedly bad destiny spare: "I did not attend acting school and I'm glad that the stretch bench has spared me for the tongue," whispered The ur-Franke. "The coloring I do not get out of the best will." However, this statement does not matter to Eger's villages at all, after all, he would not have been dialect free.

Video: The summer mood draws the people on the street (Sat.1)

The cabaret artist has made his experience with the Hochdeutscher. "In the 90s in the free theater, I was for several roles to the high dodge," reports the cabaret artist. "I've failed grandiose," he must interfere with a few years. After all, Egersdörfer then made a clear decision, and that is unmistakable: "High German skin is not going, I'm talking in dialect now."

In the teleschau interview Egersdörfer also recalls his civil service months in Hamburg: "That was really not the most pleasant time. There were some delicate situations: people who absolutely had to subsequently support my dialect." Since "you have been fast in the area of ​​the palatability, ie almost," says the franc original. "If you say in a Hamburg bakery 'Greetings to God', look at you as if you were confessing the devil from the deepest hell. I was glad when the time was over." Kurios Be: If he has been a cabaret artist in Hamburg or in other Nordic climbs, he will always receive very friendly. "I also feel that I am largely understood," says Edenersdörfer. "You have already awarded me in Hamburg - despite or because of my language - already with a prize, because you have not known me in francs."

of which the inclined TV viewer can also be in the "crime scene: where is Mike?" (Sunday, May 16, 20.15, ARD). Then Egersdörfer returns to the role of the Stoiker Michael Schatz from the lane protection.

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