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Israel-Palestine: Joe Biden and Netanyahu spoke

 Israel-Palestine: Joe Biden and Netanyahu spoke © provided by the point biden l e American President joe biden intervened Wednesday by phone with the Prime Minister Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu , shortly after The announcement of the sending of an emissary in Israel and in the Palestinian territories following the latter daylight. "I had an exchange with NETANYAHU Bibi," he said from the White House.

Wexler recalled that when Israel insulted Biden by announcing settlements when he arrived in Israel in 2010, some said he should get on a plane and go home. But no! “The Vice President stayed and he met with his friend, long term relationship– Prime Minister Netanyahu– and they talked things While Soifer, who has advised Harris and who served in the Obama administration under Samantha Power at the U.N., said that Biden will restore an era when no one publicly argues about Israel . When it comes to support of Israel there is no question that Donald Turmp has politicized it, and with Biden we will

President Joe Biden made his first major address before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday - announcing new financial commitments as he tried to reestablish the U.S.'s place in the global community. Biden dedicated sections of his speech to try to draw Iran and North Korea back to the negotiating table over the issue of nuclearization. He also said he remained supportive of a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. ' We ' re a long way from that goal at this moment.

  Derrière le soutien de Biden à Israël, des nouvelles voix critiques s'élèvent © provided by the point

F ACE to the violent clashes between Hamas and Israel, Joe Biden maintains the traditional support of Americans to the law of the State Hebrew "to defend yourself". But behind him, the front of the Democrats cracks at the congress.

If the US President has broke up with many of his predecessor Donald Trump, a position remains constant, administration after administration: the United States does not publicly criticize Israel, preferring to work behind the scenes to end violence.

leaves to provoke the misunderstanding of its traditional allies, like Monday with their third refusal, in a week, to sign a joint declaration of the Security Council calling for violence and to protect civilians.

Joe Biden shares his "worry" in Netanyahou about the climbing of violence

 Joe Biden shares his © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters US President Joe Biden pronounces a speech during a visit to Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia, United States, May 3, 2021. Photo Stock Illustration. US President Joe Biden said Saturday his "great concern" to the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu about the climbing of ongoing violence, reaffirming his support for the "right of Israel to defend against the attacks at arugula Hamas ".

The worst Israeli -Palestinian fighting in years spilled into a ninth day on Tuesday as the Israeli military bombarded Gaza and southern Lebanon and Hamas militants fired rockets into southern Israeli towns, hours after President Biden expressed support for a cease-fire during a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel . By late Monday, the Israeli bombardment had killed 212 people in Gaza, including dozens of children, and Hamas rockets had killed at least 10 in Israel . The Israeli Army said that Hamas had fired almost as many rockets in eight days — 3,350 — as it did in the 50-day war

Since Joe Biden took office, he’s enjoyed a rather cushy relationship with the media. It helps that his predecessor lived in their minds rent free, and Biden ’s had the distraction of the Covid-19 pandemic and the tiring obsession with January 6 to keep criticism of him almost exclusively to conservative crowds. “I’ve fed sources to reporters, who end up not quoting the sources, but do quote multiple voices who are critical of the president and/or put the withdrawal in a negative light.”

A vast majority of Jewish Americans say Democrats and the Party has traditionally supported Israel, except some rare critical votes.

But after a black week that has made more than 200 dead, almost all Palestinians, powerful members of the party are now heard.

"This is happening with the support of the United States," said Saturday the progressive young parliamentarian Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in tweeting the video of the typing having sprayed the building that housed the premises of the information chain. Qatarie al-Jazeera and the American press agency Associated Press.

The elected of the House of Representatives has in the stride denounced an Israeli "apartheid", a term that unworthy Israel but has recently been employed by the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) to qualify the policy of Israel towards the Arabs on its soil and Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire

 Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire Israel-Palestinians / UN (Lead 1, TV, Photo): Lead 1-USA Ready to help Israel and the Palestinians If they are looking for a ceasefire (updated with new statements) by Michelle Nichols New York, May 16 (Reuters) - The United States said Sunday to the United Nations Security Council that they had Clearly knowing Israel, Palestinians and other parties that they were ready to offer "if the parties were looking for a ceasefire" to put an end to the violent current clashes between Israel and the Pal

President Joe Biden on Thursday imposed stringent new vaccine rules on federal workers, large employers and health care staff in a sweeping attempt to contain the latest surge of Covid-19.

Reaffirming his support for democracy and diplomacy, Mr Biden said: "We must work together like never before." The 76th General Assembly in New York City takes place against the backdrop of a climate crisis and a once-in-a-century pandemic, both of which have sharpened global divides. One issue that enjoys bipartisan support in Washington is the threat posed by China - the driving force behind the new security partnership with Britain and Australia. He didn't mention the world's other superpower by name, but it's clear who he was talking about. The US president has had a torrid

"The Palestinian lives count"

"the Palestinian lives count", has on its side launched the independent senator Bernie Sanders, in a call that echoes the now famous "Black Lives Matter" changing through the United States to denounce the Police violence against African Americans.

"We must recognize that the rights of Palestinians count," he hammered in the pages of the New York Times, exhorting Joe Biden to adopt a "new approach", which would recognize that "Israel has the absolute right of Living in peace and safety, but the Palestinians too ".

and Sunday, he brandished a long taboo threat to Washington, referring to the possible suspension of nearly $ 4 billion of military aid paid each year to Israel: "It is illegal for the United States to support violations of human rights".

In a noticeable evolution, even more democratic senators at the center called, in a joint statement, to an "immediate ceasefire", while Senator Robert Menendez, President of the Power of Foreign Affairs and perceived as A support from Israel, said Saturday "deeply concerned" by Israeli strikes.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Biden Administration has approved a sale of weapons in Israel for $ 735 million

 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Biden Administration has approved a sale of weapons in Israel for $ 735 million This contract has been signed before the start of violence between Israel and Hamas © CNP / Newscom / SIPA US President Joe Biden expressed his support for a "ceasefire" in Israel.

Biden also "conveyed his unwavering support for Israel 's security and Israel 's legitimate right to defend itself and its people, while protecting civilians," it said. The administration's response did not sit well with a handful of progressive Democrats who have tried to elevate support for the Palestinian cause And as Iran eclipsed Israel as the primary threat to Arab leaders, the Trump administration helped negotiate formal diplomatic relations between Israel and four Arab states. Trump was also the first president to legitimize Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, ending decades of U.S

In reality, Israel , along with elements of the Biden administration who oppose the re-establishment of the JCPOA, does not care greatly about the non-existent – as far as proof goes – alleged nuclear weapons program. In reality, the US and Israeli establishments do not even oppose a nuclear deal altogether, so long it is renegotiated. The number one item on the agenda for both the Israeli government and the hardliners in Biden ’s administration is ending Iran’s strategic regional alliances.

The Republicans remain united in their support for the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu, some even going to qualify critical democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, "Pro-Terrorists".

If support for the Hebrew state remains strong in the United States, especially among evangelical Christians who justify their support with biblical reasons, mentalities evolve, however.

An annual poll of the Gallup Institute conducted in February showed that favorable opinions about Israel remained very high, 75% of the respondents, but also that support for Palestinians had reached a record level since 2001, at 25%.

for Logan Bayroff of J Street, an American Jewish progressive organization, more and more Democrats see in Israeli actions, including the expulsions of Palestinian families for the benefit of Jewish settlers, the source of the current crisis.

"We perceive a growing will, through the Democratic Party, to criticize not only Hamas rockets (...) but also the policies of the Israeli government," he explains to AFP.

"This represents a rather striking contrast with the Biden administration that unfortunately seems to have another reading that is frankly unsatisfactory considering the severity of the crisis."

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Ireland Ireland The International Taxation of Joe Biden .
© Steve Buissinne / Pixabay Ireland Ireland The International Taxation of Joe Biden While the US proposal to tax the benefits of multinationals worldwide received broad support from various countries, the Irish Minister of Finance firmly stated his disagreement.

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