US News Gaza: Biden wants an immediate de-escalation, Israel expects "the opportune moment"

12:30  20 may  2021
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Israel will "intensify" its attacks against Hamas, after murderous rocket firefunctions from Gaza

 Israel will © provided by Le Parisien Le Parisien No de-escalation in sight. Despite the repeated calls of the international community in calm after days of tensions around Jerusalem , Israel, via Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announces wanting to "intensify" his attacks against Hamas. The Israeli leader made this statement a few hours after the death of two Israeli in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Palestinian enclave under the control of this armed Islamist movement.

Un groupe de jeunes palestiniens inspectent un véhicule détruit par une frappe israélienne jeudi, dans une rue de la ville de Gaza. © Hatem Moussa A group of young Palestinians inspect a vehicle destroyed by an Israeli strike Thursday, in a street in the city of Gaza.

The clashes continue on the ground, between shots of Hamas rockets and Israeli aerial strikes. A new meeting of the UN General Assembly is scheduled Thursday afternoon.

US President Joe Biden called for "de-escalation" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in full diplomatic offensive for a ceasefire and when the clashes continue on the ground. Israeli hunting planes hit the residences of at least six leaders of the Hamas Islamist movement, in power in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, according to a statement of the army affirming that each of these sites housed "military infrastructures".

Israel-Palestine: Joe Biden and Netanyahu spoke

 Israel-Palestine: Joe Biden and Netanyahu spoke © provided by the point biden l e American President joe biden intervened Wednesday by phone with the Prime Minister Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu , shortly after The announcement of the sending of an emissary in Israel and in the Palestinian territories following the latter daylight. "I had an exchange with NETANYAHU Bibi," he said from the White House.

While the sirens warning aerial raids screamed in the south of Israel in the early hours of Thursday, the second armed group in Gaza, the Islamic Jihad , claimed a new rocket salvo. Racket shots on Israel by armed groups including Hamas, and Israeli air strikes continued in the evening.

Triggered on May 10, the outbreak of violence, the most murderer since 2014 between Israel and Hamas, cost at least 227 Palestinians, including 64 children, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. In Israel, rocket fire made 12 dead according to the police.

"The President (American) told Prime Minister (Israeli) that he expected a significant period of time today towards a ceasefire," said the White House in a brief report of a Telephone exchange between Joe Biden and Benyamin Netanyahu. The United States, who claim a "discreet " diplomatic approach, refused to support a French project of a resolution to the UN Security Council calling for cessation of hostilities.

Israel bomb the home of a Hamas chef, 7th day of fighting

 Israel bomb the home of a Hamas chef, 7th day of fighting Israel-Palestinians / (photo, tv): Israel bomb the home of a Hamas leader, 7th day of fighting * the conflict, which has Started Monday, does not weaken * US and Arab diplomats plead for a return to calm * Israel strikes the house of a leader of Hamas Yehya al-Sinwar * Salves of rockets fall on the suburbs of Tel Aviv by Nidal Al-Mughrabi and Stephen Farrell Gaza / Jerusalem, May 16 (Reuters) - Israel bombed the home of the head of Hamas in the early Sunday Gaza Strip and the sirens announcing

New Front, the Lebanese border

The United Nations General Assembly must meet Thursday at 2 pm (GMT) at the ministerial level, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In the day, seven Palestinians including a handicapped man, his pregnant wife and their 3-year-old daughter, died in Gaza in the strikes and one-eighth succumbed to his injuries, according to the Ministry of Health. A journalist from a radio affiliated to Hamas, Youssef Abu Hussein, was killed by a raid on his home, according to the International Federation of Journalists, the first dead journalist since the beginning of the violence.

On another front, new rockets from Lebanon have for the first time landed in Israel, but without making victims according to the army. This one replicated by artillery fire on "targets" in South Lebanon.

After nine days of bloody violence, an Israeli military official said that his country was studying the "opportune moment for a ceasefire", stating that the army was ready again "several days" of conflict. The army, he added to journalists, wants to "reduce the capacities" military Hamas considered a "terrorist" organization by Israel and Western countries.

"What we are trying to do is precisely: reduce their capabilities, their terrorist means and reduce their determination," said Netanyahou at a meeting with ambassadors. Later he added, "I am determined to continue this operation until his goal: restore calm and peace". The leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh told him that his organization, who took control of Gaza in 2007, could "resist longer than the occupant imagine it".

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Traumatized by the bombing, the children of Gaza tell "the fear of dying" .
© provided by the point L are Israeli bombardments are you in Gaza after 11 days of a murderer conflict. But they leave traumatized the children of the Palestinian enclave, exposed or re-expanded to the destruction and fear of dying. in full striking of Israeli aviation on his district of Gaza, Zeina Dabous, 10 years old, wrote a little word left under his mother's pillow: "My darling mom, I'm very scared.

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