US News becomes Seider's impudence to the World Cup trump of Germans?

01:15  21 may  2021
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fight with new: Why ter studs just on flick hopes

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Moritz Seider has a rapid development behind. At the Ice Hockey World Cup in Latvia, he could connect the entire DEP team with his self-confidence.

Wird Seiders Frechheit zum WM-Trumpf der Deutschen? © Provided by sport1.de becomes Seider's impudence to the World Cup trump of Germans?

"With the 6th Pick in The Draft, The Detroit Red Wings Select - from Mannheim at the del - Moritz Seider."

When these words on the first day of the NHL draft sounded in June 2019 on the stage of Rogers Arena in Vancouver, a mauna went through the arena. After Superstar Leon Draisaitl, silker was ever selected Germans in the world's best ice hockey league in the world. Since then, a lot has happened.

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The Red Wings awarded its defender newcomer to the Swedish club RoGle BK - and that turned out to be a good deal. The 2020/21 season completed the 20-year-old in the Svenska Hockeyligan - and the successive success. ( Service: Results and Schedule of the Ice Hockey World Cup )

Goldmann: Seider has made a huge step

"He has once again made a huge step in Sweden, has been awarded as a defender of the year, his game has become even more physical and He has an incredible overview, "says Sport1 -Kolumnist Rick Goldmann about the development of the Youngster. ( Goldmann Column: This World Cup will win in the head )

The Defensive Specialist will not only be part of the DEP team, but also part of a group of great talents on Friday.

All 64 Games! The Ice Hockey World Cup from 21 May to 6 June live at Sport1

Biden returns to an Trump decision on Immigration

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So are Lukas Reichel and J.J. Peterka on the ice. For Goldmann all three are "actually more than talents", but they are "power carriers in their clubs". Especially with silk, Goldmann awaits great: "Especially at Mo Seider I believe that it will be his World Cup. He has the potential to put this World Cup his stamp."

Especially since it is not its first big event. As early as 2019, he played the World Championship in Slovakia with Bravour. Not only enthusiastic coach Toni Söderholm, but also NHL legend Steve Yzerman, who briefly selected him in the draft at position six.

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Seider: "We have huge targets"

after a year in Sweden that made him "to a more complete player," he now wants to "grasp in Detroit's foot" . Before his planned jump in the NHL, the performances are waiting for the appearance in the jersey of the deb. And there are also the demands high. ( Kühnhackl gives World Cup debut with 29 years )

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The special community feeling in the World Cup bubble "can give us the crucial push to create the sensation," is silo be sure. The quarterfinals as two years ago in Bratislava is not enough, especially the boys want to play the title.

"We have all the giant goals," says the 20-year-old, "we want to win, otherwise we would not be here."

National Trainer Söderholm, who himself spoke that his players "become a world champion," welcomes this "great self-confidence" and the "positive youthful energy", the silk and his young colleagues bring.

maybe in the end, yes, "youthful impudence in the game" praised by Routinian Korbinian Holzer, to be properly successful ( Service: The Tables of the Hockey World Cup ).


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