US News Solar: A Porovskite panel factory launched in Poland, world premiere

16:35  21 may  2021
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Sally Buzbee becomes the first Washington Post

 Sally Buzbee becomes the first Washington Post Washington-Post-Frame-in-Chief Woman: Sally Buzbee becomes the first Washington Post Editor Woman © Reuters / Gary Cameron Sally Buzbee becomes the first woman Editor-in-Chief of Washington Post (Reuters) - The Washington Post, detained by Jeff Bezos, announced Tuesday the appointment of Sally Buzbee as a new editor, becoming the first woman to lead the writing of the American newspaper founded in 1877.

Solaire : une usine de panneaux en pérovskites lancée en Pologne, première mondiale © Pixabay Solar: A Porovskite panel factory launched in Poland, world premiere The Polish Willow Technologies has opened an industrial production chain of solar panels Cells Pérovskites, an innovative technology. These modules make it possible to make light and flexible photovoltaic panels. "The demand exceeds the production capacities" of the chain, initially estimated at 40,000 m2 per year.

Great World Premiere. Willow Technologies opened an Industrial Production Chain of Solar Panels in Pérovskite Cells. "We change scale, we move from the laboratory to the industrialist," said AFP Olga Malinkiewicz, the founder of Polish society, welcoming to open "the world's first factory of photovoltaic cells in Pérovskites" . Péroovskites modules make it possible to make light, flexible photovoltaic panels with transparency rates, shades but also variable shapes and can be easily installed on a laptop, car, drone, spacecraft or building , even in the shade and inside.

What the next catalyst for the Tesla share could be

 What the next catalyst for the Tesla share could be after a purchase rush of the Tesla investors last year, which the share 2020 has brought a course plus of 740 percent, the performance is less good in the course of the year. But buying impulses could already be in the starting blocks. • Tesla share weakened after a price jump in the year 2020 • Factory in Grünheiden could open up spin potential • FSD package could also provide thrust Who had 2020 Tesla shares in the depot, could be happy about a whopping course performance .

Pérovskites are widespread atomic structures in nature but can be easily obtained in the laboratory. The effectiveness of new modules is comparable to that of traditional silicon panels. The costs of their manufacture are reduced to the method of simple inkjet print invented by Olga Malinkiewicz, 38 years, which makes it possible to produce them at ambient temperatures. The researcher invented his technology eight years ago, while it was a doctoral student at the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ICMOL) of the University of Valencia, Spain.

His discovery, noticed by the journal Nature, has earned him the prestigious award of the photonics 2 contest, organized by the European Commission, and another of the MIT Technology Review. The factory is located in Wroclaw, in the southwestern Poland . According to Olga Malinkiewicz, already "the demand exceeds the production capacities" of the chain initially estimated at 40,000 m2 per year.

Kenya: The Constitutional Reform Project of President Kenyatta judged illegal

 Kenya: The Constitutional Reform Project of President Kenyatta judged illegal © Reuters / Thomas Mukoya President Kényan Uhuru Kenyatta (image of illustration). It is a spectacular stop at the constitutional reform desired by President Kényan Uhuru Kenyatta, which was given Thursday, May 13 by justice. This project called "BBI" (Building Bridges Initiative) was to be adopted by referendum before the presidential election of 2022. But a panel of five judges considered that the process launched in 2018 by the head of state to achieve this Reformation was simply illegal.

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The first commercial orders have come from the sector of the Internet objects and the building where the new modules easily integrate with facades and surfaces different. The production technology consists in printing on transparent plastic sheets of the photovoltaic modules of , including pelovskites, forming a set of predefined technical parameters, shapes, sizes and colors. These modules can be very small or large, they can be as cut or, on the contrary, glued together to get very large surfaces if necessary.

"We use synthetic perovskites that can achieve considerable efficiency and power, and we do not need to extract nature," Ms. Malinkiewicz said during the inauguration of his factory. The perovskite modules have been tested, "with excellent results", in simulators of conditions in the outer space, highlighted the researcher at AFP. A surface perovskite module of a double sheet A4, supple and folding, has "proves itself as a telephone charger and other electronic equipment during an expedition in the Himalayas, in extreme weather conditions", A- she added.

green boss Annalena Baerbock: "I have urged him to apologize«

 green boss Annalena Baerbock: Annalena Baerbock scores with sympathy values ​​so far. But the exclusion procedure against Boris Palmer could burden their election campaign. Now she also speaks against short-range and low cost flights. © Sean Gallup / Getty Images Green Chief Annalena Baerbock has justified the party exclusion procedure against the Tübingen Lord Mayor Boris Palmer with a failed conversation shortly before.

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The company willow technologies, named a pagan Baltic goddess reigning on the sun, the earth and the sky, is controlled by Polish private investors, including Columbus Energy, the leader of photovoltaic and green energy in the country, and Japanese, with the multimillionaire Hideo Sawada. The company, whose team has 70 people from 15 different countries, prepares its next introduction to the Warsaw Stock Exchange and already considers the construction of new factories "in Europe or maybe in Japan". "On all photovoltaic facilities in Europe, only 4% are manufactured on the continent. We agree with the European Union to say that it is important to make themselves" in the EU, has Declared Ms. Malinkiewicz.

Travel Restrictions for Netherlands and Poland Defused .
Due to sinking corona infection numbers, the Federal Government defuses the entry restrictions for several other EU countries. The Netherlands and Cyprus will be downgraded on Sunday (30 May) from the high-insecidity to the risk area, as the Robert Koch Institute announced. © Soeren Stache / DPA Central Image / DPA The outer areas of the cafes and restaurants at the historic harbor in the center of Rotterdam have reopened for several days.

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