US News opinion: calm in front of a new storm in Israel and Gaza?

03:05  22 may  2021
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Violence in Jerusalem and Gaza. Four questions to understand the Israeli-Palestinian tensions

 Violence in Jerusalem and Gaza. Four questions to understand the Israeli-Palestinian tensions © Anas Baba - AFP Israeli bombings have made at least 28 dead in Gaza on Monday and Tuesday. Netanyahu and Hamas have interest in climbing, at least temporarily. The Israeli Prime Minister not to lose power, Palestinian Islamists to expand their influence out of Gaza. Risk uncontrollable spiral in the Middle East? too early to assert it. But it's the worst outbreak of violence since 2017. As often, it has been enough sparks to engage a cycle provocations / retaliation that makes the flare fear.

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip makes people breathe on both sides. But a real step towards peace in the Middle East is not, says Sarah Hofmann.

Nächtelanger Raketenbeschuss auf Israels Städte - hier Ashkelon. Israels Armee antwortete mit Angriffen auf Gaza © Amir Cohen / Reuters Nightborn Rocket Coring on Israel's Cities - Here Ashkelon. Israel's army replied with attacks on Gaza

, which means the word "ceasefire" , you can probably only understand if you have experienced how loud it is when the weapons do not be silent. It is still trying to sweep me when I think about two weeks on the evening, at which the sirens in Tel Aviv recovered for the first time. The kids had just fallen asleep, we took them on our arm and quickly ran into the shelter a floor deeper. We still believed that the children might easily take on.

Israeli Strike on the Al-Jazeera Media Building and Associated Press in Gaza

 Israeli Strike on the Al-Jazeera Media Building and Associated Press in Gaza © Reuters - Stringer A Tour Holding AP, Al Jazeera's offices collapse after Israeli missile strikes in the city of Gaza, May 15, 2021. The Israeli army led a strike Saturday on the building of a dozen floors with the premises of the Qatar television channel Al-Jazeera and the American press agency Associated Press (AP) In the Gaza Strip, have found AFP journalists.

Then the first bang followed as a rocket of the Israeli defense system hit a rocket from Gaza. This was followed by another, yet one and one. The children clung to us completely scared. As soon as we had left the shelter, the sirens left again. The whole thing was repeated four times, until it finally became calm. At three o'clock in the morning, a renewed detonation awoke me, our bed seemed to quake. The sirens howled this time immediately after the bang.

finally breathed again

as deafening loudly the following days and nights for families have been in Gaza , I like to imagine. Which fear have the children have had there when crashing the countless bombing, how strong does the earth have to have giving up the collapse of whole skyscrapers in the neighborhood?

Israel bomb the home of a Hamas chef, 7th day of fighting

 Israel bomb the home of a Hamas chef, 7th day of fighting Israel-Palestinians / (photo, tv): Israel bomb the home of a Hamas leader, 7th day of fighting * the conflict, which has Started Monday, does not weaken * US and Arab diplomats plead for a return to calm * Israel strikes the house of a leader of Hamas Yehya al-Sinwar * Salves of rockets fall on the suburbs of Tel Aviv by Nidal Al-Mughrabi and Stephen Farrell Gaza / Jerusalem, May 16 (Reuters) - Israel bombed the home of the head of Hamas in the early Sunday Gaza Strip and the sirens announcing

Sarah Judith Hofmann hat die Angriffe mit ihrer Familie in Tel Aviv erlebt © Provided by Deutsche Wave Sarah Judith Hofmann experienced the attacks with her family in Tel Aviv

Against this background, the statement seems so banal that the ceasefire, which now prevails between Israel and the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip, is good news . Of course, it is that - for all civilians, especially for the children on both sides. Finally rest. Finally breathe again and sleep through. But it could be the rest before a re-storm.

Because the triggers of the past militiamen are not approximately solved. This concerns especially Jerusalem: the upcoming eviction of Palestinian houses in favor of Israeli settlers in the East Jerusalem district Sheikh Dscharrah. The clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces on the Temple mountain, just to name a few.

Violence between Jewish and Arab Israelis

But that's not all: The dispute was discharged this time not only between Gaza and Israel, but also within Israel came to clashes and violence between Jews and Arabs. will stop this again - now where a ceasefire is signed? Or was only left here, which has long-term tensions also existed within Israel between Arabs and Jews and will not disappear so quickly?

Before the climbing of violence, these Israeli Jews and Arabs demonstrate for peace and coexistence

 Before the climbing of violence, these Israeli Jews and Arabs demonstrate for peace and coexistence © Copyright 2021, the obs coexistence. It is the motto of the Peace manifestations, bringing together Jews and Israeli Arabs, which took place Thursday, May 13 in many cities of Israel, such as Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, but also in so-called cities. "Mixed", like Haifa. In response to the climbing of the conflict and the rioters of the two camps, of the hundreds of people met to express their desire to coexist peacefully. Images largely relayed on social networks, as you can see below.

cities like Akko were previously considered a positive example of how a peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians could look at the larger scale. Israeli friends who have been engaging in the peace movement since the teenager age have called their daughter from that reason Akko. As a sign, in what kind of world you would like to grow up your daughter. Now it was sanded in this city, for example, a restaurant burned down, whose operator has been using a peaceful coexistence for years.

The conflict parties must finally talk to each other - that may sound like a trim. But the recent substantial peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian leadership took place in 2008! Many analysts believe, an two-state solution has now become impossible because now so many settlements exist in the West Bank occupied by Israel.

The hope of peace is only smiled

and so I'm sad and worried in spite of relief around a ceasefire these days. Which prospects are it, if even one of the leading commanders of the Israeli army says, it should remain calm the next five years, he values ​​this as a success? In which country will the friends of my daughters live? How often do the children have to suffer traumata on both sides?

The hope of peace, it seems, will only be smiled. The best thing to get the children in the Middle East is a ceasefire. You can only hope that it keeps - at least for a while.

Author: Sarah Judith Hofmann

Traumatized by the bombing, the children of Gaza tell "the fear of dying" .
© provided by the point L are Israeli bombardments are you in Gaza after 11 days of a murderer conflict. But they leave traumatized the children of the Palestinian enclave, exposed or re-expanded to the destruction and fear of dying. in full striking of Israeli aviation on his district of Gaza, Zeina Dabous, 10 years old, wrote a little word left under his mother's pillow: "My darling mom, I'm very scared.

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