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21:10  27 may  2021
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MEPs tighten the brake on the EU-China Investment Agreement

 MEPs tighten the brake on the EU-China Investment Agreement © Li Xueren Chinese President Xi Jinping on December 30. "hostility", "arrogance", "hype on the issue of human rights". the Global Times, nationalist daily of the Chinese Communist Party, has a clear criticized the decision of the European Parliament to freeze the ratification process of the Agreement on the Protection of Investments , signed by surprise at the end of December by the European Commission with the European Commission with China, after seven years of negotiations.

Kigali. "Words more valuable than an apology": During a visit to East African Rwanda, President Emmanuel Macron recognizes the role of France at the genocide. After 27 years of diplomatic distance, Paris and Kigali agree on a new beginning.

 Emmanuel Macron, Präsident von Frankreich, und Paul Kagame, Präsident von Ruanda, nehmen an einer gemeinsamen Pressekonferenz teil. © Muhizo Olivier Emmanuel Macron, President of France, and Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, participate in a joint press conference.

France's President Emmanuel Macron has recognized the political responsibility of his country during the genocide in the East African state during the genocide in the East African state. Representatives of the Hutu majority were killed in 1994 hundreds of thousands of relatives of the Tutsi minority and temperate Hutu.

a bust of Charles Aznavour inaugurated in Paris

 a bust of Charles Aznavour inaugurated in Paris © AFP A bust was inaugurated in the memory of singer Charles Aznavour, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district in Paris created in memory of singer Franco Armenian deceased in 2018 He was unveiled Saturday morning, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, by the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo. The Mayor (PS) of Paris Anne Hidalgo inaugurated Saturday in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the district of his childhood, a bust of singer Franco Armenian Charles Aznavour deceard in 2018.

Macron said during a speech at the Genozide Monument in the capital Kigali, France has the duty, "to face history and recognize the extent of the suffering that it has inflicted the Rwandan people". Paris has been waiting too long to pursue the truth, Macron. The international community had "endless" months before they responded.

Although France wanted to prevent a regional conflict or civil war in August 1993 in August 1993, it has ignored warnings of observers and involuntarily placed on the side of the perpetrators, the months later, the murder , Macron said.

"We have decided to reject the path of cooperation, the dialogue again, without disguising something of the difficulties that our two countries have demonstrated," Macron said later during a joint press conference with Rwanda's President Paul Kagame. The cooperation of both countries is guided by the desire to face common history, but also to make the future for younger generations.

Macron in Rwanda for a historical speech: Will it present the excuses of France?

 Macron in Rwanda for a historical speech: Will it present the excuses of France? © Copyright 2021, Obs arrived this Thursday, May 27th in Rwanda at dawn, Emmanuel Macron makes a highly symbolic visit with the ambition to finalize the reconciliation process after more than twenty-five years of diplomatic tensions related The role played by France in the genocide of Tutsis in 1994.

Macron praised the role of the historian commission chaired by Vincent Duclert, which had come to the conclusion that the genocide serious responsibility on France. Paris was blind at the time of the preparations of the genocide, was a conclusion. Evidence for a complicity of the death of more than 800,000 people do not give it.

Kagame designated Macrons speech than very courageous gestures that have "special meaning" for Rwanda. "His words were more valuable than an apology."

Macron also emphasized, France's development aid "to have increased to an unprecedented level" and in the period 2019 to 2023 to provide a total of 500 million euros, especially for the areas of health and digital technology . As "gesture of solidarity" in times of Corona Pandemic, paris vaccine boxes to Rwanda deliver and help the country to produce self-vaccine against the virus.

Macron arrived in Kigali on Thursday morning to initiate normalization in relations. The contacts between the two countries are still burdened by France's behavior in the 1994 genocide. Macron expressed hope for a new beginning before departing. On Friday he continues to travel to South Africa.

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