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22:35  27 may  2021
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Félix Tshisekedi spoke on the situation in Chad at the summit of Paris

 Félix Tshisekedi spoke on the situation in Chad at the summit of Paris © Reuters - Pool Félix Tshisekedi, President of the African Union and the DRC, at the summit of Paris, May 18, 2021. The situation In Chad has also been mentioned in Paris at the summit dedicated to the financing of African economies.

Paris, le 09 octobre 2015. Franck Attal, l'un des dirigeants de Bygmalion arrive au pôle financier du parquet de Paris pour être interrogé sur le dépassement du compte de campagne de Nicolas Sarkozy. © AFP Paris, October 09, 2015. Franck Attal, one of the leaders of Bygmalion arrives at the financial center of the Paris prosecutor's office to be interviewed on the overrun of Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign account.

Processes - Nicolas Sarkozy and thirteen other defendants are judged, until June 22, for a vast scam related to the Campaign Accounts of the Presidential Election of 2012u Judicial Tribunal of Paris

Sebastien Borrive remembers no longer the exact date. Somewhere around "late March, early April" 2012. But he sees perfectly the scene. "We were in my office. It was the afternoon ... "The financial director of Bygmalion includes at that time that his group would put in place a system of false invoices to allow Nicolas Sarkozy to multiply the meetings of his campaign Presidential without worry about the expense ceiling authorized by Law . "The request came from the UMP. I understood quite quickly that it was fraudulent ... "

Burma: The military junta will dissolve the party of Aung San Suu Kyi

 Burma: The military junta will dissolve the party of Aung San Suu Kyi Burma-Politics: Burma: The military junta will dissolve the party of Aung San Suu Kyi © Reuters / Ann Wang Burma: the military junta goes Dissolve the party of Aung San Suu Kyi (Reuters) - The Electoral Commission appointed by the Junta in Burma will dissolve the National League for Democracy (LND), the party of Aung San Suu Kyi, accusing it of fraud In the last November legislative elections, Friday reports Myanmar Now press agency, citing the president of this commission.

If it still had a doubt, the judicial court of Paris had the confirmation, this Thursday afternoon, that Nicolas Sarkozy had benefited from an illegal system for Engage more than 42.8 million euros for the purpose of staying at the Elysee, while the law allowed it to spend $ 22.5 million to campaign. As his former colleague, Franck Attal , had done it on Wednesday, Sebastien Borivent, one of the executives of Bygmalion, confirmed it to the bar of the 11th bedroom.

"The idea was to get around the thing," he lets go very quietly. We are asked to charge on the UMP account rather than that of the candidate's funding association. I am very surprised. We are not on the VAT fraud of an accountant, there. We are on fraud of political power! Fraud of political power in place!

Jerusalem: New clashes between the Israeli and Palestinian police on the esplanade of the mosques

 Jerusalem: New clashes between the Israeli and Palestinian police on the esplanade of the mosques © provided by the Parisian the Parisian a few hours after the entry into force of a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, new clashes took place this Friday. They broke out between Palestinian faithful and Israeli police officers on the esplanade of mosques, in Jerusalem East. And only two weeks after similar clashes that had led to a soaring violence in the Hebrew state and the Palestinian territories.

A USB key with the entire False Invoices

system planned to last almost five weeks, The Bygmalion trial will only have only two days to confirm the essential information. It remains time for him to try to find out who has had the idea of ​​setting up this system and has really been informed. And we already know that it will not be as simple ...

Arranged on both sides of the courtroom, the fourteen defendants of the file compete ingenuity to discard. And it's not new. On Wednesday, at the bar, Franck Attal, the man charged to organize the meetings of the candidate, told how many evidence had been destroyed. And the magnitude of the fraud may not have been detected if Sébastien Borrive had not claimed the creation of a table summarizing the system "to spare the evidence" in the event that the case would come out "two or three years later ". Good pick ? It is today this painting discovered on a USB key that serves as a base at the accusation.

Burma-rebels attack in the city of Hkamti-Media

 Burma-rebels attack in the city of Hkamti-Media Burma-Politics / (TV, Photo): Burma-des rebels attack in the city of Hkamti-Media May 22 (Reuters) - Army forces of the independence of Kachin (Kia), rebels of an ethnic minority opposed to the junta in power in Burma, attacked the military positions in the city of Hkamti, in the northwestern country, report local media . The attack marks a new advance for Kia in a country plunged into chaos since the military junta took power on February 1st and detained the opponent Aung San Suu Kyi.

Jerome Lavirus in the viewfinder

to listen to Caroline Viguier, Bygmalion had, in fact, not really the choice. Before interrogating Sébastien Borrive, the 11th Chamber spent a long time details Bygmalion's accounts. Where we understand that society, exsangue financially, could not impleat on a customer as faithful and remunerating as the UMP ...

from there to accept all his requests? The next waiting days will try to know it. Relanted again and again, Sébastien Borivent "Think" that fraudulent demand emanated from Jérôme Lavilleux, former deputy director of the Nicolas Sarkozy campaign and damned soul of the right.

quietly sitting on his chair, he is waiting for his turn. He knows that he will ask him who thought of putting in place this system. His hearing is scheduled next week.

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in Israel, the talks for a government without Netanyahu intensifies .
© provided by the Point L Es Policy Tags intensified Sunday in Israel, a few days from a key deadline, to achieve the formation of A government coalition that would sign the end of the era of Benjamin Netanyahu , inamovable Prime Minister for more than a decade.

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