US News biden ensures the Europeans of his support before meeting Putin

20:15  06 june  2021
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Biden: USA does not see Russia by injury from human rights to

 Biden: USA does not see Russia by injury from human rights to US President Joe Biden wants to urge Russia's head of state Vladimir Putin at her summit meetings planned for mid-June to comply with human rights. "I'll meet President (Vladimir) Putin in two weeks in Geneva, and I'll make it clear that we will not be watching while they violate these rights," said Biden on Sunday at a speech to Memorial Day on Monday. © Eric BaraDat US President Biden does not want to watch Tastenlos as Russia violates human rights.

Video: European leaders spied by the United States: "It's extremely serious," Reacts Clement Beaune (Le Figaro)

Le président démocrate est même allé jusqu’à qualifier Vladimir Poutine de « tueur », s’attirant de vives critiques de Moscou. AFP © Eric Baradat Pavel Golovkin The Democratic President went so far as to qualify Vladimir Putin of "killer", attracting strong criticism of Moscow. AFP

This is a message sent before a visit Wednesday on the European soil Wednesday. In a forum published Saturday in the Washington Post , Joe Biden promised to consolidate "the democratic alliances" of the United States against multiple crises and the growing threats of Moscow and Beijing. The US President must participate in the middle of the week in Europe at the annual peaks of G7 and NATO. He should talk to the stride in Geneva on June 16 with Vladimir Putin, in a period of very lively tensions between the two rival powers.

summit marathon for US President Biden at first European trip

 summit marathon for US President Biden at first European trip Video: Biden and Putin meet in June in Geneva to Summit (DPA) Washington. Foreign trips are associated with a full schedule for politicians. The US President visits Europe at his first trip abroad - and meets Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin and the Queen. © Susan Walsh Joe Biden meets in the coming days among others on Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin and many more politicians.

Washington comes from sanctioning Moscow for a kyrielle of motifs: accusations of interference in elections, hacards computer, espionage, repression aimed at the opponent Alexei Navalny, military threat weighing on Ukraine, annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea. Russia also responded by many counter-sanctions. In addition, the two powers have no longer have since several weeks of ambassadors in their respective capitals. Moscow also accuses NATO to activate militarily on the Russian borders with deployments of troops and exercises.

Breaking with Trump

era "We are united to meet the challenges of Russia towards European security, starting with its aggression in Ukraine, and there will be no doubt about the United States resolution to defend our Democratic values, which we can not separate from our interests, "says Joe Biden. And adding: "President Putin knows that I will not hesitate to respond to future prejudicial activities. During our meeting, I will again highlight the commitment of the United States, Europe and democracies attached to the same principles for defending dignity and human rights.

USA: Biden changes approach in the infrastructure negotiations

 USA: Biden changes approach in the infrastructure negotiations USA-Infrastructures-Biden: USA: Biden changes approach in infrastructure negotiations © Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein USA: Biden changes approach in The Infrastructure Negotiations by David Morgan, Susan Cornwell and Trevor Hunnicutt Washington (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden ended Tuesday with a prominent Republican senator on an investment plan for infrastructure, deciding Opt for negotiations with a bipartite group of elected officials, after considering unsatisfactory Shelley Capito's propo

Since taking office in January, Joe Biden has a great firmness with regard to Russia, eager to mark the break with its predecessor Donald Trump , accused of complacency. The Democratic president even went up to qualify Vladimir Putin of "killer" , attracting strong criticism of Moscow.

But both Joe Biden as Vladimir Putin expressed the hope of improved relationships. The Russian president hoped on Friday that their meeting leads to positive results. Beyond these comments, Joe Biden pointed out that Washington "does not seek conflict," citing his decision to extend the New Start Nuclear Arsenal Limitation Treaty for five years.

Summit Biden-Putin: the limited ambitions of Russian diplomacy .
© Reuters - Sputnik Photo Agency At the meeting Biden-Putin, we will satisfy Moscow minimal service: no joint press release, not even press conference joint. Russia is not waiting for the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin this Wednesday in Geneva that few concrete results. The Kremlin addresses the summit with modest objectives: to renew the dialogue, at the lowest since the end of the Cold War, and restore appeased diplomatic relations.

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