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12:25  07 june  2021
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in Israel, the talks for a government without Netanyahu intensifies

 in Israel, the talks for a government without Netanyahu intensifies © provided by the Point L Es Policy Tags intensified Sunday in Israel, a few days from a key deadline, to achieve the formation of A government coalition that would sign the end of the era of Benjamin Netanyahu , inamovable Prime Minister for more than a decade.

Le Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahu s'exprime lors d'une cérémonie liée à la lutte contre le coronavirus à Jérusalem, le 6 juin 2021 © Menahem Kahana The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a ceremony related to the fight against coronavirus in Jerusalem, June 6, 2021

Critical Week opens Monday in Israel where the new government is waiting with fevering the vote of trust, a coalition that will be excluded for the first time in 12 years Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of practicing the policy of the "burnt land".

This vote in Parliament is the last step before the installation of the heterogeneous coalition formed in extremis on June 2 by the head of the opposition Yaïr Lapid with two left parties, two of the center, three right including Yamina ( Radical nationalist) and Israeli Arabic training Raam (Islamist).

complicated government formation: In Israel it runs on a coalition without Netanyahu beyond

 complicated government formation: In Israel it runs on a coalition without Netanyahu beyond in Israel it runs on a coalition without Netanyahu beyond twelve years, the Prime Minister was continuous in office, now a change of power. Seven parties from the right, left and the center warehouse want to work together. © Atef Safadi / Reuters right, but against the prime priority: Jamina boss and ex-defense minister Naftali Bennett wants to bring about a government without Benjamin Netanyahu (left). Israel controls a power change.

Le chef de la droite radicale en Israël, Naftali Bennett, s'exprime au Parlement à Jérusalem, le 6 juin 2021 © Menahem Kahana The head of the radical right in Israel, Naftali Bennett, speaks at Parliament in Jerusalem, on June 6, 2021

, according to the Israeli media, the formal consultation of the members could intervene either Wednesday or Monday 14 June. The decision is in the hands of the President of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, Yariv Levin, who could speak on this calendar on Monday afternoon.

Des partisans de la nouvelle coalition gouvernementale formée par les opposants de Benjamin Netanyahu, manifestent à Tel-Aviv, le 6 juin 2021 © Jack Guez supporters of the new government coalition formed by the opponents of Benjamin Netanyahu, demonstrate to Tel Aviv, on June 6, 2021

The Future Prime Minister designated, the leader of Yamina Naftali Bennett, called Mr. Levin, Member of the Likoud right party of Mr. Netanyahu and a loyal of the latter, not to play the watch.

"We know that Netanyahu puts the pressure to delay this vote in order to try to find deserters but you must act for the good of the State of Israel not for that of Mr. Netanyahu," said Sunday Mr. Bennett.

Israel: The Coalition Project to Dislodge Netanyahu Takes Form

 Israel: The Coalition Project to Dislodge Netanyahu Takes Form Israel-Politics: Israel: The Coalition Project to Dislodge Netanyahu Takes Form © Reuters / Pool Israel: The Coalition Project to Dislodge Netanyahu Takes Form By Dan Williams Jerusalem (Reuters) - The Heair Lapid Centrist Leader, concluded an agreement with several parties, including the one led by the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, thus getting closer to his goal of creating A new government capable of dislodging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

The new coalition, supposed to put an end to more than two years of political crisis marked by four legislative elections, was formed to oust Mr Netanyahu, in power for 15 years, a record.

- "Red lines" -

increasing, the outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu multiplies warnings and denigration formulas against the new team, so far as to worry local security services.

Video: Political crisis in Israel: Soon the end of the Netanyahu era? (France 24)

Monday, the 71-year-old officer has once again described on Twitter of "government of the left hazardous" the new coalition.

"Attempts to challenge or prevent the introduction of the new government," has worried in an editorial the most read everyday, Yediot Aharonot.

At the cries of "traitors", Benjamin Netanyahu supports multiplied online threats or gatherings in front of the domiciles of the leaders of the new coalition.

Israel: the Labor Isaac Herzog elected President

 Israel: the Labor Isaac Herzog elected President Video: Israh: The Labor, Isaac Herzog, Elected President (France 24) Your Browser Does Not Support This Video © Provided by Point Isaac Herzog, Israel I Sarael has a new president. And his name is well known in the country. This is Isaac Herzog, former Chief of the Labor Party, which was elected, Wednesday, June 2, by Israeli MPs. And then, while the country is also waiting for the announcement of an Agreement which would see Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu leave his post.

A climate that "recalls the days preceding the death of Yitzhak Rabin", reports the yediot Aharonot, with reference to the assassination of the Israeli Labor Prime Minister in 1995 by a Jewish extremist following the agreements concluded between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on Palestinian autonomy.

Nadav Argaman, the boss of the Shin Beth, the inner security department, came out on Saturday of his usual reserve to warn all politicians against "an increase in discourse inciting violence, including social networks".

speeches, according to him, who can be "understood by some people or some groups as a permit to commit violence" up to "fatal injuries".

- "Click" -

Sign of an increasingly lively concern, the Parliament Security Affairs Committee had to meet in an emergency during the morning.

It also had to look at the more and more numerous calls to prohibit an "flag march" scheduled Thursday in Jerusalem East, Palestinian sector occupied by Israel, at the call of figures of the Israeli far right.

The new coalition government, which any opposite on paper, met Sunday for a first working meeting around the Centrist Yaïr Lapid and Naftali Bennett.

According to the coalition agreement, Naftali Bennett, 49, former assistant of Mr. Netanyahu, will have to lead firstly the government until 2023 before being replaced by Yaira Lapid until 2025 as part of a rotation .

At the end of the meeting in camera, Bennett, polishing his image of Future Prime Minister and man of the rally, called in a solemn speech his former mentor "not to hang" and stopping to practice the policy of "burnt land".

"The whole nation wants to remember the although you have done to this country, not of this kind of state of mind."


Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be "back" one day in power .
© EPA / Maxppp Benjamin Netanyahu on June 6, 2021 in Jerusalem. The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister says she does not end up with politics. While a new coalition came into office, "Bibi" said he would be "back" one day in power. The Israeli Prime Minister outgoing Benjamin Netanyahu said, Sunday, June 13, that he would remain in politics after the entry into office of a new coalition, wherever he will come back to power one day.

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