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16:00  08 june  2021
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researchers warn that the planned Internet satellites who want to place Spacex with Starlink and other providers in large numbers in the orbit could damage the ozone layer in the long term.

Starlink-Satelliten starten in den Orbit. © Spacex StarLink satellites start in the orbit.

The scheduled construction of satellite internet , for which companies like Spacex (Starlink) , Amazon (Project Kuiper), OneWeb or the Chinese Consortium China Satellite Network Group want to send tens of thousands of satellites in the orbit, has a lot of concern among researchers worldwide Triggered. First, was the light pollution in focus , later of the increasing space scrap . Now, researchers warn against the risks for the ozone layer, which could cause the burning function-absorbant satellites when entering the earth's atmosphere.

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Researchers: It threatens an ozone hole 2.0

citing the astrophysicist Aaron Boley from the Canadian University of British Columbia writes Space.com a bit placant from a threatening ozone hole 2.0. In fact, daily meteorite material circulates from 54 tonnes to the earth, as a research team is calculated around Boley in an study . For the first 12,000 StarLink satellites, for example, the researchers expect - upon acceptance of a five-year life cycle - with an average of almost two tons daily, which again enters the Earth's atmosphere. The satellites of the StarLink competition would come to that.

The problem is in this case but not the sheer mass of the satellites, but their chemical composition. Because meteorites predominate from rocks - which in turn composes from oxygen, magnesium and silicon -, satellites are mainly built from aluminum. When blowing the satellites in the earth's atmosphere, alumina would be released, whereby over short or long ozone molecules could be damaged. Corresponding temporary ozone holes have already occurred with rocket launches, so boley.

appeared in the middle of the fields, a giant hole of unknown origin worries a whole city

 appeared in the middle of the fields, a giant hole of unknown origin worries a whole city © Photo: Jose Castañeres / AFP An impressive aerial view of the chasm now filled with rainwater, discovered by farmers in a field of Cultures in Santa María Zacatepec, in the state of Puebla, in Mexico. A gigantic hole appeared on an agricultural land on the edge of Santa María Zacatepec, in Mexico. A city located just a hundred kilometers from the capital of the country: Mexico City. A gulf appeared at the end of May that continues to grow. He now threatens to engulf a neighboring house.

Geoengineering effect due to glowing satellites?

The aluminum oxide could also have a kind of geoengineering effect - and thus possibly intervene massively into the balance of the planet. The Canadian researchers expect that aluminum oxide could influence the so-called planetary albedo , that is, the return radiance of the earth. Possible would be an increase in the reflection of the sunlight. This effect is seen by some researchers as a possibility to reduce global warming. So far, appropriate experiments are highly controversial due to the unpredictability of further effects on earth.

mobile radio: Voltage gap detected in encryption mechanism .
researchers have apparently found a clearly open vulnerability in an obsolete encryption mechanism for mobile traffic. Many mobile phones still use the algorithm today. © Candbedone / Shutterstock Old devices can fall back to GPRS and thus the insecure algorithm in areas with poor network coverage.

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