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21:55  08 june  2021
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Biden: USA does not see Russia by injury from human rights to

 Biden: USA does not see Russia by injury from human rights to US President Joe Biden wants to urge Russia's head of state Vladimir Putin at her summit meetings planned for mid-June to comply with human rights. "I'll meet President (Vladimir) Putin in two weeks in Geneva, and I'll make it clear that we will not be watching while they violate these rights," said Biden on Sunday at a speech to Memorial Day on Monday. © Eric BaraDat US President Biden does not want to watch Tastenlos as Russia violates human rights.

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Lega boss Matteo Salvini sees his leadership of Italy's right. Now he wants to incorporate Silvio Berlusconis Forza Italia to enlarge his power base.

Noch ziert er sich, der „Cavaliere“. Doch Silvio Berlusconi (links) braucht Lega-Boss Matteo Salvini. Foto: Giuseppe Ciccia/dpa © Photo: Giuseppe CICCIA, DPA He still adorns himself, the "Cavaliere". But Silvio Berlusconi (left) needs Lega-Boss Matteo Salvini. Photo: Giuseppe CICCIA / DPA

In the economy one would speak of an enemy takeover attempt: Lega-boss and ex-interior minister Matteo Salvini has these days the merger of his right-wing populist Lega with the party of multiple former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the Forza Italia, challenged. How exactly this merger should look like is not quite clear. First of all, a "fusion" was the speech, then from a "federation". But the exact formula plays a subordinate role. Chief of the new formation would of course be Salvini. For Berlusconi, the politically minimalist - post of "president" would be provided. To stay in the economic arc: Salvini becomes CEO, Berlusconi Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Belarus: Joe Biden promises to crack in front of Minsk and Moscow

 Belarus: Joe Biden promises to crack in front of Minsk and Moscow Joe Biden promises to tell Vladimir Putin that he will not let him "violate" human rights. View on euronews © Vadim Ghirda / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. An image representing the Russian and Belarusian presidents in Bucharest, Romania, during a demonstration in front of the Belarusian Embassy, ​​on May 30, 2021 second consecutive day demonstration in Poland, in support of the Belarusian opposition this Sunday.

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Salvini is justified by the argument In his opinion, an united campaign - in his opinion - better dominate the left in the multi-party coalition of Premier Mario Draghi and can support its reforms of powerful support. Of course, the real reason is another one. The Lega boss feels the breath of his sharpest competitor in the neck. Giorgia Meloni, the boss of PostFascist Fratelli d'Italia (FDI), comes closer to him in the surveys. While Lega Salvinis has been weakening for months and still at 21 percent, the "Brothers Italy" now come to more than 19 percent, trend rising. It is therefore about the standard of leadership in the camp of Italy's right national - and thus the top candidature in the next parliamentary elections in spring 2023. With the incorporation of Berlusconis Forza Italia (in the surveys at 7 percent) Salvini could enlarge its power base.

TechnologieInvestor Prosus takes over Stack Overflow for 1.8 billion dollars

 TechnologieInvestor Prosus takes over Stack Overflow for 1.8 billion dollars Stack Overflow changes the owner. Prosus takes over the platform for 1.8 billion dollars and wants to help expand the range. © Stack Overflow Stack Overflow is the most popular platform for developer questions. The Q & A platform Stack Overflow is no longer an integral part of everyday life. Now the TechnologyInma Prosus Stack Overflow has taken over and pays according to own data 1.8 billion US dollars. Stack Overflow remains independent Prosus is a TechnologyInvestor based in Amsterdam.

Berlusconi hates Salvini

Giorgia Meloni currently benefits from its role as opposition leader. The FDI is the only larger party, not of the government of Mario Draghi B , and can now attack unpopular decisions of the former ECB President carefree. Salvini, whose Lega is part of the government coalition, falls much harder. Although he has repeatedly demarcated individual measures of one's own government in recent months, but it did not work particularly credible. In any case, Meloni will not join the planned Federation. "I do not think about cold fusions," she said. If the merger of the two goenger parties LEGA and FORZA Italia the left, as Salvini hopes, was a bit respred, that would be positive - "but us as an opposition party does not concern us," Meloni explained.

Whether the fusion will come about is not safe. Berlusconi had never made a secret that he personally can not suffer Salvini and holds him for an uncomfortable rupture and upstake. Also within Berlusconi's party resist. The two ministers Mariastella Gelmini and Mara Carfagna can not identify with the aggressive foreigner-out rhetoric of the Lega Chef. But the decision will make at the end of the founder and boss of the Forza Italia: Silvio Berlusconi.

No constitutional amendment to children's rights

 No constitutional amendment to children's rights For one, the mention of children's rights in the Basic Law would be an important milestone. Other fear of state interference in the families. © Frederic Kern / Geisler-Fotopress / Picture Alliance According to Federal Minister of Justice and Family Minister Christine Lambrecht, the negotiations on the anchoring of children's rights in the Basic Law for the current legislative period failed. She was deeply disappointed, explained the SPD politician.

ambitions on the Presidential Office

The now 84-year-old "Cavaliere" in turn pursues his own agenda. Despite his age and his battered health, he still dreams of being able to compete for the successor of Sergio Mattarella next year and to be elected President of Italy. Because Berlusconi relies on the voices of Salvinis Lega, he, probably or evil, will have to enter some form on his hostile takeover bid.

Even though Salvini and Meloni currently provide a bitter struggle for the leadership in the camp of the right populists and nationalists: their two two parties prove the first two places in the surveys and come together to 40 percent of the votes. This is unique in the EU - apart from Hungary and Poland, where the right populists have been governed for years. That could happen in Italy in less than two years - the question would be only who would be at the top of the government: Salvini or Meloni?

Oil in the Arctic: Two NGOs and six activists pursue Norway in court .
© Bloomberg / Getty Images Oil in the Arctic: Two NGOs and six activists continue Norway in court Two NGOs and six young activists of the Environmental cause decided to continue Norway before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to claim the cancellation of oil licenses in the Arctic, announced Greenpeace Nordic Tuesday.

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