US News Paris: Places of reception for women victims of domestic violence will be opened in three hospitals

23:00  08 june  2021
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Paris: Visit to "Stalincrack", Valérie Pécresse plays the card of security

 Paris: Visit to © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP exhausted by the nuisances related to crack traffic, the residents of the district of Stalingrad in Paris express their anger since a few weeks. In campaign for regional elections, Valérie Pécresse, President of the Ile-de-France region, candidate for his re-election, went on site, Saturday, accompanied by Rachida Dati. in Paris, Crack drug traffickers and consumers continue to rot the lives of Stalingrad inhabitants.

The Town Hall of Paris will launch a call for tenders for that associations ensure permanent on three hospitals of the AP-HP ( Public Assistance - Paris Hospitals)

L'adjointe à la mairie de Paris en charge de l'égalité entre femmes et hommes, Hélène Bidard, et la maire de Paris, Anne Hidalgo, en août 2019. © Christophe Archambault / AFP The Assistant at the Paris City Hall in charge of equality between women and men, Hélène Bidard, and the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, in August 2019. Info "20 minutes" - the Paris town hall will launch a call for tenders so that associations ensure permanent on three HP hospitals (Public Assistance - Paris Hospitals)

Imagine a woman who comes to the hospital for a burn. Asked by one or a doctor about the origin of his injury, she expresses a malaise, contains in silence. Very quickly, this health professional understands that this woman was burned by her spouse. Formed beforehand the detection of the spousal violence , it succeeds in making it speak, and to orient it in the antenna of its hospital dedicated to violence against women, where an association will take care of it.

trail from the Forcené in Dordogne: a call to witnesses and a photo broadcast

 trail from the Forcené in Dordogne: a call to witnesses and a photo broadcast The gendarmerie of Dordogne has broadcast a call to witnesses on Monday to find an armed man who shot on gendarmes in Lardin-Saint-Lazare this weekend. © National Gendarmerie For more than 24 hours, a real man hunting takes place in the Dordogne. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the individual was armed at home of his old companion in Lardin-Saint-Lazare before violating her and her new boyfriend.

This is the ideal scenario of the device imagined by public assistance - Paris Hospitals ( AP-HP ), after a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Parisian Observatory to fight against violence to women, who included the Paris town hall and other partners. The measure will be put in place at the end of the year in three Parisian hospitals: Salpêtrière pity, Bichat Claude-Bernard Hospital and the Hôtel-Dieu. In an attempt to resil the number of femicides in the capital, where on average between two and three women are killed by their spouse each year (see box at the end of the article).

The example of the women's house in Saint-Denis

"Many women go to the hospital but do not tell the health professionals they are victims of spousal violence. We look forward to this advance! Marie-France Castais commented, feminist collective against rape (CFCV), which manages the rape number women information (0 800 05 95 95). A device that replies that of the house of women in Saint-Denis , in connection with the Delafontaine Hospital.

Paris wants to build a memorial for women victims of violence

 Paris wants to build a memorial for women victims of violence The Council of Paris has adopted a wish to erect a memorial in the 13th arrondissement to women victims of violence © Canva illustration Violence marital tribute - the council of Paris has Adopted a wish to erect a memorial in the 13th arrondissement to women victims of violence The women victims of Violence will now have a place to remember what they experienced.

A call for tenders will be launched by the Paris town hall, which will finance feminist associations to hold permanence. In all 90,000 euros, which will probably not be enough to ensure a 24 hour permanence, but could make it possible to provide at least one care in evenings and weekends. That is, at the moment when the trained police officers for the protection of families are no longer stationary in the police stations, and where women often face police officers who are not trained, "says Hélène Bidard , Assistant to the Paris City Hall in charge of gender equality, which wants to fill this "breaking of care".

"Today we have public functions in silos, the idea is to get out of these silos, and to work together, to land on the territory the care," completes the elected. AP-HP staff should also be trained.

A home for children Covictimes of conjugal violence

This announcement follows that of Dominique Versini, Assistant to the Mayor of Paris in charge of the rights of the child and the protection of childhood, a home of protection. Childhood, dedicated to children who are victims of domestic violence, as well as of a home for children who are victims of incest.

The most murderer attack in Burkina since 2015, the UN "indignant"

 The most murderer attack in Burkina since 2015, the UN video: Burkina Faso: an attack, the most murderer since 2015, made a hundred dead (France 24) Your Browser does not support this video © Provided by the point L1 e north of Burkina Faso was struck in the night from Friday to Saturday by two attacks, one of which has made at least 138 dead, the most murderer in this country since the beginning of Jihadist violence In 2015, the Secretary General of the UN declaring "indignant".

While complaints for spousal violence have increased sharply in recent years , the Paris City Council prides itself on having doubled the budget on violence against women over the last three years, with a 105% increase for subsidies. specialized associations. But at the same time, the assistant in charge of equality complains that there was no similar increase in the police and justice. And to conclude: "We must train all the staff of justice and police, it is not possible that for lack of means there is such a lottery that is organized".

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Covid-19: Bombay on alert, facing the risk of a third wave .
© Provided by Paris The Parisian few cities in India seemed also vulnerable to the pandemic of Covid-19 that Bombay, yet the more populated by South Asia. But she knew, better than Delhi, resist the frightful second wave and stay on the foot of war in the meantime ... the following. In May 2020, Abhignya Patra, 27-year-old anesthetist, was mobilized 18 hours a day at Lokmanya Tilak Hospital in the Maharashtra capital (west). "It was non-stop," she says.

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