US News Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley: Microsoft speaks of separate versions

19:40  09 june  2021
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Minecraft: First part of the Caves & Cliffs update appears on 8 June

 Minecraft: First part of the Caves & Cliffs update appears on 8 June © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Minecraft since the Minecraft live event, which Microsoft and the Mojang Studios organized on 3 October 2020 is already known that with the Caves & Cliffs update one of the largest minecraft updates so far on the fans of the Franchises is coming.

Windows Event © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Windows Event

The "Next Generation of Windows" will introduce Microsoft on 24 June. Even if a lot is already speculated, so far, it was not clear whether the only loud marketing root is for another feature update for Windows 10, or if really a new version of Windows is in the approach - it actually after Windows 10 should no longer be.

In a accidentally published document, Microsoft has now made a strict separation for the first time. "Learn About Managing Applications in Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley" says. The document was quickly deleted, but via Github , however, the content is still available (if probably not long).

Why this Microsoft employee killed the start sound of Windows

 Why this Microsoft employee killed the start sound of Windows to Windows 7 heard users of Microsoft's operating system a sound when the boot process was completed. With Windows 8, this starting sound had disappeared - probably because of Jensen Harris. © Microsoft, T3N Windows 8 - without starting sound. "DÜ-DÜ" - the older ones under you are still reminiscent of the unique tone sequence, which announced the completion of the boot process from 1992 on Windows 3.11. Users should be made aware that their PC was ready for use.

Windows Sun Valley © Provided by Dr. Windows Windows Sun Valley

What does that tell us? Windows 10 and "Sun Valley" are in fact two different Windows versions. That is, Windows 10 will continue independently and unchanged from what Microsoft will show on 24 June. I could imagine that this is a message that companies first take note of relief. That's exactly why I was 100% for 100% before this revelation, that it will come.

Sun Valley - however, it is really hot, is a new version of Windows. I think it's reasonably likely that it will be a free update for all users of Windows 10, but would not exclude that, for example, it is only for subscribers from Microsoft 365 to win more people for the subscription. But that's a pure rating game on my part.

sure I'm sure that Sun Valley, even if it is presented as a new version of Windows, nevertheless nothing else is other than a feature update for Windows 10. The substructure, the driver model, the software compatibility etc. - All this will not or only change insignificantly, I am ready to bet. You will want to take as quickly as possible as many customers as possible, so the hurdles should not be high at this point.

Microsoft Edge receives CPU-based safety function for protection against malware attacks .
© Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge will in future support the control-flow enforcement technology security feature, short CET. It is a technology that was developed by Intel and Microsoft, but also supported by the new AMD processors. From version 94 of Microsoft Edge, CET is to be used. CET is aimed primarily against an attack method called Jump / Call Programming.

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