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07:25  10 june  2021
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Scientists alert: Faced with the decline of birds in France, it is necessary to change the agriculture and the hunt

 Scientists alert: Faced with the decline of birds in France, it is necessary to change the agriculture and the hunt © Copyright 2021, the obs birds of cities and fields see their populations collapse because of the human activities in France, alert scientists Monday, asking to act faster and stronger to change agricultural practices or to give up some hunts. Between 1989 and 2019, volunteer ornithologists followed the evolution of the 123 species of the most common birds in France via the temporal monitoring program for common birds (STOC).

Housing shortage, rising construction costs and high rentals today employ representatives of tenants, landlords and the construction sector.

Bauarbeiter arbeiten am Neubau eines Mehrfamilienhauses im städtebaulichen Großprojekt Wasserstadt Limmer. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA Construction workers work on the new building of a multi-family house in the urban planning project Water town of Limmer.

because the Corona crisis has changed according to industry data: rent and purchase prices for apartments are increasing in many places. The German Tenant Connector therefore enters his online tenant day for a nationwide rent stop and billions of government investments on the housing market.

From the next federal government, the tenant federation requires such a significant new construction, more social housing, more apartments in possession of public-wealth-oriented companies and corrections on the building landmarks. "The rent crisis goes further to", affirmed Union President Lukas Siebenkotten. According to the legal entity for the rental cover in Berlin, the association therefore occurs for a nationwide six-year-old rent stop. Leasons should not exist.

Rennes. Fourteen concerts outdoors, in June and July, in the modern garden

 Rennes. Fourteen concerts outdoors, in June and July, in the modern garden © Dr. The trio rap Number Z will be in concert on June 5 in the modern garden. It's really the recovery in the modern garden. The association Rennaise of support in the musical environment organizes a ribambelle of concerts outdoors, in June and July. First date on June 5th.

In addition, in the middle view, at least 30, better still up to 50 percent of all apartments in the hands of municipalities, non-profit organized companies and cooperatives should be, Siebenkotten said "Rheinische Post" (Thursday). For this,

would have to be used all the means, the laws. "The

socialization of the ground and soil is possible as Ultima ratio according to

to the Basic Law if other instruments do not lead to the

success," he stressed.

The Owners Association House and reason has such claims strictly back. Real estate ownership must be protected, said Association President Kai Warnecke of the "Rheinische Post". There are no additional apartments due to expropriations. «Instead of spend the money for compensation, the state

Covid-19: Why less than half of obese people received a dose of

 Covid-19: Why less than half of obese people received a dose of vaccine these data are all the more worrying as they concern only 860,000 people when obesity concerns more than 7 million French. © AFP.com/fred Tanneau Vaccine teens against COVID-19 presents a collective advantage, minimize the circulation of the Virus vaccination accelerates in France, but not at the same level for everyone.

would rather support new building through individuals." House and reason wants to formulate the interests of smaller private landlords in his association day on Thursday.

For the construction industry, the shops in residential construction run well now, 2020 was a record year. During the day of the construction industry, however, difficulties are likely to come, such as strongly rising prices for building materials such as wood.

three months before the federal election, video greetings and online podiums are represented by a number of top politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the construction industry as well as Chancellor candidates Olaf Scholz (SPD) at the tenant federation and Armin Laschet (CDU) at home and Reason.

, especially in big cities, metropolitan areas and university cities, rents have risen sharply in recent years. From the point of view of the tenant federation, significantly more than the last 300,000 new apartments have been built in the year. About 90,000 to 100,000 new social apartments are needed. Instead of 2.5 billion euros, the ten billion euros per year.

biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen calls waffle after criticism on the Internet by .
The original reason for naming was no longer perceived. The product is not called "Africa" ​​now. © Bahlsen After a racism debate in social networks, the biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen has renamed a waffle. As part of a relaunch, the name of the product "Africa" ​​was changed in "perpetum", a corporate spokesman announced on request on Thursday. The new products are therefore commercially available since June. Previously, the editorial network of Germany (RND) had reported on the renaming.

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