US News we do not put an anti-aging care on this area ... yet it agitates very quickly and presents wrinkles

12:25  10 june  2021
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regional. Jewish RN activists protest against "sulfurous" candidates

 regional. Jewish RN activists protest against in an email dated May 5, Jean-Richard Sulzer, Member of the National Council of the RN, warned the boss of the party, Marine Le Pen, against the Presence on the lists in the regional and departmental elections of candidates in the past "sulfureux". This animator of a movement representing Jewish confession activists cites the name of the list head in Brittany, Gilles Pennelle.

This delicate zone is the great forgotten of our anti-aging routines, yet, just like the skin of the face, it is older . Thus, wrinkles and fine lines appear and mark the passing time. It is quite possible to act at home to avoid the premature appearance of these signs.

La bouche vieillit très vite pourtant on oublie d'en prendre soin avec une routine anti-âge qui évite les rides. © Instagram @Gisele The mouth is aging very quickly yet we forget to take care of it with an anti-aging routine that avoids wrinkles.

Serum, Cream, Mask, Special Pillow Case ... Everything is done to take care of the skin of the face and slow down its aging. Yet a zone remains the great forgotten of these routines: the mouth! In the same way as the epidermis of the face, the lips are subject to the effects of the passing time. "The lips pull their form partly from the collagen, and as we get older, we produce less" explains an expert at GoodhouseKeeping magazine.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: His Advisor Serge Rader, Anti-Vaccine, Dies After Hospitalization Related to COVID

 Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: His Advisor Serge Rader, Anti-Vaccine, Dies After Hospitalization Related to COVID Video: Interview with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Dailymotion) © Raphael Lafargue / Pool / Bestimage Nicolas Dupont -Aignan: his advisor Serge Rader, anti-vaccine, dies after a hospitalization of COVID One of the councilors of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Serge Rader, died of an infection, only a few days after his hospitalization as a result. VVID-19 symptoms. Anti-vaccines and compotists have just lost one of their prowing figures. The former Pharmacist Serge Rader died at the age of 68 .

Over time, we need to face a loss of volume, wrinkles and fine lines that are formed on the outline of the mouth, a loss of definition. Because they appear thinner, the lips develop wrinkles of the smile that can reveal our age without even saying. Smoking, the environment in which we live but also the damage caused by UV can accelerate the process and show these signs prematurely. On the other hand, movements and muscle contractions naturally create folds on the skin.

forgotten the simple balm used when the lips are chapped, offer our mouth an leasing anti-aging routine .

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Tout savoir sur les ongles en gel avant de sauter le pas An anti-aging routine of the lips

No need to go through the cosmetic medicine box, it is possible to act at home against The wrinkles of the smile. For this purpose, three main factors should be targeted: dry skin and gecher , stress lines and volume loss.

Cabinet Resolies Nursing Form: Spahn defends Duty to tariff payment

 Cabinet Resolies Nursing Form: Spahn defends Duty to tariff payment At the last meters Before choosing, Union and SPD still go to a central project - higher wages for urgently needed caregivers. © Photo: Tobias Black / AFP Pool / DPA Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in front of the Cabinet meeting. nurses should be paid for better wages and working conditions in the future in the future in the future in the future. See Law plans from Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), which the cabinet has launched on Wednesday.

At first, it is essential to protect our lips from the damage caused by UV. The application of solar protection intended for the zone is essential. We are far from the sticks that left the skier-white lips of the 90s. At present, the formulas are effective while providing a transparent rendering.

Moreover, some balms that boost the volume of the lips can at the passing fill the fine lines or minimize their appearance.

If during the day we fight against damage, in the evening, we repair with gentle and regenerating care. It is advisable to bet on anti-aging care for lips, generally enriched with repulpant assets. They offer hydration and anti-aging action thanks to ingredients to boost collagen production.

A gentle exfoliation eliminates dry skin and promote cellular renewal. At home, nothing better than a scrub with sugar and honey. After exfoliating the lips, it remains only to moisturize them with a balm.

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No naturalization in conviction due to anti-Semitism .
According to a current media report, Union and SPD have agreed to change the nationality right. So the naturalization of anti-Semites or racists should be prevented. © Julian Stratenschult A man holds a naturalization certificate in hand (symbol image). The coalition fractions of Union and SPD have notified a change in nationality right after a report of the "Image" newspaper from Friday.

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