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01:25  11 june  2021
01:25  11 june  2021 Source:   ksta.de

MotoGP driver unins: would have to see Quartararo the black flag?

 MotoGP driver unins: would have to see Quartararo the black flag? © MotorSport Images At Fabio Quartararo, about five laps spaced from the zipper Racing end after Fabio Quartararo completed the MotoGP race in Barcelona with open leather coil, a discussion is burned out, whether the Yamaha pilot from the officials His own safety should have been stopped - for example with the black flag, as some riders on Sunday said . "I think it will come to language in the security commission," says Marc Marquez, "but in my view it is unfair if you show him the black flag."

Several members of the Left Party have applied for a party exclusion procedure against Sahra Wagenknecht at the North Rhine-Westphalian Country Crossing Commission. A party speaker confirmed the process on Thursday in Dusseldorf. Previously, the message magazine "The Mirror" had reported.

Sahra Wagenknecht © DPA Sahra Wagenknecht

is justified by the request according to the "SPIEGEL" that Wagenknecht of the party had inflicted "serious damage". The multi-page application deals mainly with Wagnknecht New Book "the self-righteous", it was called from the part of the party. Because of the book Wagenknecht is in the left for weeks in the criticism. Enemies see it as a billing carriage knech with their own party. Wagnknecht is top candidate of NRW-Left for the Bundestag.

"The whole story of my life is in Mein Kampf»

 © Wojtek Radwanski / AFP Is the new edition of Mein Kampf Titled "Historicize the evil" Reissue at Fayard from June 2 of the cursed book wants "Historicize evil" and offer historians a critical and commented version of the text. To avoid injury to the Jewish community, the home of editions led an intense work of pedagogy and diplomacy, depriving for example the title and promotion book.

"Political conflicts If you clarify political"

according to the party speaker, the arbitration commission will decide on the application in the coming days. If the body in NRW advocates the exclusion, Wagenknecht could challenge the decision before the federal pursuit committee according to the "SPIEGEL". Then she still remained the course in front of a normal court.

sharp criticism came from the first parliamentary managing director of the Left Faction, Jan Korte. The exclusion request derive every basis, he said the German Press Agency. "Political conflicts are clarified politically. All should now fight for a strong left - and not with each other. It's enough now. "(DPA)

China condemns criticism of the G7 countries as "political manipulation" .
after criticism of the human rights situation in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang China has accused the G7 states "political manipulation". The Chinese Embassy in London complained on Monday "lies, rumors and basic allegations" of the group of seven leading industrial nations. The G7 was mixed with her criticism "in China's inner affairs". © Ludovic Marin After the criticism of the human rights situation in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang, China has accused the G7 states "political manipulation".

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