US News Afghanistan-Turkish forces must withdraw, say the Taliban

02:20  11 june  2021
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attackers kill ten mine clearer in Afghanistan

 attackers kill ten mine clearer in Afghanistan The men of the mine clearance distribution had just finished their work on nearby fields. There were armed in her camp and open the fire. Ten people die, others are injured. © Noorgul Andarwal The dismantling over the attack is in the mine cleaners and the population large with an attack on a mine clearance of the British-American organization Halo Trust, ten people have come to life in Afghanistan. 16 Other were injured, Halo Trust confirmed in a declaration divided on Twitter.

Afghanistan-Turkey /: Afghanistan-Turkish forces must withdraw, say the Taliban

Washington, June 10 (Reuters) - Turkey must withdraw its troops from Afghanistan As part of the agreement concluded last year with the United States on the military withdrawal of the country, said Thursday a Spokesman of the Taliban, rejecting Ankara's proposal to deploy soldiers at the airport of the Capital Kabul once effective the withdrawal of American forces and NATO.

"Turkey is part of NATO troops since 20 years, therefore, in the state, they must withdraw from Afghanistan on the basis of the agreement we have signed with the United States on February 29, 2020 ", Sésil Shaheen said, based in Doha, in response to a Reuters phone message.

new controversy around the comments of a Muslim elected of the American Congress

 new controversy around the comments of a Muslim elected of the American Congress © Kerem Yucel American parliamentarian Ilhan Omar at a press conference in Brooklyn Center, in Minnesota, April 20, 2021 The pressure was on Thursday a democratic elected of the American congress, Ilhan Omar, already pinned by the past for his remarks on Israel and now criticized by his own colleagues for putting "on an equal plan" The Hebrew State, the United States, Hamas And the Taliban.

The spokesperson for the insurgents also emphasized the historical "good relations" between Afghanistan and Turkey, saying to want to preserve them in the future with the arrival of a new Islamic government.

During a NATO meeting last month, Ankara proposed to protect and lead Kabul Airport once all American and NATO troops are withdrawn from the country. 'Here on September 11, according to the announcement made in April by US President Joe Biden.

Many American parliamentarians, as well as former and current representatives, fear that the departure of foreign troops plunge Afghanistan to civil war allowing the Taliban to return to power, on the background of peace in peace. The insurgents and the Kabul government. (Jonathan Landay, French version Jean Terzian)

Morocco: great joint military exercise under American command .
© Fadel Senna Photo taken on June 14, 2021 showing a Moroccan air force member in an F-16 on the basis of Ben Guerir, about fifty km north of Marrakech , during a military exercise led by the United States rocket fire near Western Sahara, naval patrols off the Spanish Islands of the Canary Islands or aerial hunting ... a great joint military exercise, driven by the United States, gives rise to a demonstration of force since its launch in Morocco on June 8th.

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