US News two months after its expulsion from France, a Chechen imprisoned in Russia

04:40  11 june  2021
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Who is Mamie Wong, the Irductible activist that Beijing wants to silence?

 Who is Mamie Wong, the Irductible activist that Beijing wants to silence? © Anthony Wallace, AFP Alexandra Wong. The irreducible activist of 65 years, Icon of the Youth Prémarocracy, was arrested on Sunday. She manifested, alone. Alexandra Wong has no child, but all Hong Kong young people are shaking for her. Sunday, their Mamie Wong was arrested for incentive to the Illegal gathering. The sparkling 65-year-old rebel has pretended to laugh by brandishing his pancart tribute to the victims of Tianamen: I am alone and am only an old lady.

Des ONG avaient dénoncé la politique d'expulsions de la France à l'encontre de la communauté tchétchène (Illustration) D.R. © Dr. NGOs had denounced the expulsion policy of France against the Chechen community (illustration) Dr.

the CEDH had called France called France not to cross the red line of expulsions . To know: disregard the risks incurred by the individual returned to his country. On this file, the case of Chechene Magomed Gadaev alerted human rights associations. The Russian Memorial NGO affirms this Thursday that this newly expelled national from France to Russia was sentenced to a year and a half of prison.

Magomed Gadaev, opponent to the Chechen Ramzan Kadyrov leader, was expelled on April 9, the French Ministry of the Interior ensuring that the person concerned had "long-standing links with the Islamist movement and Djihad International". But this expulsion had been strongly condemned by human rights organizations, arguing that Magomed Gadaev was to be tortured or even executed in Chechnya illegally. Moreover, the media had reported that the latter had been removed shortly after his arrival on Russian soil.

regional in Hauts-de-France: Sébastien Chenu wishes to "initiate change"

 regional in Hauts-de-France: Sébastien Chenu wishes to guest of "Lille Policies" on BFM Grand Lille, in partnership with "20 minutes", the national rally candidate (RN) in the election Regional in Hauts-de-France, Sébastien Chenu, wholesale on safety © JEE / SIPA Sébastien Chenu, NR candidate in the Hauts-de-France.

"He had no weapons"

Video: Russia: Audience to declare "extremist" The movement of Navalny (Le Figaro)

A person in charge of the NGO Memorial, Oleg Orlov, Affirms having had confirmation, via an anonymous informant in Chechnya, that Magomed Gadaev had been sentenced to a year and a half of firm detention for illegal arms detention. The Novaïa Independent Journal Gazeta confirmed to his wife, who is not identified, that Magomed Gadaev was sentenced to such a sentence. "I do not know how it happened, our lawyer was not there," she says.

contacted, a head of the Chechen Tribunal of Atchkhoi-Martan refused to confirm this conviction, without defining them. "The court decision has not yet entered into force," he says. According to Memorial, Magomed Gadaev 10 days to appeal before the conviction is confirmed. Before the trial, the defendant announced twice from the services of independent lawyers sent to defend it, according to the NGO. "It is obvious that he has been threatened and promised him a minimum sentence," he refused to be forbidden, "says Oleg Orlov. "One and a half for possession of a weapon, it's a little but it did not do anything," he continued.

The Chechen authorities claim to have found a weapon belonging to Magomed Gadaev "In the attic of his father's house" in Chechnya, "said Oleg Orlov. "He had no weapons, it was a long time since he was in Russia," says Oleg Orlov, denouncing a "falsification". In 2010, Magomed Gadaev obtained refugee status in Poland and then went to France in 2011 where he was "stored" upon his arrival, "because of his military past" according to his lawyer in France.

Russia: The Putin Party meets in full repression campaign against opposition .
© provided by the point L e Party Russia united Vladimir Putin holds its congress on the sight of the legislative elections of September , whose main opposition force, that of Alexei Navalny , was excluded after months of repression. The Kremlin Master will speak in person during the event alongside Dmitry Medvedev , official leader of the Party and former Russian President.

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