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04:45  11 june  2021
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China welcomes the recovery of commercial discussions with the US

 China welcomes the recovery of commercial discussions with the US USA-commerce-China: China welcomes the recovery of commercial discussions with the US © Reuters / Jason Lee China welcomes the recovery of commercial discussions with the US PEKIN (Reuters) - China praised Thursday the recovery of "normal discussions" with the United States on commercial and economic records, ensuring that both parties now resolve their disputes in a pragmatic way.

Chinese authorities began implementing discriminatory policies in what became the XUAR in 1949, when the newly created People’s Republic of China government began to settle People’s Liberation Army soldiers on military state farms in Xinjiang, known as bingtuan (also known as the Xinjiang Production and In subsequent years, Chinese authorities significantly stepped-up repressive policies against ethnic Uyghurs, and increasingly, other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang, often justifying the government’s actions as part of the “global war on terror.”[31] President Xi Jinping later officially

Yet, as we report in this week’s China section (see article), the evidence of a campaign against the Uyghurs at home and abroad becomes more shocking with each scouring of the satellite evidence, each leak of official documents and each survivor’s pitiful account. In 2018 the government pivoted from denying the camps’ existence to calling them “vocational education and training centres”—a kindly effort to help backward people gain marketable skills. The world should instead heed Uyghur victims of China ’s coercive indoctrination.

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imprisonment of mass, torture, persecutions ... The treatment inflicted by China to the Uighhours and others Muslim minorities constitutes crimes against humanity, concludes a report by Amnesty International published this Thursday, the most complete of the human rights organization.

"The Chinese authorities have created a Dystopian hell landscape on a staggering scale in the Xinjiang Autonomous Oil Region," said Amnesty International's Agnès Callamard communiqué. " Oughours , Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities are facing crimes against humanity and other serious human rights violations that threaten to erase their religious and cultural identities," she added.

USA sanction more Chinese companies

 USA sanction more Chinese companies Washington. US President Joe Biden continues the hard line of its predecessor: It sets 59 companies to a "black list", which is said to be cooperations with China's military and monitoring apparatus. Beijing protests. © Mandel Ngan US President Joe Biden remains hard in trading war with China. US President Joe Biden tightens the approach to Chinese companies with alleged links to the Military of the People's Republic.

On August 15, 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army bombed Nanking, the capital of China . These raids were unrelenting until December 13, when Japanese troops entered the conquered city. For the Chinese , this event is an immediate symbol of outrages committed by Japanese troops during the war. During World War II, all of the major participants in the conflict committed atrocities. These actions were often covered up or denied.

Despite this, the prohibition of crimes against humanity , similar to the prohibition of genocide, has been considered a peremptory norm of international law, from which no derogation is permitted and which is applicable to all States. According to Article 7 (1) of the Rome Statute, crimes against humanity do not need to be linked to an armed conflict and can also occur in peacetime, similar to the crime of genocide. That same Article provides a definition of the crime that contains the following main elements

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Report "The draconian repression measures against the Muslims of the

#xinjiang are similar to crimes against humanity" #ouighours https://t.co/qy6g1fnu24 - AmnestyPresse (@amnestypresse)

June 10, 2021 In this 160-page report, the NGO has unveiled dozens of new testimonials from old detainees detailing "extreme measurements taken By the Chinese authorities since 2017 to uproot religious traditions, cultural practices and local languages ​​"of the Muslim minorities of the region.

Video: Ratko Mladic's appeal trial: "Political leaders continue the war by revisionist narratives" (France 24)

Your Browser does not support this video The text details the incarcerations of masses since 2017, which would quantify in hundreds Thousands, to which are added internations in camps, which would reach Million. The testimonials collected evoke forced education inflicted in these camps, to compel victims to disavow Islam and give up dialect and cultural practices, and to learn Mandarin and the propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party.

industry has fewer orders in April

 industry has fewer orders in April after three months in the plus the German industry got fewer orders in April than in the previous month. At the same time, new figures for Chinese foreign trade show that Germany also benefits from the upswing in China. © Picture-Alliance / DPA / J. WiITAs Provided by Deutsche Wave A small success series is torn: After three climbs in a row, the German industry in April for the first time this year has drawn fewer orders to land than in the previous month.

Amnesty International interviewed 41 witnesses and survivors for the report. There have long been tensions between the Ethiopian federal government and leaders in Tigray, and in early November, members of the national military began clashing with Tigrayan forces. A new Amnesty International report states that in late November, soldiers from Eritrea who had been fighting in the Tigray region of Ethiopia entered the city of Axum and "systemically killed hundreds of unarmed civilians" in a "massacre that may amount to a crime against humanity ."

Crimes Against Humanity The concept of “crimes against humanity ” dates to the mid–nineteenth century, but the first list of such crimes was not integrated into an international document until the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1945. Today, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Impunity is fostered by governments’ refusal to investigate crimes, by granting government officials immunity from prosecution, and/or by enacting amnesty laws to shield a person or a group of people from accountability. The toll of impunity is often seen in the continued suffering of victims and the

Death of an inmate remained attached for 72 hours

All the old detainees interviewed by the NGO tell torture, and ill-treatment, shots, sleeping and food deprivation, electrocution. Amnesty evokes the death of an inmate remained attached for 72 hours on a special chair, in front of his codétenus.

"The Chinese Government has made extraordinary efforts to conceal its violations of international human rights law in Xinjiang," says Amnesty, whose Secretary General called for "immediate" dismantling camps and setting up a United Nations investigation.

The United States described as "genocide" the treatment of Beijing to the Uighours, qualifying that London refused to use.

According to foreign experts, more than one million Uighours, the main ethnic group of Xinjiang, are held in rehabilitation camps and some are subject to "forced labor".

Beijing challenges and asserts that these are vocational training centers destined to keep them away from terrorism and separatism, after many deadly attacks committed against civilians by Uighurs.

Beijing calls NATO to stop using the "Chinese threat" .
© provided by NATO point , China, Russia, Jens Stoltenberg, The NATO leaders have not been tender with the China and Russia Monday. Regarding China, the leaders of the Atlantic Alliance mentioned a "systemic challenge" posed by the communist regime. The reaction did not wait. From Tuesday, the next day of the summit, Beijing asked that NATO ceases to exaggerate with the "Chinese threat theory".

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