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08:40  11 june  2021
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week crucial in Israel, announced as the last in power for Netanyahu

 week crucial in Israel, announced as the last in power for Netanyahu © Menahem Kahana The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a ceremony related to the fight against coronavirus in Jerusalem, June 6, 2021 Critical Week opens Monday in Israel where the new government is waiting with fevering the vote of trust, a coalition that will be excluded for the first time in 12 years Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of practicing the policy of the "burnt land".

Jerusalem. Corruption, fraud and infidelity are the predictions against Israel's head of government Netanyahu. He does not enjoy immunity. And it could be just for him to change that.

 Benjamin Netanjahu, Ministerpräsident von Israel, spricht während einer Zeremonie, in der dem Gesundheitssystem für seinen Beitrag zum Kampf gegen das Coronavirus gedankt wird. © Ariel Schalit Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, speaks during a ceremony in which the health system is thanked for his contribution to the fight against the coronavirus.

Benjamin Netanyahu is the first head of government in Israel, which was charged in the Office. Israeli law does not intend to immunity for the Prime Minister. Netanyahu threatens a prison sentence of up to ten years due to corruption and three years due to fraud and infidelity. If the Parliament Netanjahu will deselect in office on Sunday after twelve years, he could no longer try to change immuno rights to his favor as a head of government.

Without Nethanjahu: Short majority in parliament for Israel's new government

 Without Nethanjahu: Short majority in parliament for Israel's new government A wafer-thin majority of deputies in the Israeli parliament voted on Sunday for the new government. 60 of 120 Knesset members voted after stormy debates for the eight-party alliance under the guidance of Naftali Bennett from the ultra-right Jamina and Jair Lapid from the Future Party. 59 voted against it, there was a abstention. This means the preliminary end of the era of the Legal Conservative Long-term Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. © AFP Naftali Bennet Before the Knesset in Jerusalem.

his deselection would otherwise "change nothing in the process, as he had no immunity anyway," says the Constitutional Lawler Amir Fuchs from the research center of Israel Democracy Institute.

Netanyahu has been in several cases for corruption, fraud and infidelity in several cases since May 2020. The prosecutor will help the 71-year-old to abuse his power to secure benevolent coverage in the media. In addition, he and relatives should have adopted gifts such as champagne, jewelry and cigars worth 700,000 shekels (180,000 euros) - in exchange for favors and financial benefits. The prosecution supports its indictment on more than 300 testimonies. Because of the pandemic, the hearings were moved several times.

Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be "back" one day in power

 Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be © EPA / Maxppp Benjamin Netanyahu on June 6, 2021 in Jerusalem. The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister says she does not end up with politics. While a new coalition came into office, "Bibi" said he would be "back" one day in power. The Israeli Prime Minister outgoing Benjamin Netanyahu said, Sunday, June 13, that he would remain in politics after the entry into office of a new coalition, wherever he will come back to power one day.

Netanyahu rejects the allegations and sees itself as a victim of a political "witch hunt". He always tried to escape law enforcement. As a head of government, he worked to confine the power of courts and to change the immunity to his favor. "For two years, the question was whether Netanjahu would change the Israeli Basic Law to prevent the process," says constitutional lawyer Fuchs. He loses his government office, "he will not have the power to do this".

The process before the Jerusalem district court could be over the years. As often practiced in Israel, Netanjahu could offer a guilty confession in order to negotiate an acquittal in more serious charges or less punishment. In the case of a conviction, he can also appeal to the Supreme Court.

as the last destination, Netanyahu still remained, his former challenger, the designated President Izchak Duke Duke, to ask for a pardon. This scenario is unlikely and politically as morally questionable: "That would be a terrible setback for the rule of law."

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