US News Merkel wishes Löw team success at the EM: "I press the thumbs that you come very far"

09:15  11 june  2021
09:15  11 june  2021 Source:   tagesspiegel.de

g7 summit: Merkel: "significant contribution" for vaccine distribution from Germany

 g7 summit: Merkel: Chancellor Angela Merkel has assured a "significant contribution" from Germany in the distribution of corona vaccines. "Germany is responsible for 350 million doses," Merkel said on Sunday to conclude the G7 summit in the southwest glazing Cornwall. These included 30 million doses that Germany ordered and passed on. © dpa Great Britain, Carbis Bay: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, meets an official greeting during the G7 summit. "That will probably become even more over time," Merkel said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a screen during a video-conferenced meeting with European Council President Charles Michel at the European Council in Brussels, on March 5, 2021. © AFP / John Thys. Follow RT on. Merkel will not be running for a sixth term as the leader of the German government, but her center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party is yet to choose their candidate. The CDU is suffering from a plunge in support due to the worse-than-expected rollout of Covid-19 vaccines and a recent corruption scandal involving party MPs.

Angela Merkel disgusted by German Flag - Throws it away at Victory Celebration of own Party. Moving on, what other reaction could you possibly expect from a globalist? I think perhaps, we should wake up as if from some drugged stupor before we end up living on a meager state stipend to wile away our days glued to reality tv and the day to day services to a burden they were never designed to absorb; incredibly, at the expense of your jobs. And while discussing cheap labour isn’t it so dreadfully arrogant to suck away the doctors, nurses and engineers these impoverished countries so desperately need?

Chancellor switches on by video to the national team + patriotic slogan ensures dispute + lion waiver on reserve sheets + the newsblog.

Bundestrainer Joachim Löw und Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (Archivbilder) © Photo: DPA / Robert Michael / Annegret Hilse National Trainer Joachim Löw and Chancellor Angela Merkel (Archive Images)

Chancellor Angela Merkel has wanted national coach Joachim Löw and the football national team in a video switch for the European Championship Good luck . "I'm looking forward to your games. It is difficult to go; I keep my fingers crossed that they come across, "Government speakers Steffen Seibert on behalf of the Chancellor on Thursday evening after the online exchange of ideas. (More in the EM-NewsBlog)

SPD attacks on Jens Spahn: Who irritates the chancellor, can only lose

 SPD attacks on Jens Spahn: Who irritates the chancellor, can only lose The SPD tip has escalated the mask dispute. That even calls the Chancellor on the plan. Now the social democrats are in distress. A comment. © Photo: Markus Schreiber / AP Pool / dpa Angela Merkel (CDU) comes to the weekly cabinet meeting of the Federal Government in the Chancellery in Berlin. We will have to forgive each other much, Jens Spahn said. That was in wiser foresight for the time after the pandemic - which is now gradually breaking. Some circles are already CoronaFrei.

Merkel will probably be wise and understand that the bond between America and Germany goes beyond the strange behavior of the current president. Let's look at some US Presidents (and relevant US politicians) and other World Leaders acting with class and manners, in many cases they could have said no to a hand shake, but acted presidential and with class instead I won't claim to understand what caused this demonstration of whatever-the-hell-it-was. Usually I find these brief meetings in front of the press rather lame, boring and fairly useless, but sulking certainly does nothing to improve them.

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More about football EM 2021:

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man grabs France's president Macron to .
Video: Last German-French Council of Ministers with Merkel and Macron (AFP) Tain-l'Hermitage. France's president has been attacked by a man on a journey to southern France, who hit him with his hand. A video therefrom spreads on the net. The perpetrator and another involved were arrested. © Philippe Desmazes of the French President Emmanuel Macron (M.) during his visit to Southeast France. Emmanuel Macron feels in his element.

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