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13:00  11 june  2021
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Germans and Russians talk about cooperation in crises

 Germans and Russians talk about cooperation in crises At the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, German and Russian economic representatives and politicians want to exploit opportunities for cooperation even in times of massive political tensions. © Sergei Ilyin / Pool Sputnik Kremlin / AP / DPA Russian President Vladimir Putin participates in a signature ceremony by videoconference at the International Business Forums in Sankt Petersburg (Spief).

The ARD journalist Robert Kempe has been deprived of accreditation for the Games of the Football Championship in St. Petersburg.

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Russia creates a sensation in dealing with critical reporting: The ARD journalist Robert Kempe is the accreditation for the Games of the Football Championship in St. Petersburg be withdrawn.

A spokesman for the European Football Union (UEFA) confirmed a report of the West German Rundfunk report on SID request and stressed that the refusal of approval was a decision of the Russian authorities. For all other ten venues of the final round (until 11 July), Kempes will continue to accreditation.

German U21 Thanks Wirtz double pack in the final: «Geiler victory»

 German U21 Thanks Wirtz double pack in the final: «Geiler victory» Stefan Kuntz did not want to let go of his Matchwinner Florian Wirtz at the long embrace after the final move. Germany U21 attacks the large gate show of the Superental and a nerve-wracking final phase after the third EM title. © Marton Monus / dpa Amos Pieper (R) Struggles with the Dutch of Justin Kluivert around the ball. The selection of coach Kuntz moved through a 2: 1 (2: 0) against the Netherlands for the third time in series in the final a European Championship.

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"We see a restriction of the freedom of the press that is not acceptable for us," said editor-in-chief Ellen Eehni: "We demand Russia to provide for education and access to the Russian Venues to our colleague grant so he can pursue his work as a journalist on site. " A accreditation allows a simplified visa procedure, the WDR is now trying to have an alternative entry opportunity for Kempe.

approval after background screening withdrawn

also the German journalist association (DJV) practiced violent criticism. "This is an unacceptable interference with the freedom of the press, which shows a further time that critical reporting in Russia is not only undesirable, but also has consequences for the journalists," said the DJV Federal Chairman Frank everywhere.

Hörmann adversary insist on new elections

 Hörmann adversary insist on new elections Berlin. With the announcement of a question of confidence, the DOSB tip wanted to calm the crisis in the umbrella organization. But important forces in the German Olympic Sportsbund is not enough. They demand new elections and keep the debate on shortly before Olympia. © Ina Fassbender Alfons Hörmann. The resistance to the DOSB tip around Alfons Hörmann is getting more powerful and threatens to burden the Olympic Mission of the German Team.

The case reminds of the ARD-DopingExperten Hajo Seppelt, which was denied the visa for entry to the World Cup in Russia in 2018. After massive criticism, this decision was withdrawn. Seppelt nevertheless renounced the trip to Russia due to the warning of German security authorities.

Kempe, which reports for the WDR and the ARD about the connections of sports and politics, had received his accreditation after transmitter details in early May by the UEFA. However,

was notified in writing at the end of the month, the local authorities of a country had rejected his accreditation after a "background screening". Most recently, Kempe had reported about the links of the Russian State Group Gazprom with Europe's football.

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