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Regional Election Test for Conservatives Before the end of the Era Merkel

 Regional Election Test for Conservatives Before the end of the Era Merkel © Ronny Hartmann The anti-migrant party candidate AFD Oliver Kirchner (2e d) campaign in Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) on May 26, 2021 The German Conservatives will cross the iron with the extreme right Sunday in regional elections in the east of the country, a crucial test for the succession of Angela Merkel, less than four months of the legislative.

Une électrice dans un bureau de vote à Bouchaoui, en Algérie. © AFP / Ryad Kramed An electrice in a polling station in Bouchaoui, Algeria. The Algerians choose, Saturday, their deputies at anticipated parliamentary elections, rejected by the protest of the Hirak and part of the opposition. in


, take place the first legislative legislation from the hirak, this unpublished and peaceful popular uprising, born February 22, 2019 of the rejection of a 5th term of the President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, pushed almost two months later to the resignation after twenty years of reign.

Some 24 million Algerians are called upon to elect the 407 deputies of the National People's People's Assembly for five years. They must choose from 2,288 lists, of which more than 1,200 are displayed as "independent". This is the first time that an also high number of independents are facing contenders endorsed by largely discredited parties and judged responsible for the crisis in the country.

MotoGP Warm-Up in Barcelona: Nakagami reports with the best time

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The repression has also increased before the elections.

Some 222 people are currently incarcerated for facts related to the Hirak and / or individual freedoms, according to the CNLD.

Low participation

at 4 pm (local time), the national participation rate reached 14.47%, a very low score, according to the President of the National Election Authority (ANIE), Mohamed Chorfi. The 2019 presidential election and the constitutional referendum of 2020 had already been marked by historical abstention. But whatever happens, power will accommodate.

"For me, the participation rate does not matter. What matters me is that those for whom the people vote have sufficient legitimacy, "

affirmed President Abdelmadjid Tebboune after voting in Algiers.

The closing of the polling stations was postponed by one hour, at 8:00 pm (21 hours in France), according to the Anie. The official results are expected in principle Sunday.

Germany: The Conservatives revived in the race at the succession of Merkel

 Germany: The Conservatives revived in the race at the succession of Merkel Video: Germany: the curators of the CDU win a wide victory during a polling station (Le Figaro) Your Browser does not support this video © Provided by point R Evigorated by their clear victory against the extreme right during a regional ballot test, the German Conservatives have marked points in the battle for Angela Merkel's succession that the Greens are competing, currently losing speed.

The Algerians scrolled the dropper in the isolation, according to AFP journalists on site.

"I have never voted and this time it's the same. I do not think things can change, "

said Fatiha, a fiftierenary trader.

"I voted for stability [...] those who refuse the ballot do not offer any realistic alternative,"

pleaded on his side Hamid, a 60-year frame.

The voting operations generally took place in the calm in Algiers, where voters were rare, and in the provinces, except in Kabylie.

Warmed in Kabylie

in Kabylie, east of Algiers, almost all polling stations were closed to Bejaia and Tizi Ouzou, the most populous cities of the Berberophone region, according to the Algerian League for the Defense of the Defense Human Rights and the National Committee for the Liberation of Inmates (CNLD).

"In Bejaia this morning, 17 voting centers opened on the 500 in the 52 communes. At 11:00, there were only two open offices remained. At 2 pm, all offices were closed, "

Legislative Legislative in Algeria: 24 million voters Called to the urns

 Legislative Legislative in Algeria: 24 million voters Called to the urns © Toufik Doudou, AP A passer-by dwells on electoral posters in Algiers, Wednesday, June 9, 2021. after an election campaign without public For the cause of epidemic, Algerians are called upon to the polls, Saturday, June 12, for advance legislative elections supposed to bring a new legitimacy in place in place, rejected by the protest of the Hirak.

says Saïd Salhi, Vice President of the Algerian League of Human Rights (LADDH).

Harmhouses also broke out in several Kabyles localities and the police proceeded dozens of arrests, according to these two NGOs. " There were riots at El Asnam, and Bechloul,"

said Saïd Salhi. Voting bulletin images rushing the streets in Kabylie circulated on social networks.

The CNLD also reported arrests in Algiers and in the nearby town of Boumerdès.

"Electoral Masquerade"

Before the elections, the hirak, which in vainly claims a radical change of the

"system" of governance in place since independence (1962), denounced an

"election masquerade"

. The secular and left opposition boycotts the ballot. The diet is determined to impose its "road map" electoralist, ignoring the demands of the hirak-state of law, democratic transition, popular sovereignty, independent justice.

The winners of previous legislative laws in 2017, the National Liberation Front and the National Democratic Rally, associated with the Bouteflika era, are now decreable. It will also be necessary to count with the moderate Islamist movement that took part in the ballot.

that it has already answered the requests of the Hirak, the power denies for several months all legitimacy to this movement without real leaders, that it accuses being instrumentalized by

"foreign parties".

For the spokesperson of the Government, Amar Belhimer, "These honest and transparent elections will beat all the diabolic machinations fomented by laboratories with destructive targets".

Russia: The Putin Party meets in full repression campaign against opposition .
© provided by the point L e Party Russia united Vladimir Putin holds its congress on the sight of the legislative elections of September , whose main opposition force, that of Alexei Navalny , was excluded after months of repression. The Kremlin Master will speak in person during the event alongside Dmitry Medvedev , official leader of the Party and former Russian President.

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