US News a place for a trip to space with Jeff Bezos sold $ 28 million

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Jeff bezos will travel to space on blue origin rocket. "Putting the world's richest man and one of the most recognized figures in business into space is a massive advertisement for space as a domain for exploration, industrialization and investment," Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas told clients earlier this month. While the funds raised from the event are earmarked for charity, Blue Origin is hoping to galvanize enthusiasm for its nascent suborbital tourism business. However, Branson, who founded Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (SPCE.N), may attempt to steal Bezos ' thunder by joining a

An unnamed bidder paid $ 28 million at auction Saturday for a seat alongside Jeff Bezos on board the first crewed spaceflight of the billionaire's company Blue Origin next month. The Amazon founder revealed this week that both he and his brother Mark would take a place on board the company's Taking off from a desert in western Texas, the New Shepard trip will last a total of 10 minutes, four of which passengers will spend above the Karman line that marks the recognized boundary between Earth's atmosphere and space . After lift-off, the capsule separates from its booster, then spends four

Jeff Bezos, qui va quitter son poste de patron d'Amazon en juillet, avait annoncé début juin qu'il ferait partie du premier vol habité dans la fusée New Shepard. © Jim Watson / AFP Jeff Bezos, who will leave her post of Amazon boss in July, had announced early June that It would be part of the first flight inhabited in the New Shepard rocket.

A rich and happy winner paid auction on Saturday $ 28 million to accompany Jeff Bezos in the first spatial tourism flight of Blue Origin scheduled on July 20th.

The winner, whose identity will be known in the coming weeks, has capped at the post about twenty participants in these online finals auctions that lasted less than ten minutes.

The process of these auctions had started in May with bets that had reached Thursday $ 4.8 million. It was the starting price on Saturday of this seat, alongside the founder of Amazon and his brother Mark.

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Blue Origin raised $ 28 million by auctioning a seat to accompany founder Jeff Bezos on a July 20 rocket ride –- the first time the company will carry people to space . The identity of the winner won’t be revealed for a few weeks, Blue Origin said Saturday. The day’s live auction followed weeks of online Blue Origin is vying with Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies and Richard Branson-backed Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. to offer trips to space to a small number of wealthy tourists. Bezos has compared space tourism to the barnstormers whose stunt flying helped fuel public fascination in the

Blue Origin’s month-long auction for a trip to the edge of space with its billionaire founder Jeff Bezos ended on Saturday with a closing price of $ 28 million . The flight aboard New Shepard, slated for July 20th, will mark the company’s first crewed mission to the edge of space , where the winning The identity of the winner wasn’t disclosed — “we need to complete some final paperwork with them,” says Blue Origin’s astronaut sales director Ariane Cornell during the live broadcast. The price began at .8 million, and dozens of telephone operators were gathered at a warehouse representing 20 bidders.

The sale flew in the transition from the ten million dollars, participants responding to additional million, until reaching the sum of 28 million. The winner will also have to pay 6% commission to the RR Auction auction.

Jeff Bezos, who will leave his post of boss of Amazon in July, announced in early June that he would be part of the first flight inhabited in the New Shepard rocket with his brother and the winner of a bid for a third seat. Ariane Cornell, Commercial Director at Blue Origin, said Saturday that a fourth tourist of space would make the trip, without giving his identity.

Video: Jeff Bezos and his brother will leave in space on July 20 (Dailymotion)

The total amount will be donated to a foundation created by Blue Origin, intended to encourage young people to work in the scientific community.

Jeff Bezos will participate in the first spatial flight of the Blue Origin

 Jeff Bezos will participate in the first spatial flight of the Blue Origin Espace-Exploration-Blueorigin-Bezos: Jeff Bezos will participate in the first space flight of the Blue Origin Project © Reuters / Clodagh Kilcoyne Jeff Bezos will participate in the first spatial flight From the Blue Origin Project (Reuters) - the founder of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos, will fly in space next month at the first spatial flight of his Blue Origin rocket, announced the billionaire Monday. "Since I have five years, I dream of traveling in space.

Jeff Bezos is going to space for 11 minutes. Here's how risky that is. The company's ultimate goal is to sell tickets to the general public, offering brief but jarring trips to more than 62 miles above Earth for scenic views, a few minutes of weightlessness, and bragging rights. The 62-mile mark is the altitude The $ 28 million price point the ticket sold for is far more than what Blue Origin's direct competitor, Virgin Galactic, has sold its tickets for. Though Galactic has yet to fly paying customers, it has already sold roughly 600 tickets for between 0,000 and 0,000 each. But it's also far less than what it

BLUE ORIGIN have sold a seat on their first spaceflight for $ 28 M, according to reports.The anonymous winning bidder will fly to the edge of space with . It employs 3,500 workers and is seeking to conquer space in an affordable and cheaper way by using reusable vehicles. Jeff Bezos is launching himself and his brother to SPACE next month on Blue Origin's first crewed flight.

The capsule that will be at the top of the rocket, with large portholes, can accommodate up to six people.

New Shepard will take off from a desert from western Texas. The rocket will take off vertically and the capsule will separate about 75 km high, continuing its trajectory until the altitude of 100 km, which defines the limit between the terrestrial atmosphere and space.

The passengers on board can then float by weighting for about three minutes and observe the curvature of the earth.

Meanwhile, the rocket will come down to move slowly on a track, always vertically.

Then the capsule will begin a free fall to return to the ground, and will be braked by three large parachutes and retrofinated before landing in the desert.

The rocket achieved 15 test flights and "we are ready to fly astronauts," said Ariane Cornell said Saturday.

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