US News Between Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden, a first head-to-face on a cordial understanding

02:45  13 june  2021
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USA sanction more Chinese companies

 USA sanction more Chinese companies Washington. US President Joe Biden continues the hard line of its predecessor: It sets 59 companies to a "black list", which is said to be cooperations with China's military and monitoring apparatus. Beijing protests. © Mandel Ngan US President Joe Biden remains hard in trading war with China. US President Joe Biden tightens the approach to Chinese companies with alleged links to the Military of the People's Republic.

«C’est super d’avoir un président américain très désireux de coopérer», a vanté Emmanuel Macron qui s'est entretenu samedi avec son homologue américain Joe Biden en marge du sommet du G7 à Carbis Bay au Royaume-Uni. AFP/Ludovic Marin © Ludovic Marine "It's great to have a very eager US president to cooperate," said Emmanuel Macron who Maintained Saturday with his American counterpart Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay in the United Kingdom. AFP / Ludovic Marin

For this first meeting between leaders who had not, until then, spoke only by interposed screens, the entourages of Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron had treated the staging. This Saturday, June 12, the President of the United States and his French counterpart settled outdoors on a terrace, sitting in wicker armchairs, hand glasses by hand for the American and both back at the beach of Blonde Carbis Bay, seaside town of Cornwall in southwestern England where stands the G7 (United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and United Kingdom).

man grabs France's president Macron to

 man grabs France's president Macron to Video: Last German-French Council of Ministers with Merkel and Macron (AFP) Tain-l'Hermitage. France's president has been attacked by a man on a journey to southern France, who hit him with his hand. A video therefrom spreads on the net. The perpetrator and another involved were arrested. © Philippe Desmazes of the French President Emmanuel Macron (M.) during his visit to Southeast France. Emmanuel Macron feels in his element.

"Is America back? "Launches journalists, an allusion to" America Is Back ", message hammered by US President invested in January. "Ask him," said the latter by designating Emmanuel Macron finger. "Certainly, approves the person concerned, it's great to have a very eager US president to cooperate." He conversed in English with the host of the White House, as he did with his predecessor Donald Trump.

Macron Facing the bidenmania

for the comparison with this "difficult period", as described as a high diplomat, it also notes that the casual style contrasts with the famous man handful imposed by the Republican President at the tenant of the renter. Elysee at their first meeting on the sidelines of a NATO summit in 2017 in Brussels.

Emmanuel Macron Giflé: Is the President's Tour de France disturbed?

 Emmanuel Macron Giflé: Is the President's Tour de France disturbed? The Elysee does not want to change the presidential tour project to "go in contact with the French", but the images of the slap have somewhat eclipsed the message of Emmanuel Macron © Philippe Desmazes / Pool / AFP Emmanuel Macron on the move to Valencia in the Drôme on June 8, 2021.

Video: Joe Biden in Europe: First Head-to-Head with Boris Johnson on Brexit Background (France 24)

"We are on the same line," says Joe Biden, About hot records of the moment: fight against the pandemic of Covid-19 and vaccination, posture with regard to China and Russia, future of the Transatlantic Alliance (NATO holds its summit on Monday) ... Still, Not sure that behind these amiabilities, Joe Biden's "America is Back" is so different from the "America First" (America first) of a Donald Trump which despised Europe.

At his press conference, Thursday at the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron wanted to affix his own brand. Sometimes leaving a certain annoyance in the face of the "bidenmania" in Europe, linked in particular to the US tax offensive against multinationals or its proposal of temporary lifting of patents on vaccines in order to accelerate Production for poor countries. Africans, corrects the French president, prefer concrete and quickly: "They no longer believe in our commitments in numbers, they believe in the doses arriving on the ground." Example, in Burkina Faso, France has delivered more than 110,000 doses of serum.

US: Joe Biden will receive Angela Merkel at the White House on July 15th

 US: Joe Biden will receive Angela Merkel at the White House on July 15th Relations between the United States and Germany suffered from the presidency of Donald Trump © Chris Kleponis Joe Biden and his wife Jill at the White House . Diplomacy - relations between the United States and Germany suffered from the presidency of Donald Trump The American President Joe Biden will receive the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on July 15 at the White House, announced Friday his spokesman On the sidelines of the G7 top in Cornwall .

The strategy against China

A Carbis Bay, the leaders of the G7 powers also launched, under the auspices of the US President, for whom China is the number one adversary, a broad world of infrastructure for the Poor countries, history of competing the roads of Chinese silk, vectors of geopolitical influence in Africa, in Latin America, in the Middle East ... baptized "rebuilding the world better", this plan was warmly welcomed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Gold, throughout the years Trump, Paris has encouraged an own strategy of the European Union vis-à-vis the two giants: nor embedded in the Washington Crusade against Beijing, neither "vassialized" by China. The Elysee had also worked with a real power of a defense Europe, helped in this "sovereignty" project by a Donald Trump which claimed to end with NATO, too expensive in his eyes for America. .

With the Biden administration, the twenty-seven will not be tempted to lower the guard again? The President of the Brussels Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, welcomed twitter of the return of "solidarity" and "cooperation" within the G7, the US President who decided to consult his allies before his summit with Vladimir Putin, Wednesday in Geneva. "A biden phenomenon? But it does not make it reconnect with the practices of multilateralism prevailing before the Trump parenthesis ", is a minister of Macron ...

After the meeting between biden and Putin, Russia greets the "common sense" American .
© Martial Trezzini / EPA / Maxppp Joe Biden aboard Air Force One on June 16th. Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden initialed a short text affirming their willingness to set up a "dialogue on strategic stability", after their meeting in Geneva, Wednesday, June 16th.

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