US News Did France recognize having killed civilians in the bombardment of Bounti in Mali on January 3?

20:30  13 june  2021
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France makes pressure on Putschisten in Mali

 France makes pressure on Putschisten in Mali after the second military coup in Mali within a year, France draws consequences. Common military operations with the Malian armed forces are exposed to further. © Frederic Petry / Hans Lucas / Picture Alliance A French soldier in the Sahel zone in the north Malis Paris expect that the timetable of the West African Economic Community is implemented Ecowas and the African Union. There must be a return to a civilian government in Bamako, it says in a declaration of the French Ministry of Defense.

Une vue aérienne de la zone autour du village de Bounti prise fin janvier 2021 par la mission des Nations Unies au Mali. © MINUSMA An aerial view of the area around the village of Bounti taken at the end of January 2021 by the United Nations Mission in Mali.

Question asked by Salvador on June 10, 2021.

While Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday "The end of Operation Barkhane" at Sahel , hence the French army will gradually disengage during the coming years, you We query the controversial bombardment of the village of Bounti, which took place in January 2021 in Mali.

Sunday, January 3, French hunting planes hit and kill a group of people gathered near the village of Bounti. Colonel Frédéric Barbry, spokespersons for the armed forces, then indicates to release to have shot "Jihadist fighters" identified after an "multi-day information operation". This version is contradicted by the association Peule Tabital Pulaaku which denounces an aerial shot that cost 19 civilians on the sidelines of a marriage. Several testimonials from villagers harvested on site by release or the NGO Human Rights Watch also support the theory of marriage.

Suspension of joint operations: Bamako is reassuring vis-à-vis France

 Suspension of joint operations: Bamako is reassuring vis-à-vis France © PHOTO / ATOUNA SISKO People gathered around the place of independence in Bamako, August 19, 2020 (image of illustration ) France has suspended the joint military operations with the Malian forces on Thursday, June 3. The least we can say is that this announcement does not leave indifferent, especially the junta in power. with our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel according to the RFI information, from Friday, June 4, official and / or private initiatives are already underway.

However, the French staff does not tell, "there can be no doubt and ambiguity: there was no marriage," explains a military manager to the AFP . Its version is supported by the Malian army, which ensures that "the information collected live justified that the neutralized targets were confirmed military objectives".

Investigation Open by the UN

A Reaper drone that has monitored the area before and during the typing, calls for transparency are multiplying to make the part between the two versions and check if the slaughtered men had suspicious behavior. But the French ministry refuses to reveal the images, invoking the fact that "show pictures is to show our enemies what we see from him" . At the end of January, United Nations United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Mission (MINUSMA) multidimensional mission opens an investigation.

Mali: Colonel Goïta puts on president's costume in a Murderer Sahel

 Mali: Colonel Goïta puts on president's costume in a Murderer Sahel Video: Political crisis in Mali: Colonel Goïta soon at the head of the country? (France 24) Your Browser Does Not Support This Video © Provided by Point L E Colonel Assimi Goïta must Trog up on Monday its usual military lattice against the costume of "President of the Transition" in Mali that he It is carved by threatening two coups in less than a year, while the Sahel remains more than ever before the jihadist violence.

In an "Bounti's Incident Report" unveiled on March 30, UN investigators conclude to "the holding of a marriage celebration that gathered at the place of a hundred civilians Of which were five armed persons, the alleged members of Katiba Serma, " of the Jihadists who lent allegiance to the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM) . After interviewing several hundred people and having gone to Bounti for two days, the Minusma counts 22 people killed by the Barkhane force, "three of the alleged members of the Katiba Serma present at the place of the rally" . The report stresses that "the group affected by the typing was largely composed of civilians who are persons protected against attacks in the light of international humanitarian law" and that "no information on the evidence available to the evidence. Barkhane force has been communicated to MINUSMA ".

This report was immediately challenged by the Department of Armies in a release published on March 30th. The French staff was emitting "many reservations about the methodology adopted by the report" believes that "unverifiable local testimonies and unsweeted hypotheses" harvested by MINUSMA investigators, are opposed to "To a robust method of intelligence of French armies, supervised by the requirements of international humanitarian law" . The Communiqué insists in particular on the contradictions of the witnesses, who ensure helicopters when typing, while French or Malian armies did not engage this type of device. In an interview published on May 21th by Le Figaro , General Lecointre continued to criticize the "errors and biases of the report of the Minusma Human Rights Directorate" which would be the result "D 'A manipulation " who sought" to hinders us, to discredit us, to delegit our action, to mount the populations against our action ".

Contacted by CheckNews , the Ministry of Armies does not indicate a change of position and always refers to its late March press release. Officially France ensures, without revealing the images that would support its version, in Bounti, on January 3, "The French Armed Forces have carried an air strike targeting an armed terrorist group identified as such" .

Mali: The Barkhane force struck by a car trapped, several wounded (Info France 24) .
© Daphne Benoit, AFP A vehicle of the French forces of Operation Barkhane, in Gossi, in the center of Mali, on March 25th 2019. An attack at the car trapped targeting the forces of Operation Barkhane has made several wounded, Monday in Gossi, in the center of Mali, according to information reported by local sources in France 24.

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