US News New Government in Israel: Ultra-Orthodox Evinced, the Risk Left

08:15  14 june  2021
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Israel loosens pads for the Gaza Strip

 Israel loosens pads for the Gaza Strip Gaza. 40 days after the beginning of the restrictions, clothing deliveries have reached the autonomic area on Monday again. The post is also sent over the border. The Hamas looks to be blackmailed. © Adel Hana Hamas security officers stand guard while trucks come with goods from Israel into the Gaza Strip. Israel has loosened restrictions on the Gaza Strip on Monday.

Merav Michaeli du Parti travailliste israélien (HaAvoda) arrive pour assister à une réunion parlementaire à la Knesset à Jérusalem, avant le vote d'un nouveau gouvernement, le 13 juin. © Gil Cohen-Magen MerAV Michaeli of the Israeli Labor Party (Haavoda) arrives to attend a parliamentary meeting at Knesset in Jerusalem, before the vote of A new government on June 13th.

If Naftali Bennett, called to succeed Benyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister, repeated that this "government of change" would be the most right in the history of Israel, he will have to deal with left-wing, who do An unexpected return to power, and a powerful center, with 25 members in the Knesset plus the head of the coalition, Yaïr Lapid. "It's him the real architect of this government. We will attend a coalized governance, which is based on consensus and preservation of segmental autonomy of each of these groups. Bennett will be closely crowded by the center and the left ", explains David Khalfa, Politist associated with the Center for Peace Communications in New York.

COVID. The Palestinians refuse the million almost outdated vaccines of Israel

 COVID. The Palestinians refuse the million almost outdated vaccines of Israel © EPA-EFE / ABED AL HASHLAMOUN Vaccination in the Palestinian city of Hebron, in the West Bank. Compared to Israel, very few Palestinians are vaccinated and almost none in the overcrowded Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority has finally canceled the Agreement providing for the provision by Israel of one million doses of Pfizer vaccine against CVIV-19. According to her, vaccines supposed to be valid until August would be out of date at the end of June.

The whole left, with thirteen seats, makes equal game with the two most to the right parties of the training, the Yamina de Bennett and the new hope led by Gideon Sa'ar. If this side locks the best positions in the new cabinet, the left returns to business after a long crossing of the desert. The Labor Party, which dominated the first years of the political life of the Hebrew state, was yet given to death. He has crossed the instability that the country has known from 2018 . Merrav Michaeli, 54, at the head of the party since January 2021, managed to stop the decline by winning seven seats, enough to occupy two key positions in the new cabinet. The Chief of the Labor Party inherits from the Ministry of Transport, in a state that suffers from chronic sub-equipment. Former military converted to the cause of peace, Omer Bar-Lev becomes the Minister of Internal Security - he will have a particular looks of on the Israeli far-right groups , who agitated society in recent years. Both should be members of the safety firm, a strategic body that decides on foreign policy and defense issues.

Without Nethanjahu: Short majority in parliament for Israel's new government

 Without Nethanjahu: Short majority in parliament for Israel's new government A wafer-thin majority of deputies in the Israeli parliament voted on Sunday for the new government. 60 of 120 Knesset members voted after stormy debates for the eight-party alliance under the guidance of Naftali Bennett from the ultra-right Jamina and Jair Lapid from the Future Party. 59 voted against it, there was a abstention. This means the preliminary end of the era of the Legal Conservative Long-term Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. © AFP Naftali Bennet Before the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Video: Israel: Netanyahu Evinced Power - 13/06 (BFMTV)

YOUR Browser Does Not Support This Video The Socialist Party Méretz has obtained six seats, enough to give two ministers to this coalition, including a Palestinian of Israel, Issawwi Frej, as Minister of Regional Cooperation. In particular, it will have to engage the dialogue with the Arab sectors of the population. The immense novelty of this government is the absence of ultra-orthodox parties, which took an increasingly important place in Israeli political life.

"They have strengthened so well with Benyamin Netanyahou that they ended up creating a state in the state. They freed themselves from national issues and public health. During the pandemic, the whole population confined, except them. It remained across the Gorge of Israelis. We will be able to hire reforms on civil marriage and participation in civic life ", says David Ben Ichou, figure of the Francophone Israeli left, founder of the democratic movement mobilized. Religious still have many prerogatives, including marriage and conversions. "Bennett is on the same line as the left: put an end to the monopoly of ultra-orthodox on Israeli religious life. It's not a fighter vision, but rather of liberalization, "says David Khalfa. That's perhaps that, the main change for Israelis.

The incendiary balloons, the other weapon of the Palestinians in the conflict against Israel .
© members of the armed organization Jihad Islamic prepare incendiary balloons east of the ... members of the army organization Jihad Islamic prepare incendiary balloons east of the city of Gaza, June 15, 2021. | Mahmud Hams / AFP Palestinian activists, including members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Armed Organization, have launched dozens of incendiary balloons over the border barrier towards Israel, reports an article from CNN .

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