US News 23 years later, the "shame and guilt" of an ado author of a shooting at high school

15:05  14 june  2021
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Lyon. A high school under protection after threats against an ADO, an investigation was opened

 Lyon. A high school under protection after threats against an ADO, an investigation was opened © Infographic | West-France Laurent Wauquiez went to the high school the day after the attempt of presumed intrusion. Two people would have been presented in front of a Lyon High School (Rhône) Wednesday, June 2 to talk to a girl. The Academy of Lyon talks about an attempt to intrusion. It was also a time about a punitive expedition, but this information was finally denied by the floor. It could be a neighborhood conflict. An investigation is open.

Kipland Kinkel, who killed his parents before committing a shooting in his high school in 1998 gave his first interview at "Huffington Post". He confides his shame after his crime.

  23 ans plus tard, la © Kaiser Robert / Sipa

Kipland Kinkel is one of the 10,000 Americans to have been sentenced to life prison for a crime committed before his 18th birthday. In the spring of 1998, the one who was only 15 years old slaughtered his parents before going to the Thurston High School of Springfield, in Oregon. There he killed two comrades and wounded 25 other people. At the time, the country had known very few similar shootings and it was a year later, in Columbine that mass killings in high schools became a real concern .

Canada: Pope Francis expresses its "pain" about Aboriginal boarding school

 Canada: Pope Francis expresses its video: Pope Francis calls "to ensure universal access to the vaccine" against CVIV-19 (Le Figaro) Your Browser does not support This video Burston, AFP A memorial has been drawn up in honor of the 215 children whose remains were buried buried on the site of an ex-boarding school managed by the Catholic Church in Kamloops, the 5th June 2021.

After the murders, Kipland made one of the media, described as obsessed with bombs and weapons, always dressed in black and a fan of Marilyn Manson. The image of a dangerous teenager who listened to the metal that the murderer sentenced to 112 years of prison without the possibility of release has never sought to correct. Since his condemnation, he has always refused to speak to the press, to be taken in a photo in prison not to wake up the trauma of his abominable crime with the families of the victims. But the " Huffington Post " managed to get an interview with him after "hours spent on the phone" explains Journalist Jessica Schulberg.

"He describes me his childhood made of hallucinations and delusions that will later be identified as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia," she writes. "I have never done an interview mainly because I feel a terrible shame and guilt for what I did. There is part of the company that glorifies violence and I hate the violence I committed. So I did not want anything to put me back again, "he said. "I am responsible for the harm I have caused when I was 15 years old. But I am also responsible for the evil that I continue to causing 38 years because of what I did at 15 years, "added the one who got his university degree in prison and became a Yoga teacher.

A grandmother and her grandson of 2 years killed in a Florida

 A grandmother and her grandson of 2 years killed in a Florida shooting a woman and her two-year-olds were killed in a Florida supermarket in a shootout on Thursday. The shooter committed suicide. © Alan Poizner / For The Tennessean / Sipa A woman and her grandson were killed Thursday in a supermarket of Royal Palm Beach, Florida. The shooting broke around 11 hours 30, reports " USA Today ". According to the police, the shooter who committed suicide, could have specifically targeted the victims he apparently knew.

"You have to kill everyone. Everyone on the planet"

The man who still follows a treatment and ensures does not hear voices that very rarely remembered having started having hallucinations at 12 years. "You have to kill everyone. Everyone on the planet, "said a man's voice. He said he lost foot on May 19, 1998, when he was caught in high school with the stolen weapon of another student. "My world has exploded. All my feelings of security - control over a threat - have disappeared ". Under a potential expulsion and prosecution, invaded by shame, pushed by the voices in his head, he felt that he had to kill his parents and return to high school "to kill everyone". What he made the next day, his father first and his mother before shooting in the school canteen, killing Ben Walker, 16, and Mikael Nickolauson, 17 years old.

Kipland Kinkel, à 24 ans, en juin 2007. © AP/SIPA © provided by Paris Match Kinkel Kinkel, at 24, in June 2007. © AP / SIPA

At the time of his trial, Kipland Kinkel pleaded guilty, refusing to accept his diagnosis and feeling the pressure of the country for a sentence exemplary against him. But today he tries to challenge his condemnation. Last March, his lawyers filed a request before a federal court, arguing that he had pleaded guilty against his will and that he was mentally ill at the time of his act. He had stopped taking his medicine several weeks before. "Condemning a minor to die in prison because he suffers from a mental illness is a violation of the eighth amendment," wrote his lawyers. "It does not matter if it was 15 years old at the time. The victims have no second chance. Why should criminals have one? "Reacted the brother of one of the victims in a video. "I do not allow me to think too much about all because I think it might bring even more suffering," Kipland Kinkel said.

"A shame": From the Leyen wants to act against Orbans law .
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced a decisive approach to the controversial Hungarian law on restricting information about homosexuality and transsexuality. The law discriminates people due to their sexual orientation and violating fundamental values ​​of the European Union, said by the Leyen on Wednesday in Brussels. "This Hungarian law is a shame." © AP Ursula von der Leyen According to the Commission's letter, the legal concerns should now be carried out in a letter t

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