US News United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse Anti-Covid-19

16:55  14 june  2021
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COVID-19. Raffle, Scholarships ... Incentives for vaccination multiply in the United States

 COVID-19. Raffle, Scholarships ... Incentives for vaccination multiply in the United States © Joseph Prezioso / AFP A man receiving a dose of the Pfizer - Biontech vaccine in Chelsea, Massachusetts. While the rhythm of the injections of anti-coronavirus vaccines is running out of action, many states attempt to convince their inhabitants. Some offer a beer or a hunting license, others propose to register for a raffle that can report free or even up to $ 1.5 million.

Etats-Unis : des soignants menacés de licenciement s’ils refusent le vaccin anti-Covid-19

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United States: Caregivers Threatened with Dismissal If they refuse anti-Covid-19 vaccine A federal judge rejected the complaints of employees at Houston Hospital, Texas, who did not want the VVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory to work. In the United States, the issue of mandatory vaccination seems to be taken very seriously. A hundred employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas, has made it the bitter discovery. While they had decided to go to the court to challenge the obligation of vaccination against COVID-19, a federal judge has just set up a decision that, for some, could look like an ultimatum: they are free. To leave their job if they refuse to be vaccinated, or they expose themselves to a dismissal.

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Business Insider recalls, on June 13, that the health facility had issued new guidelines that its 26,000 employees had to be vaccinated against CIVID-19 by June 7. Some exceptions were possible in connection with a religious belief or a medical condition, such as a pregnancy. In their complaint , the employees felt that, in this way, the hospital "forced them to become human guinea pigs, a condition for maintaining their jobs".

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In their eyes, these vaccines were still for the moment only "experiments", believing that the Food and Drug Administration had only granted "authorizations Emergency use "with three vaccines (Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson) developed to combat the pandemic. They also established a parallel with the medical experiments operated in the concentration camps at the Nazi era. An appeal in preparation, the case could go to the Supreme Court but the judge has little tasted these complaints. He has thus classified the case without a consecutive, explaining in particular in his order of not place at any time the employees were actively constrained or forced by the hospital to be injected a dose of vaccine, but that according to the rules. In force in the establishment, in case of refusal of vaccination, then they should "go to work elsewhere". "If an employee refuses a mission, a change of assignment, a change of schedule or another directive, he then exposes himself to a dismissal. Any job poses limits to the behavior of the employee, in exchange for his remuneration. That is part of the standard, "said the judge, whose remarks are relayed by Business Insider.

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