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19:50  14 june  2021
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Lara Trump will not be a candidate in the Senate in 2022

 Lara Trump will not be a candidate in the Senate in 2022 Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of the former US president, announced that she would not show up in the US Senate in 2022. "No for now, but not no Forever, "she assured. © Jonathan Drake / Reuters Lara Trump The beginning of Lara Trump's political career is only offset. Saturday, Donald Trump's daughter-in-law at the Republican Convention of North Carolina, where rumors lent to senatorial ambitions . But it will be nothing for 2022, she finally announced, "I say no for now, but not forever.

today, on 14 June, 47 years ago Fannyann Eddy was born in Sierra Leone. She was only 30 years old. On September 29, 2004, EDDY was murdered in the offices of the "Sierra Leone Lesbian and Gay Association", which was founded by her, raped several times, with numerous cutters in the body and with a broken neck. The brutality of the act suggests a hate crime. The supposed motif: Eddy loved women and fought loudly for the rights of homosexuals and trans people in their home country Sierra Leone and throughout Africa. The authorities could not be communicated, the act was neither political nor by homophobia.

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#Marquettepage of June 9, 2021: Echoes Glaldic Books by Anne-Marie Revol

 #Marquettepage of June 9, 2021: Echoes Glaldic Books by Anne-Marie Revol Discover in three minutes, three ideas of books, to devour ... while having fun! © Provided by FranceInfo A new bookmark number: The author who hides behind his four photos likes the smell of the glue in pot! Marie-Adelaide Dumont, Bookseller at Le Mans, was transported by the island of souls, Piergiorgio Pulixi, a worrying polar that takes foot in Sardinia. As for the bookstagrammeurs, they have all been deeply affected by the latest novel of Edouard Louis, fight and metamorphosis of a woman .

In many African states, homosexuality is punishable

on the African continent is the situation for the LGBTQ community still extremely tense: in 22 out of 54 African countries, homosexual actions are legal. In Somalia, Somaliland, Mauritania and Nordnigeria, however, same-sex sex is punished with the death penalty. In Uganda and Tanzania, homosexual lifelong detention threatens. The Sierra Leonian criminal law also sees one up to lifetime imprisonment for sex between men - even if the law is currently not applied. What the LGBTQ community pushes there and in many other African states into the closet are the stigma and the exclusion, which threaten to open life.

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Netanyahu threaten up to ten years imprisonment due to corruption

 Netanyahu threaten up to ten years imprisonment due to corruption Jerusalem. Corruption, fraud and infidelity are the predictions against Israel's head of government Netanyahu. He does not enjoy immunity. And it could be just for him to change that. © Ariel Schalit Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, speaks during a ceremony in which the health system is thanked for his contribution to the fight against the coronavirus. Benjamin Netanyahu is the first head of government in Israel, which was charged in the Office.

photographer Lee Price, which portrayed in 2017 the LGBTQ community portrayed in the Sierra Leonian capital Freetown, reported in an interview with Dazed : " It is a religious country in which humans are taught that it is a sin to be gay. And that's the view that most - if not all - people represent. " In Sierra Leone to belong to the LGBTQ community, be a daily fight. Access to health care is difficult, shopkeepers would send homosexuals and trans people away from worry, their money bring misfortune, and many families would violate their children.

The tabooing of homosexuality kills

on such states in Sierra Leone and all of Africa Treated Fannyann Eddy in April 2004 when she held a diverse speech in front of the UN human rights commission in Geneva. The precarious situation of the LGBTQ community described her in her lecture so: "We live in fear in our environment in which we are exposed to permanent harassment and violence by neighbors and others. Your homophobic attacks will not be punished by state side. On the contrary: discrimination and violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender are still promoted. "

Harvey Weinstein will be transferred to Los Angeles for a second trial for rape

 Harvey Weinstein will be transferred to Los Angeles for a second trial for rape The producer will have to face California justice, while it is accused of rape and sexual assault on five women © Justice / SIPA Harvey Weinstein takes the head with both hands while a judge authorized, on June 15, 2021, his transfer from the State of New York to California to be judged. #metoo - The producer will have to face California justice, while he is accused of rape and sexual assault on five women he will have to face Californian justice.

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In addition, Eddy's attentive to the devastating consequences of homosexuality, 90 percent of men who have sex with other men, would have sex with their Wives and girlfriends so as not to be suspected of being homosexual. This is done in both cases mostly without a condom. The spread of HIV are opened by the tabooing of homosexuality and lack of reconnaissance work door and gate - not only within the LGBTQ community, but also throughout the population.

The silence must be broken

Eddy ended with the call to finally break silence. "You can help us to fight these crimes and gain our complete rights and freedoms in every society," she asked the United Nations Human Rights Commission. "Also in my beloved Sierra Leone." Only five months later Fannyann was murdered Eddy in her beloved home country. She left her 10-year-old son and her partner Esther Chikeripa.

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In Germany, the Fannyann Eddy and the German-Jewish doctor, Sexualist and Pioneer of the Gay Civil Rights Movement Magus Hirschfeld named "Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation" to the human rights activist - and continues their work in a sense, because the organization supports international human rights work and is committed to reducing prejudice against the LGBTQ community worldwide.

Omar Raddad case. After DNA discoveries, a request for a review of the .
© Mehdi Fedouach / AFP Omar Raddad before the Ministry of Justice in Paris, in December 2008. The Defense of Omar Raddad, convicted for the murder of Ghislaine Marchal In 1991 in Mougins, will file a request for a review of the Moroccan gardener's trial after analyzes of new DNA traces.

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