US News in Egypt, 12 Death sentences confirmed for Muslim brothers

20:15  14 june  2021
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A sexist harassment scene Indigne The Arab world

 A sexist harassment scene Indigne The Arab world © Amir Makar A Brazilian doctor on vacation in Egypt posted on Instagram a video where he holds obscene remarks in front of a young woman. With the resumption of tourism flows, come back the arrogant and offensive behaviors of world visitors to the inhabitants of the host countries.

  En Egypte, 12 peines de mort confirmées pour des Frères musulmans © Copyright 2021, Obs

Twelve death sentences against members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including two leaders of the Brotherhood in Egypt, have been confirmed by a court Egyptian, indicated judicial sources at AFP on Monday, June 14th.

The Court of Cassation also reduced the death penalties of 31 other members of the Brotherhood - having participated in a Sit-in Islamist in Cairo in 2013, where hundreds of people had been killed by the security forces - to sentences In prison, said this manager.

those sentenced to death were accused of having "armed criminal gangs who attacked residents, resisted the police and to have been in possession of firearms and ammunition as well as material for the manufacture of bombs" , can we read in the judgment of the Court.

Palestinian representatives in Egypt to discuss the truce with Israel

 Palestinian representatives in Egypt to discuss the truce with Israel Israel-Palestinians-Egypt: Palestinian representatives in Egypt to discuss the truce with Israel © Reuters / Pool New Palestinian representatives in Egypt to discuss the truce With Israel Gaza / Cairo (Reuters) - Palestinian leaders including the head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, and a Fatah delegation, the party of the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, arrived Tuesday in Cairo for discussions with Egyptian representatives intended to consolidate the ceasefire decreed with Isra

Islamism, a history that became French

the other charges selected include "the murder of police", "resistance to the authorities" and "the occupation and destruction of public goods", according to the Tribunal.

These court decisions can not be appealed, stressed the judicial officer.

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a qualified dispersion of "mass killing"

The Muslim brothers, today considered a "Terrorist" organization, have been striking from the political landscape in 2013, after the one year of one year of one of theirs, Mohamed Morsi . First elected president democratically after the 2011 popular revolt, Morsi had been dismissed by the army, then directed by Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi - since President -, in favor of mass protests.

China: Amnesty qualifies the treatment of "crime against humanity"

 China: Amnesty qualifies the treatment of © Provided by Le Parisien The Parisian imprisonment of mass, torture, persecutions ... The treatment inflicted by China to the Uighhours and others Muslim minorities constitutes crimes against humanity, concludes a report by Amnesty International published this Thursday, the most complete of the human rights organization.

The case, which dates back to 2013 and is known locally as the "case of the dispersion of the sit-in of Rabaa", initially counted more than 600 accused. Rabaa refers to a place of eastern Cairo where the security forces had violently attacked and killed hundreds of people in one day in a huge sit-in Islamist calling for the return of Morsi .

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in 2018, an Egyptian court sentenced to death 75 participants in this sit-in and the others at various prison sentences. The son of Morsi, Osama, had been sentenced to ten years of imprisonment.

The dispersion of this gathering, occurring a few weeks after the dismissal of Mohamed Morsi, was described by the NGO Human Rights Watch of "Mass Masse Mass Most of Modern Egyptian history".

The authorities had indicated that the members of the Muslim Brotherhood were armed and that the dispersion operation was a counter-terrorism operation.

Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia: The Arab League displays its support for Egypt and Sudan .
© Ethiopian Public Broadcaster (EBC) / AFP Ethiopia, which said he operated the first phase of filling at the Summer 2020, recently announced that it would proceed to the second phase with or without agreement with Egypt and Sudan. The Foreign Ministers of the Arab League were brought together Tuesday in Doha, Qatar, for an extraordinary summit.

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