US News Louane girlfriend with a famous international singer: she tells and unveils the name!

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"Related for Life": Laetitia Milot tells like Yannis, his deceased, inspired it for this telefilm

 Video: Gala Video - Laetitia Milot (related for life): the true story she has Inspired (Gala) Your Browser Does Not Support This Video Monday 7th June 2021, TF1 Diffuse "Related for Life", Telefilm inspired by a novel by Laëtitia Milot, released in November 2017. The comedian confided to our Confreres de TV pocket and explained how the disappearance of his former Yannis companion had inspired him.

Louane amie avec un célèbre chanteur international : elle raconte et dévoile le nom ! © Christophe Clovis / Bestimage Louane Friend with a famous international singer: she tells and unveils the name! On the occasion of an interview with Gala, Luane spoke about his relationship with Ed Sheeran, that the young singer sees every time the American musician goes to France.

In promotion for the reissue of joie de vivre, his last album, Luane agreed to confide in the secrets of his phone . On the occasion of a Gala interview, the 24-year-old singer revealed the identity of the best-known personality of his repertoire. It's ... Ed Sheeran! Indeed, the British artist and the native of Hénin-Beaumont have been close to five years. "The first time we met, it was the NRJ Music Awards, it matched direct! That's where he gave me his num," responded with the interpreter of sorry, in The video format like me more.

"But it's not possible in fact ...", the singer Jenifer explodes Instagram counters with his new head!

 The singer has flushed the canvas with his new haircut and his future project ... © Abaca "But it's not possible in fact ...", the singer Jenifer blows the Instagram counters with his new ! A few hours on Instagram , Jenifer has published new shots with a brand new haircut she has presented on the first two pictures. "We advance ...", she wrote in legend. And on the third shot, we see that his photo shoot was done in a recording studio. What to sail the Internet users, many to have commented.

Good friends, Luane and Ed Sheeran do not miss an opportunity when the 30-year-old singer goes to the hexagon. "Almost every time he comes to France, we capture. I sang with him at the stadium of France," said The Old candidate of The Voice, in memory of their concert in 2018. In the middle of the international tour. Ed Sheeran had raised his friend on stage for to interpret in duet his Tube Perfect . The previous year, the main concern had expressed all his admiration for the French Young. "I find that Louane is really great. It would be great to be able to work with her one day," he said during an interview in December 2017 on France 3.

Ed Sheeran, "The most kind man"

visibly, the admiration of Ed Sheeran for Louane is reciprocal. For Esmée mom, ultra-tattooed English is "the most kind guy [I] knows" . And not always obvious to walk side by side with the artist with 30 million albums sold ! "I have a little used to look at people on me when I go out, but then with him, it's really a delirium!" Since its semi-finals in The Voice, Luane has traveled a long way. Between its success in the Aries family, its third album and its recent participation in the TF1 visions series, the touch-all chained the successes. In addition to his passion for tattoos, the companion of Florian Rossi shares another point with his friend Ed Sheeran : both became young parents, for the first time , just a few months apart.

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Xavier Naidoo: Auschwitz Committee names planned appearance in Rostock "unbearable" .
The international Auschwitz committee criticized the decision in the Rostock Town Hall, a hitherto prohibited Naidoo concert now to take place. © Provided by www.musikexpress.de Xavier Naidoo The International Auschwitz Committee criticized the decision in the Rostock Town Hall, a so far prohibited Naidoo concert now to take place. After a long local policy back and forth, on June 16, the final decision fell: Xavier Naidoos concert in the Rostock Stadthalle may take place.

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