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12:55  15 june  2021
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False activists invited to a meeting of Valérie Pécresse in Brive in 2019

 False activists invited to a meeting of Valérie Pécresse in Brive in 2019 © Copyright 2021, the obs on August 31, 2019, Valérie Pécresse poses the great marquee of his free movement! in Brive-la-Gaillarde, in Corrèze. With a will: to stand up to LR, which brings together his activists on the same day to the Baule, for his first political school year since his departure from the party, blown by the result of the European elections. In appearance, it's a success. "We are over 1,500! Rejoices the President of the Ile-de-France region on stage. 1,500, maybe ...

tonight, "the world opposite" highlights children to the appearance different in the documentary "Draw me a face" at 20 H 50 on France 5.

In our current society, where the appearance has become the center of everything, the difference seems not to have its place. Tonight, Marina Carrère d'Encausse offers a revival upsetting on four children disfigured by an illness or an accident that conform to their daily lives. How do they manage to accept their difference? Where do they have the strength to undergo multiple operations? How can they build despite their handicap ? The film, which gives them the floor and also questions their families and caregivers, tries to answer these questions. The children, they, conform to the heart open to their sufferings and feelings.

Sanitary Protocols, Reservations: The holiday colonies are preparing for this summer

 Sanitary Protocols, Reservations: The holiday colonies are preparing for this summer © AFP The holiday colonies are ready to welcome nearly 900,000 children all summer, despite the health situation. If last year, attendance had dropped by 40%, the organizers hope for a revival this summer and the health protocol will reassure parents. The summer approach, and the return of the holiday colonies too. Nearly 900,000 children are expected throughout France to take advantage of camp stays, despite sanitary restrictions.

Victim of Harassment

Gabriel, six years, has a none on the face since birth. Grafted several times, today it must wear a mask to relax its scars. If he is tired of operations and his inherent pain, he is aware that the path will be long. Clara, she, is twelve. Victim, when she was a baby, a domestic accident, she is burned in the face. "My accident does not stop me from being happy. The problem is the others who flee and make fun of me, "she says. During all his schooling, she suffered insults and mockery on the part of her comrades. Some even sequestered it in the toilet. Yet she has an incredible courage and never departs from her huge smile, even when she goes to the block to undergo her twelfth operation ...

a presentation to tell her journey

ninon, eleven years, is achieving goldenhar syndrome causing malformations. She also has undergone many operations.

"When I was little, I wanted to be normal. I watched myself every morning in the ice to see if my ear or my tongue were like those of others. And at one point, I stopped, " explain. Nevertheless, the little girl still has a lot of trouble accepting her difference and living with, comparing her quest to the rise of Everest. To help him in this process, she decided to make a presentation to students in her 5th class to explain her story. She tells, facing them with incredible strength her career and difference.

A life lesson

Thomas, it has twenty years. With the years, he learned to accept and love his face distorted by the Franceschetti syndrome. After many operations, he chose to stop surgery at 12, tired of having to miss the school. Student and passionate swimming - he trains more than fifteen hours a week - he leads a normal life. Despite blues, it remains positive. All these testimonials both marking, moving and stirring allow to make another look at the difference. By confirming with such a franchise, these children, marked by the injustice of existence, offer us a great lesson in life.

"The world opposite: Draw me a face" at 8:50 pm on "FRANCE 5"

video. A tornado tears the roof of a farm in the Doubs, impressive images .
© Éric Lalmand / AFP This aerial photography shows a general view of a damaged building in Beauraing, near the French border by a small tornado. Thunderstorms, floods, floods ... All kinds of bad weather have affected the north of France in recent days, including tornadoes. This is one of them who was filmed in the Doubs this Tuesday, June 22. In a few seconds the roof of a farm flew in the air. The day before, in Belgium, a building had been damaged in the same way, in Beauraing.

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