US News Syria: "International aid is lacking" in Rakka, according to his Mayor Kurdish Leïla Mustafa

15:00  15 june  2021
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A Kurdish refugee camp in Iraq bombarded by Turkey, at least three dead

 A Kurdish refugee camp in Iraq bombarded by Turkey, at least three dead Iraq-Securite / Turkey (photo): a Kurdish refugee camp in Iraq bombed by Turkey, at least three dead Mosul, Iraq, 5 June (Reuters) - At least three people were killed Saturday during the Turkish bombing of a Kurdish refugee camp in Northern Iraq, "said Rashad Kellai, a Party Manager of the Patriotic Union Party Kurdistan (UPK).

the EI's release of the EI in 2017 at the price of important destruction, deplores, in an interview. "World", "almost insignificant" support brought by the international coalition in reconstruction.

A Rakka, le 24 février 2021. © supplied by the world A Rakka, on 24 February 2021.

Leïla Mustafa, placed at the head of the municipality of Rakka since the resumption of the Syrian city to the jihadists of the organization Islamic State (EI) by the Kurdish forces In 2017, was visiting France at the invitation of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who finally did not receive it. It denounces the lack of interest of the Western powers for the future of Rakka since the end of the fighting.

Syria: Four Dutch close to the EI submitted to the Netherlands

 Syria: Four Dutch close to the EI submitted to the Netherlands Video: Four Dutch close to Daech delivered to the Netherlands, announce the Kurds authorities (Le Figaro) Your Browser Does Not Support This Video © Provided By the point L ES Kurdish authorities in Syria sat on Saturday four Dutch close to combatants of the Islamic State (EI) combatants, including three children, a Dutch diplomatic delegation for their repatriation, causing strong criticism. Netherlands .

The relations between western capitals and the authorities of Northeastern Syria have long been limited to a military dimension, in the context of the fight against the Islamic State, and to the detriment of greater cooperation in the civil domain. Does your visit signify an evolution of this state of affairs?

Our visit to France, at the invitation of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, followed on the trip to the north-east of Syria of a French delegation of several local elected representatives. We appreciate these direct exchanges with representatives of civil society, in the absence of official diplomatic recognition. Despite our military cooperation with France in the framework of the international coalition, the deepening of relations in the civilian field remains lagging behind.

Syria: about twenty soldiers and combatants killed in EI

 Syria: about twenty soldiers and combatants killed in EI video attacks: According to Netanyahu, the Israeli army is close to the "1,000 attacks" against "Hamas Targets" (Le Figaro) Your Browser Does NOT SUPPORT THIS © STR / AFP The continuation of the EI attacks shows that the jihadist organization is well established in this vast territory ranging from the central province of Homs to the border with Iraq to the East .

in Syria, Rakka, bruised, barely to rebuild

Video: The chief of the Polisario returns to Algeria at the heart of the crisis Hispano-Moroccan (France 24)

rakka is known for having been The capital of the Islamic state, the city from which several attacks, including those of Paris and Brussels, have been projected. Since jihadists have been hunted, in what state is the city?

The release of Rakka which was conducted by the Syrian democratic forces, with the support of the coalition, resulted in the almost total destruction of the city - 95% of the city center buildings were damaged or shaved. Vital infrastructure, such as water and electricity supply networks, have been edged. To make the city's new city again, we have benefited from minimal support from the international coalition, almost insignificant, however, with regard to destruction. It was therefore necessary for the new local authorities and the inhabitants to take control of rebuilding efforts themselves. Today, life is back in Rakka, with new inhabitants from areas controlled by the regime and regions occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries. Rakka was the capital of terrorism and obscurantism; She has become a house for all the Syrians who want to live in peace.

Canada: A motorist kills four members of a Muslim family, a "premeditated" attack

 Canada: A motorist kills four members of a Muslim family, a © Copyright 2021, Obs Four members of a Muslim family were killed in Canada at a "premeditated" attack by A man who drove him on the wheel of his pickup, a "horrible act of Islamophobia" according to Ottawa. This drama, which caused a strong emotion, constitutes the most murderous anti-Muslim attack in Canada since the Fusillard of the Quebec mosque that had made six deaths in 2017.

The challenges remain immense, and we do not have the means to rebuild the most important infrastructures like the bridges of the Euphrates. We are not begging, we want concrete partnerships, cooperation on specific projects, but international aid is lacking.

After eight years of war, the rebuilding of Syria

blockages remain in this respect in your relations with the international community?

When our sons and girls were fighting to take Rakka at the EI, we were the center of international attention. But since we hunted together this common enemy, we find ourselves virtually alone. This situation is linked to Turkey's position that Western countries do not want to put themselves out of dos. For its part, Ankara continues to asphyxiate by reducing the flow of the Euphrates. Our Western partners must put pressure on Turkey. In view of the sacrifices we have made, their current positioning is not up to it.

of the Leyen wants to introduce EU summit to refugees in Turkey .
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants to introduce the EU summit this week plans for further financial support of Syria refugees in Turkey. It is "important that we continue to support Turkey with the 3.7 million Syrian refugees," said by the Leyen during a visit to Tuesday in Berlin. The EU wants to achieve "that people have a perspective". However, she did not call concrete figures for future support.

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