US News Toulouse: To escape the police, he jumps from his scooter on the move and abandons his passenger

22:40  15 june  2021
22:40  15 june  2021 Source:   20minutes.fr

"All this is written in advance": the doubtful Mélenchon's words on Merah

 killings evoking candidates created from all parts by "the oligarchic system" and "a serious incident in the last week of the presidential "that would influence the outcome of the vote, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has woven a doubtful link with several attacks, including the killings perpetrated by Mohammed Merah.

the young person left his craft, and his passenger with, to hide behind a bush

Un homme à scooter. Illustration © Bony / Sipa a man to scooter. Illustration bye Bye - The young person left his craft, and his passenger with, to hide behind a 18-year-old bush was very riddled with his passenger, minor, Monday night at Toulouse

. Around 11 pm, while circulating scooter, and without helmet, in the sector, he wanted to escape from control. After being mounted on a sidewalk, he simply dropped his gear on the move, and the girl with, to run refuge behind a bush.

The agents of the field specialized brigade (BST) quickly moved it and placed in custody. The young person, without a judicial history, will soon be judged before the Criminal Court for refusing to obey but also for lack of license, the gear in question requiring one.

DIVERSTOULOUSE FACTS: After the steering of a mini market, it hides to change clothes but falls on an OS

FactsColmar: a teenager hits three municipal policemen with his scooter helmet

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