US News The French Benjamin Brière held in Iran waiting for a trial for espionage

14:45  16 june  2021
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week crucial in Israel, announced as the last in power for Netanyahu

 week crucial in Israel, announced as the last in power for Netanyahu © Menahem Kahana The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a ceremony related to the fight against coronavirus in Jerusalem, June 6, 2021 Critical Week opens Monday in Israel where the new government is waiting with fevering the vote of trust, a coalition that will be excluded for the first time in 12 years Benjamin Netanyahu, accused of practicing the policy of the "burnt land".

  Le Français Benjamin Brière détenu en Iran en attente d'un procès pour espionnage © supplied by the point

u n français detained in Iran for a year, Benjamin Brière, will be judged for "espionage", announced Sunday His lawyer, a few days after a public call from the prisoner's sister to President Emmanuel Macron to intervene for his release.

At the end of the instruction, the parquet confirmed the prosecution for "espionage" and "propaganda against the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, indicated to AFP Mr. Said Dehghan, lawyer of this thirty Inmate in Machhad (Northeast).

Espionage, in the most serious cases, is punishable by death in Iran, and propaganda against the system of three months to one year in prison.

The United States will maintain "hundreds of sanctions" on Iran even in case of agreement on nuclear power!

 The United States will maintain Video: Iranian Nuclear: The Long Month Inspection Agreement (Le Figaro) Your Browser Does Not Support This Video © Pixabay The United States will maintain "hundreds of sanctions" on Iran Even in case of agreement on nuclear power! Although Iran and the United States reach a compromise to save the nuclear agreement with Tehran, Washington will maintain multiple penalties!, Warned the leader of American diplomacy Antony Blinken. The cloth may continue to burn between Iran and the United States ..

According to his lawyer, Mr. Brierer is accused of spying for "photographs of prohibited zones" taken with a leisure drone in a natural park in Iran. According to his sister, Blandine Brière, he was arrested while he crossed Iran in tourist, on the occasion of a long trip to a landscaped van started in 2018.

Propaganda charges would be related to messages That French would have published on social networks and asking why the Islamic veil is "mandatory" for women in Iran while it is "optional" in other Muslim countries.

"The Prosecutor prepares the indictment and sends it to the revolutionary court for the continuation of the judicial process," said Sunday Mr. Dehghan.

According to him, the French arrested in May 2020 was the subject of two other accusations not revealed until then: "Corruption on Earth", one of the most serious counts of the Iranian Penal Code, punishable by sentence Death, and alcohol consumption, punishable by flagellation.

Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be "back" one day in power

 Israel. Netanyahu claims that it will remain in politics and will be © EPA / Maxppp Benjamin Netanyahu on June 6, 2021 in Jerusalem. The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister says she does not end up with politics. While a new coalition came into office, "Bibi" said he would be "back" one day in power. The Israeli Prime Minister outgoing Benjamin Netanyahu said, Sunday, June 13, that he would remain in politics after the entry into office of a new coalition, wherever he will come back to power one day.

Video: Iran: The French Benjamin Brière will be judged for "espionage" (France 24)

but these two charges were not retained at the end of the instruction.

"Conflicts between countries"

The announcement of the trial of Mr. Briere, born in 1985, occurs a few days after the publication by the French weekly point of an open letter from Blandine Brière calling the French president to act For the liberation of his brother, imprisoned according to her "without foundation".

for Blandine Brière, who describes his brother as "a tourist at the thirst for discovery and adventure", he "is obvious that Iranian judicial proceedings are not the reasons for this endless waiting."

"The stakes are elsewhere, my brother finds himself being an instrument of negotiations that exceed him. A young Frenchman is found at the center of conflict between countries, which escapes obviously," she wrote to Mr. Macron To "implore it" to remedy this situation.

In Iraqi limbo, Iran's Kurdish refugees resigned to exile

 In Iraqi limbo, Iran's Kurdish refugees resigned to exile © Safin Hamed Moustafa Ibrahim, a Kurdish refugee from Iran, near Erbil, Iraq, June 9, 2021 sometimes blocked since from Decades in Iraqi Kurdistan For lack of papers, Kurdish refugees from Iran have eyes riveted to their country of origin where elections take place, without feeding great hopes for a change. In May, one of them, Behzad Mahmoudi, has immolated on fire in front of a UN building in Erbil, capital of the autonomous region.

Iran retains more than a dozen Western passport holders, for most binationals, which NGOs condemn as a hostage-taking policy to obtain concessions from foreign powers. Their supporters say innocent and victims of a political game that does not concern them.

Iran is subject to significant international sanctions, particularly American.

In 2018, former US President Donald Trump unilaterally released the United States of the International Agreement on Iranian nuclear power concluded three years earlier between Iran and the international community.

Negotiations have been held since April in Vienna to try to revive the agreement. The goal is to reintegrate the United States and bring Iran back to its commitments in exchange for a lifting of US sanctions.

On the occasion of these negotiations, the Iranian party reported that it was still open to inmate exchanges.

30/05/2021 09:45:25 - Tehran (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

espionage prevention: Russian employee of the University of Augsburg in Test forest .
a Russian university staff sits in custody due to espionage allegations. He should have given information from the environment of the university to a Russian intelligence service. The man had been taken on Friday and in the meantime in the meantime, the Federal Prosecutor said in Karlsruhe on Monday. His apartment and service had been searched. Which university it is, was not communicated, the speech was of a "university in the federal territory".

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