US News sectors should be spared by the cyber attacks, says Biden to Putin

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summit marathon for US President Biden at first European trip

 summit marathon for US President Biden at first European trip Video: Biden and Putin meet in June in Geneva to Summit (DPA) Washington. Foreign trips are associated with a full schedule for politicians. The US President visits Europe at his first trip abroad - and meets Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin and the Queen. © Susan Walsh Joe Biden meets in the coming days among others on Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin and many more politicians.

Biden said he told Putin that certain areas of "critical infrastructure" should be off-limits for cyberattacks and had provided a list of 16 sectors that should be free of tampering, seemingly a reference to the list composed by the Homeland Security Department’s cyber wing . Putin went on to blame the U.S. and its allies for carrying out most of the cyberattacks on his country. Biden did not address this accusation. Where we go from here: Biden struck a realistic tone about whether the meeting between the two countries would yield actual results. "We'll find out whether we have a

The Biden administration is reviewing possible ways to punish Moscow over ransomware attacks for which Washington is blaming Russian criminals, without offering evidence, and trying to hold the Kremlin accountable. Cyberattacks – including recent hacks disrupting the largest US transporter of refined fuels and the world’s biggest meatpacker – “will certainly be a topic of discussion” when President Joe Biden meets with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva, White House Putin says Russia should be ready for any scenario as oil market suffers steep decline.

USA-Russia-Summit-Cyber: sectors must be spared by the cyber attacks, says Biden to Putin

DES SECTEURS DOIVENT ÊTRE ÉPARGNÉS PAR LES CYBERATTAQUES, DIT BIDEN © Reuters / Sputnik sectors must be spared by the Cyberattacks, says Biden

Geneve (Reuters) - Joe Biden said Wednesday in Vladimir Putin that some crucial sectors had to be out of reach of computer attacks, while the US and Russian presidents agreed at a first vertex. Bilateral discussions on cybersecurity.

speaking alone in front of the journalists after his meeting with his Russian counterpart, the tenant of the White House indicated that the list of organizations to be spared by the cyberattacks belonged to 16 sectors considered by Washington as essential .

USA: Biden changes approach in the infrastructure negotiations

 USA: Biden changes approach in the infrastructure negotiations USA-Infrastructures-Biden: USA: Biden changes approach in infrastructure negotiations © Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein USA: Biden changes approach in The Infrastructure Negotiations by David Morgan, Susan Cornwell and Trevor Hunnicutt Washington (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden ended Tuesday with a prominent Republican senator on an investment plan for infrastructure, deciding Opt for negotiations with a bipartite group of elected officials, after considering unsatisfactory Shelley Capito's propo

JOE Biden warned Russia to end cyberattacks on "off limits" infrastructure after Joe Putin claimed the "US is behind most hacks." Biden also said they will have additional talks on the pursuit of criminals carrying out ransomware attacks . Biden told reporters in Geneva that 16 types of critical infrastructure should be off limits to cyberattacks , “period.” He said that includes the energy and water sector . It comes after a ransomware attack in May on one of the largest pipeline operators in the US forced the shutdown of fuel supplies to much of the East Coast for nearly a week.

After summit with Biden ends, Putin denies that Russia was behind a spate of hacking of U.S. institutions. The Russian president called the talks “constructive,” but his other comments suggested the two leaders did not find much common ground. President Vladimir Putin of Russia at a news conference The Russian leader’s remarks suggested that he was not interested in discussing what Mr. Biden had said was a key objective of the talks: to establish some “guardrails” about what kinds of attacks on critical infrastructure are off limits in peacetime. Mr. Putin did suggest that there had been

These sectors, according to the elements provided by the US Department of Internal Security, include telecommunications, health, food and energy.

"We agreed to charge experts in our two countries to work on specific agreements about what is forbidden," said Joe Biden. "We will see if we will have an arrangement on cybersecurity that will bring back a little order."

A little earlier, during a separate press conference at the end of the summit, Vladimir Putin said he agreed to "start consultations on IT security issues.

He added that, if the United States had requested information on recent cyber attacks that they have suffered, Russia had also asked for information on computer attacks emanating from the United States and had received no reply.

biden cancels the measurements taken by Trump to prohibit Tiktok and WeChat

 biden cancels the measurements taken by Trump to prohibit Tiktok and WeChat © Florence Lo WeChat and Tiktok United States: Joe Biden revokes decrees taken by former President Trump to prohibit Tik Tok and We Chat. (AFP) Joe Biden has decided to delay in the Tiktok and WeChat folder by announcing the revocation of the decrees made by its predecessor Donald Trump to prohibit these successful platforms belonging to Chinese, a decision greeted Thursday by Beijing.

Mr Biden said they did not need to spend more time talking and there was now a genuine prospect to improve relations with Russia. The two sides agreed to begin a dialogue on nuclear arms control. Mr Biden said he told Mr Putin that critical infrastructure, such as water or energy, must be "off-limits" to hacking or other attacks . The two sides differed sharply on human rights, including the right to protest. Mr Putin dismissed US concerns about Alexei Navalny, who recently undertook a 24-day hunger strike.

Accusations: Putin said Washington and other Western countries are responsible for most cyberattacks on Russia. Biden 's goals: Going into the summit, Biden had said that Russia needed to take responsibility for cybercriminals that launch attacks from inside its borders and said he would raise that issue with Putin , without providing details as to the actions he would push for. An international push: Last week, Russia and the United States joined more than 20 other countries in agreeing that states should not give shelter to cyber criminals or be involved with hacking another nation’s critical

The first summit between Joe Biden, entered last January, and Vladimir Putin took place after several recent major computer attacks against government agencies and US companies. Washington impute these attacks to Russian hackers.

Vladimir Putin mentioned the attack that targeted last month the operator of colonial pipeline pipeline, causing the fear of a shortage of petroleum products and a rush to service stations of certain regions in the United States.

Moscow denies any link between these cyber attacks and the Russian government.

"We must finish with all these insinuations, we sit between experts and start working in the interests of the United States and Russia," said Vladimir Putin, describing cybersecurity consultations as "extremely important".

He added that the specific details of possible commitments in the matter would be decided over the negotiations.

gathered in a villa on the banks of Geneva in Geneva, Switzerland, the US and Russian presidents agreed to also carry out bilateral discussions on the control of arms, during a peak that endorsed their differences on a number of questions .

(Vladimir Soldatkin and Steve Holland; French version Jean Terzian, edited by Jean-Stéphane Brush)

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