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18:30  17 june  2021
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 presidential in Peru. Castillo Double Fujimori, which denounces © Luka Gonzales / AFP Pedro Castillo in front of his supporters in Lima on 7 June 2021. The suspense remains entire on Tuesday, June 8 in the last straight line of the presidential election Peru. The Candidate of the Radical Left Pedro Castillo increases his advance after the counting of more than 96% of the votes on the candidate of the populist Keiko Fujimori, which denounced "fraud indices".

After the retreat of President Alfons Hörmann, the debate has begun his successor at the top of the German Olympic Sports Federation.

Alfons Hörmann wird sein Amt als Präsident des Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes (DOSB) aufgeben. © Ina Fassbender / AFP Pool / DPA Alfons Hörmann will give up its office as President of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB).

"You need a president who brings together all the levels, so that the sport speaks again with a voice," said Ingo Weiss, spokesman for the top sports associations, on Thursday to search for the "egg-laying wool milk sau".

new elections in December

At the end of the Hörmann era, it's not just a new leadership, which should be right to all, but also a substantive reorganization. "After eight years, it is legitimate, is the direction in which the DOSB is right," said white. With his speaker colleagues from the state sports frites and the associations for special tasks, Jörm Ammon and Barbara Oettinger, he should now ask the course for a new beginning in the DOSB to the General Assembly in December with extraordinary new elections.

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"We will quickly put together and develop a requirement profile for the President," said Ammon, President of the Bavarian Land Sports Association. "If we have the content reasons to go to a vision, where to develop German sports, we also find the right candidate."

of organized sports must come "quickly returned to the feet" to grown the challenges in time after the pandemic: "If you do not want to question your own existence, we must be constructive and respectful the next steps to go to Start in December », emphasized Ammon.

«Then it needs a team»

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also for Stefan Klett, President of the LSB North Rhine-Westphalia, is the discussion on the best ideas for the future orientation of the DOSB , first of all. "Then it needs a team». As a candidate for the team management, the 57-year-old business economist itself is considered. He was the first to the resignation of Hörmann to allegations of employees of the DOSB via an inappropriate leadership style.

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in conversation are also Table Tennis World President Thomas Weickert, who had already considered and rejected a counter-candidacy to Hörmann in 2018. Likewise, the names of the German Triathlon President of Martin Engelhardt, who arrived against the incumbent three years ago and remained one of his greatest adversaries. In addition, Ex-Athletics Chef Clemens Prokop is brought into play. Not available in the past for the top job Ingo Weiss is already available. "I do not see my life goal in having to become DOSB president," said the boss of the German Basketball federal government.

Friday advocates Hörmann withdrawal

for "Right and overdue" has called the SPD politician Dagmar Friday the Hörmann retreat. That it had only the escalation of the last few weeks, "does not throw a good light on the self-perception of the DOSB President and its familiar in the Bureau and the Board," said the chairman of the Bundestag Sports Committee.

Hörmann adversary insist on new elections

 Hörmann adversary insist on new elections Berlin. With the announcement of a question of confidence, the DOSB tip wanted to calm the crisis in the umbrella organization. But important forces in the German Olympic Sportsbund is not enough. They demand new elections and keep the debate on shortly before Olympia. © Ina Fassbender Alfons Hörmann. The resistance to the DOSB tip around Alfons Hörmann is getting more powerful and threatens to burden the Olympic Mission of the German Team.

It must now give a new beginning, not only at the position of the DOSB president. "The DOSB is not only the umbrella organization of the German sport, which we also call a cultural asset," emphasized Friday. Therefore, whose values ​​would not only be "sampled". "There are respectable persons in German sports, which I trust, to bring the DOSB back on a way, which also leads us internationally into a perceptible role."

, on the other hand, the CDU-sports expert Frank Steffel Presidium and board of the DOSB as a victim of machinations and regrets the scheduled Hörmann resignation. "Due to targeted indiscretes and untruths, the entire presidium and the board of the DOSB were damaged." The merits of Hörmann would stay. German sports are a big thanks to him.

Crisis in front of Olympia

«At the latest now, the inner-associable bail should be finished and in the interest of all athletes and the 27 million members in the associations of our country of sports back to the center," Steffel said (55). "The politically motivated and multiply anonymous clashes must be over." The DOSB would thus be burdened in an unbearable way a few weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Finally, a successful performance in Japan could also help the pacification of organized sports. "Sporting successes are always important and good - especially for the athletes," Ammon said. "But that will also inspire German sports."

Engelhardt About era Hörmann: "For the German sport a low point" .
Martin Engelhardt, President of the Triathlon Association DTU, expects half a year before the new elections in the German Olympic Sports Association with DOSB boss Alfons Hörmann. Conversation with the Badisches Tagblatt Engelhardt counted up the mistakes of the long-standing president and described the era Hörmann as a "low point" for German sports. The change at the top in December is "a great opportunity to get a new beginning." © Ina Fassbender DTU President criticizes Alfons Hörmann Schar.

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